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      Question Help with first lucid dream

      I have been trying to achieve lucid dreaming for a while but haven't been able to. I've never had a full lucid dream, i've only had semi-lucid dreams and those happened randomly when i wasn't as interested in lucid dreams and i wasn't even trying. Does anyone have any new methods that I probably haven't heard of? I have tried all of the common methods like WILD MILD DILD DEILD WBTB FILD and I have a dream journal and i do reality checks but still can't get a lucid dream. So can some people tell me other methods they use? I also don't want to have to buy anything.

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      Add Binaural Beats with one of the methods
      Keep trying with the Dream Journal

      If you want a lucid dream TONIGHT then these steps might help you

      For WILD
      Wake up after 5 hrs of sleep, then get up for 10-60 minutes [DON'T GET TOO AWAKE!!] and think only about:
      "I am dreaming"
      "I will lucid dream"
      "I will wake up in a dream"
      "I can lucid dream, because it's fun and easy"
      or phrases like that

      then GO TO SLEEP!

      1. Relax Completely

      2. Keep being patient, [optional] and possibility use ListenOnRepeat or YouTube to get Binaural Beats ( might be a little noisy in dream , so set it to a comfortable level ) to keep you awake

      3. Keep calm; until you see flashing white lights, or glowing orbs of light

      4. This shows that you are close to a dream, and you may also experience random thoughts and scenes

      5. Once one random thought takes control over your dream scene, keep calm and tell yourself in your head (to keep you awake) that:
      "It's only a dream"
      "I'm dreaming"
      & other phrases that are going to keep you awake

      6. Later on, maybe in a few minutes you might feel like you become one in the dream (maybe like not feeling your real body anymore), then can start playing around in your dreams

      Something might be wrong about what I said, but it's mostly from personal experience, and everything I read online.

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      I was in your situation a little over a year ago. I read so many techniques and was trying all of them but nothing was working. I eventually found a very descriptive method at Out-of-Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming, this guy wrote a whole book about how to have lucid dreams (he calls it "The Phase" but same thing). It has some very straightforward steps and I had my first legit LD within a week of reading it.

      You really only have to go through the first few pages so don't be intimidated by the length of the document. It's actually full of good info but all you need for now is the beginning of it. It's completely free to download, and the site does look kinda sketchy but I think that's just bad web design .

      It looks like he combines WBTB with DEILD but he makes it really concise and easy to understand. If that doesn't work and you REALLY want a LD, I've found that I can practically force myself to have one by doing a long WBTB (about 30 mins for me is really long). Also make sure to work some kind of puzzle while you're up to get the critical thinking going. For me I played 2048 for a whole game. The only downside to this is that it can take an hour or 2 to go back to sleep after this, but if you keep thinking about having a LD and you really want one, this should work fairly consistently.

      After you have your first one that will open the flood gates, so keep trying!

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