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      Thanks! I am going to start practicing SSILD alongside my ADA and RC practice.
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      Hi! I notice you have a lot of lucids!

      Just wondering what is you're primary technique?

      I've been asking regular LDmers so far to see what is most common.
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      I'm not afraid.

      You're not a big deal.
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    To the party we go. (just kidding dream's over)

    by Kraom on 05-25-2013 at 05:02 AM
    This morning I was feeling quite sick, still am, but if anything it helped my lucid dreaming, creating a somewhat natural WBTB for me.

    First Lucid: It starts with me sitting in a windowsill of house which, although no one tells me, I perceive to be in Utah, where I'll be going to college next year OR University as some others would call it. It was not the exact location of where I'll be going to college, I just, for some reason, knew that I was in Utah. So, here I was in a windowsill and a man walks over to me and is telling me about a party that we're having. He lifts me down from the windowsill from outside the house, as the window is open. He lifts me down carefully and like I'm a child and upon reflecting I did feel quite smaller than him, maybe I was. After I got down I walked a bit with him and he got into a truck and drove off, and then suddenly a wave of lucidity washed over me. I start walking again, having nothing really in mind. I walk up and see both my brothers jumping on a trampoline and so I decided to join them but after a bit of time I see that it is much too disorienting and that I need a stable view otherwise, my dream might up and collapse. I fly off the trampoline up onto a wall, and see that it extends quite a way, but before I go I turn around and when I look behind me on each side there's a mirror image of each side, which is to say, there were my brothers jumping on the trampoline a roof top in the background and dirt in front of the trampoline and I look to the other side, and it's the same. This confuses me at the time, so I just turn back around and start walking down the expanse of the wall. When I got to the end there was a pool, the most lovely pool I had ever seen really, real life ore dreaming, and a grand hotel stretching up beside the pool. Sadly the dream ended after I arrived and I had no further time to explore the hotel itself, although I would have liked to.

    Second Lucid: Unlike the first there was no real precursor to this one and it just started off lucid. I enter the dream lucid and I'm in the backyard of my mom's house. I fly up onto the roof and see that the man from my earlier lucid was walking with my brothers. I fly down and follow them, and it leads me to a wide open area with tons of stone tables sitting out in the open, like a park. All around the outskirts of this area are stands, like those you would see in a festival. Apparently the party was a costume party because some of the stands were selling costumes. Now there's a sort of lapse in between this and what happens next but I decided that I had either just re-entered the same dream or I may have lost lucidity and regained it. Anyways, I find myself walking with my younger brother, lucid again and I'm walking talking to him about how I should get a costume and then I think to myself I should do something to earn some points for the competition, the first thing that pops into my head is, advanced flying, I jump into the air to start flying but shortly after I start flying the dream fades to a sort of grey before turning completely black.

    Just a lucid.

    by Kraom on 05-23-2013 at 06:42 PM
    Only one lucid this morning

    Only Lucid: So here I was walking at my school, but I knew it was a dream, but, not quite into lucidity yet. For some reason I thought that I had to roll up my pant legs before a certain time otherwise I wouldn't be able to get lucid.. (I have no idea..) SO, I turned around and started walking the other direction (which was also apparently a prerequisite before I could become lucid) and rolled up my pant legs.. After this was done I became lucid. Once lucid a DC said something to me, although I don't recall and my response to them was, "Oh yeah? Well, I can fly!" and I jumped into the air and started flying.. After a bit I got bored of flying, been doing too much of it lately, so I just landed and decided I wanted to try actually having a conversation with a DC, since I never do that. As I was walking over to a DC I rubbed my hands together to make sure I didn't lose my dream, I mean nobody wants that.. So, I walk over through a parking lot to a strip of sidewalk with bushes on each side and there's a girl, recognizable from real life and I say to her, "Hi how are you doing?" and she started talking like a robot.. I don't remember her response exactly (weird that I can remember exactly what I say, yet not what my DC's say..) and I can't now exactly recall the exact details but I remember having this odd thought process about how to create more depth for my DCs and that there was something special I had to do. It wasn't anything real that I've actually read or anything, and I have no idea how it came about. Anyways after that I said something else to her about knowing she was capable of more than her response and she fell over and spilled her slushee on herself.. After that I walked away and my dream faded away.

    Two more lucids..

    by Kraom on 05-22-2013 at 11:34 PM
    I might hate the school-week for dreaming, but Wednesdays are good, I get to sleep in..

