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    Thread: Sharing Lucid Schedules

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      Sharing Lucid Schedules

      Hi fellow Oneironauts,

      Even though everyone is different and to each his own as for how they conduct their WBTB times and WILD methods, I just wanted to start a thread about how you go about achieving a lucid! I would love to share my schedule as I have already have 2 lucid dreams this week!

      22:15 Quick meditation before bed (Take 3mg of melatonin)
      22:45 Think of what I want to achieve tonight, how I will go about stabilization, and what kind of dream I want (Visualize it)
      23:00 Fall asleep
      4:30 Wake up (I would take my Lucidimine pill now along with 900mg of Valerian Root)
      4:30 Go to the bathroom, then sit in my desk chair to read a book
      5:00 Get back in bed and refresh what I want to achieve tonight
      5:10 Start relaxation breathing techniques, MILD mantras, and listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_QKBHfeRw0
      5:15 Start SSILD or FILD
      5:30 Lucid dream?

      I just thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to schedules since I know many beginners have no idea how to go about timing and such. I know specific schedules don't work for everyone, but I bet it'd be nice for beginners to have at least an idea of how to structure their WBTB/WILDS. If you have a schedule you would like to share, go for it, I'd love to read them!

      Have fun dreaming!
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      Haven't been on the site in a while, but I decided that I'll post up my dreaming schedule.

      My bedtime varies pretty heavily so I'll just use 21:30 as a loose estimate.

      21:30 - Depending how I feel I usually do some push-ups and sit-ups or meditate.
      22:00 - Usually I'm in bed now pretty tired. (Generally I actually don't think too heavily about lucid dreaming until later)
      00:00-01:00 - Usually the first time I wake up during the night. If I have to I get up and go to the bathroom then when I get back I do about 5 cycles of SSILD and think about what my goals are for the night.
      03:30-04:30 - Usually the second time I wake up. If I didn't go to the bathroom before I for sure do now. When I get back I take 620 mg Choline Bitartrate and 8 mg Galantamine (I usually only do this 2-3 times a week). Otherwise I go back and do around 10 cycles of SSILD while I fall back asleep.
      05:00-7:00 - Generally I'm able to have around 2-3 lucid dreams in this period with SSILD. And if I wake back up I'm usually able to do a WILD. And if one of my lucid dreams ends in this period and I'm still in my REM cycle I can enter another one with DEILD.

      Anyways, that's pretty much my schedule. Not really precise as you can see. I kind of just go with the flow. I forgot to put that I also use a mantra while I'm doing my SSILD.
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      My schedule :

      -Around 22:30 turning off most lights, getting ready for sleep
      -At 23:00 reading ebook about lucid dreaming in my tablet (with twilight app, so it doesn't have a bad effect on my sleep or my eyes)
      - 23:30 going to bed, a normal sleep
      -Around 5:00 waking up to doing prayer and other religious stuff and of course getting ready for amazing world ahead, also writing just keywords of any dreams if i have or remember from early sleep (i tried some binaural beats but those things doesn't work for me , every single time i just get headache idk maybe i used wrong one )
      -At 5:30 repeating mantra and remind my self that everything i see and feel next is just dream, and using some lucidity methods (most MILDs like)

      (At this point some crazy things happen!)

      -waking up in 8:30, usually i have at least 3-4 dreams (plus those early dreams) and writing all of them completely with details till almost 9:00
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