    First Lucid: There was no precursor to the lucid portion I was aware as the dream formed itself. The dream was forming in front of me and I did what I could to increase the vividness and overall clarity of it, rubbing my hands together and just willing more parts of it to form. Eventually it was stable enough so I decided to fly, it being the first on my three step task list. I jumped up into the air and began flying straight upwards, but I was going way to fast and I feared that I was going to go into space accidentally, again. So, I just went limp and allowed myself to fall back down and I landed back on my feet on the pavement of the parking lot I was previously in. I started walking, I had enough flying for now, and I came to a fence where there were a bunch of DCs, but no matter how much I tried to use telekinesis, it was just not working.. So, I kept trying and eventually the DCs got mad at me for interrupting their baseball game, as I was on a baseball field. And I talked to them and told them how it was my dream and I could be where I wanted. And after that my dream faded to black.

    Second Lucid: This one did have a precursor. I was walking with my younger brother to school, an elementary school, which he was apparently attending. (But that makes no sense, as, my little brother is in high school.) Anyways, so I passed a van with a man who looked at me and my brother and told us to have a good day. I replied back to him, you too. (Side-note: he was definitely getting a blowjob from what appeared to be a prostitute, which me and my brother remarked about as we continued walking.) So, we continued on towards his elementary school, which it was the actual elementary school that both he and I went. When we reached the field of the elementary school I suddenly became lucid. My mind immediately darts to getting points, so I jump and start flying, hoping to accomplish my three step task list in this dream. This time I don't fly with high speed and just, more of, glide nicely over a fence and into the school. And now flying was down just had telekinesis and interacting with a DC. Again my telekinesis was not working at all. I was getting a bit angry but I decided that I needed to focus, so I stopped and focused and used my telekinesis to move a DCs hand and bend his fingers around (don't worry it didn't hurt him.) Now there was telekinesis all that was left was interacting with a DC. I walked over to a lovely DC and asked her if she cared for a dance, extending my hand. I drew her in close to me and we began to dance, I mean how could she refuse me.. haha. So, my dream faded away as we were dancing but only visually, I could still feel her hands and both her and myself dancing, so we continued to dance until that too faded away.

    Two more lucids and some other stuff.

    by Kraom on 05-19-2013 at 05:15 PM
    Well had two lucids this morning, although they were pretty late in the morning so the quality was kind of low. But hey at least I had them..
    Onto the lucids,

    First Lucid: Again there was no real precursor that I remember to this one, it was more like my classroom for 3-D animation at school just started materializing and so I just was lucid as it appeared. This time I had my mind on my three step task list for the competition. So I immediately got up from my chair that I was sitting in and just tried to fly in the classroom haha. That didn't really work so well, I didn't even float or anything. Wasn't even thinking about stabilization or anything either. So I went to a more spacious part of the classroom and tried to jump again, but to no avail. And the dream was just extremely finicky the whole time what with not stabilizing or anything.. So, after my second failed attempt the dream ended and I woke back up.

    Second Lucid: Again I was back in my 3-D animation class, but this time I didn't become lucid instantaneously. I was sitting there playing some sort of game or something on a computer that I don't usually sit at. There was a cool looking flashdrive just sitting there that was white with light teal accents, so I just took it and put it in my pocket. Then it was time to leave so I got up and when I got up I noticed there was a substitute, which isn't important at all just a detail.. And then I saw what looked like someone's phone and headphones sitting next to the computer, so I was going to tell the substitute about it, but upon closer inspection it turned out to just be some power brick or something.. Now when I go outside I realize that I'm dreaming.. And again my mind darts right to my three step task list, wanting those bonus points.. So, I immediately jump over the rail of the building and fly down to where a ton of people are walking (this area actually at the school is blocked off and under construction.) So, I fly down and land and focus next on using telekinesis I see a girl's back pack hanging open with some goggles hanging out, and I focus all of my attention on them but then they just fly out of her backpack before I move my hand or anything.. So, I think well I don't know if I did that or not, I wanted to actually be sure that it's me moving the object. So, I walk around and see this big leaf on the ground, around the size of a small palm tree leaf. I focus my attention on it and visualize the imaginary string coming from my finger to move it, but it doesn't move! I stop and think, and realize I should probably stabilize or this dream's going to go the same way the last one did. So, I rub my hand together for a little bit still focusing on that leaf. I feel it, that this time it's going up, but again it doesn't.. So I kind of crouch down at this point and as I go to move my hand up in a quick motion above the leaf, I let out a sort of yell and it finally flies up into the air, I might have overdone it.. Once it's flown up into the air I realize that all the DCs stopped and are laughing at me. I stand there smiling for a second, but then think wait a second I have to interact with one of them. I start running over to them and think of yelling to them to wait, as they're walking again. But before I reach them my dream ends..

    Three boring lucids and a dream.

    by Kraom on 05-18-2013 at 06:56 PM
    Well I had three lucids this morning sure sure, but I didn't remember to do anything! Anyways..

    First Lucid: In this one I just went straight into it lucid, but I wouldn't consider it a WILD, since I didn't attempt to WILD or anything.
    I go straight into a dream and see some bars in front of me. On the other side is a room much bigger than the room I'm in, so naturally I'd like to get to the other side. I decide to try and squeeze through the bars (didn't even think to just pass through them..) it's working I'm squeezing through (side note: this whole time it feels like I'm either floating slowly or moving in slow motion.) But then all of a sudden, much to my dismay, the entire dream collapses and I accomplish nothing..

    Second Lucid: At first I remember being in a park and there actually was a precursor to this one! So, here I am in a park pretty massive, kind of like a park I've had in another dream before. There's a huge play structure and then there's also swings. I remember being on the swings and while swinging talking to this random little kid. We were talking about how there was a babysitting program in the park, but the babysitter who was running it neglected the 'normal' kids. Anyways, so I was playing with this kid on the swings and I like spun him and he was having fun spinning around. At some point I got off the swings and he was still spinning, just no even losing momentum either, and at one point it looked like he was hitting his head on a bar, so I was worried but it turned out to not be him but just a picture of another kid, idk what that's about. So all of a sudden I just become lucid.. I just start walking and trying to stabilize the dream, I'm not really thinking at all. So, I'm walking around and there's some DCs and I try to walk around a corner and change one into a different person, it uhh didn't work. And then I decided to change her weight, as she was quite obese before and I slimmed her down with just a wave of my magic lucid hands. Then once I slimmed her down BOOM it just turns into my aunt, which was weird, and then my other aunt shows up and there all trying to talk to me. So I just tell them to get out of here and that I'm busy haha. Then I leave because who knows what they wanted to rope me into. On the far side of the park there's a basketball court, so I decide to head that way. I eventually get there took a while, the whole time I was walking I was rubbing my hands together. And there's a bunch of guys and some girls playing basketball, go figure on a basketball court. Then there's one random girl talking to her grandma about how she still had some things to do and she was leaving. I decided to follow her, but she was like walking extremely fast, like faster than my running. So it essentially looked like I was chasing her but she was just walking (side note: while following her the sun was going down and I have terrible experience with the sun going down or the darkness in my lucids, always lose my lucidity, so i thrust it back up into the sky with another magical push of my hands.) I thought to myself how creepy this must look and then my dream just ended.

    Third Lucid: In my third lucid here it started off in a room at the school I go to. Except the inside of the room was much much bigger than a normal room, more like the size of an auditorium. And inside of the room was a bachelorette and she had to keep her eyes closed. Also inside of the room was a vast array of different cars and then in the middle was Justin Bieber, but he was wearing a disguise, like a fake beard and everything (so random..) So, he's singing her a rock song and it's definitely not his normal voice. The whole time this girl has to keep her eyes closed I guess.. So after the song is over he just starts walking out of the room and leaves. Then my little brother shows up and follows him to throw something on him then run away. And again I just become lucid all of a sudden. I'm walking along the sort of balcony of this building, and it's pretty high up. I decided that I'll just jump off, so I do. And then once I reach the ground I get an overwhelming sense of urgency to do some tasks, no not for this competition or anything, some tasks that at the time seemed logically. Apparently I was thinking that my friend had given me some tasks to do in my dream that I REALLY needed to do. One of which was to bounce along a pole using only my hands, so I do that. And then, my friend that had given me these tasks was there, as I was bouncing along this pole, so I look at him and talk asking him how it was. He doesn't really respond or anything and just kind of looks at me. Then I kind of don't remember what happens, I just recall later being back down where I jumped of the balcony and remembering how, "Oh I jumped down this a little while ago and did two front flips as I was falling.."

    And a dream: I'll just start by saying that this was a pretty strange dream and I wasn't really a participant it was more of I was just watching it happen. So, it starts off with two redneck kinda guys driving alongside each other.. each of them has a dog in their truck. One redneck tries to feed the others dog a leaf, while driving, but the dog doesn't want the leaf if it looks like there's already a bite out of it.. So, the other man driving his truck like turns around mid-driving and feeds the dog a whole leaf and like looks and gives a smug smile to the driver of the other truck. And so the driver of the other truck turns his leaf around to where it looks like there isn't a bite out of it and the dog eats, so he then turns and gives the other driver a smug smile of his own. So the driver reacts quite poorly and thus rams the other man with his truck. And now, a race ensues through a canyon of bones. It's a tight fit for the two trucks being side by side and they have to smash through bones in order to try and get in front of the other one. One of the men turns to the other and tells him that it's not these bones they are smashing but the dogs bones (I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.) I don't recall anything after that, except a new dream starts with sort of the same premise, again I'm only observing. This time it's two people racing in what looked like a jeep and then a black sports car.. I don't remember much from this one other than it was actiony and at one point on of the racers sons asks his father, "Who is this that were racing?" To which he replies something about him being the DCP with I forget what it stood for but it had something to do with like stinger from a bee or a scorpion or something.. idk, weird dreams..