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    Kraom's Dream Journal

    1. To the party we go. (just kidding dream's over)

      by , 05-25-2013 at 05:02 AM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      This morning I was feeling quite sick, still am, but if anything it helped my lucid dreaming, creating a somewhat natural WBTB for me.

      First Lucid: It starts with me sitting in a windowsill of house which, although no one tells me, I perceive to be in Utah, where I'll be going to college next year OR University as some others would call it. It was not the exact location of where I'll be going to college, I just, for some reason, knew that I was in Utah. So, here I was in a windowsill and a man walks over to me and is telling me about a party that we're having. He lifts me down from the windowsill from outside the house, as the window is open. He lifts me down carefully and like I'm a child and upon reflecting I did feel quite smaller than him, maybe I was. After I got down I walked a bit with him and he got into a truck and drove off, and then suddenly a wave of lucidity washed over me. I start walking again, having nothing really in mind. I walk up and see both my brothers jumping on a trampoline and so I decided to join them but after a bit of time I see that it is much too disorienting and that I need a stable view otherwise, my dream might up and collapse. I fly off the trampoline up onto a wall, and see that it extends quite a way, but before I go I turn around and when I look behind me on each side there's a mirror image of each side, which is to say, there were my brothers jumping on the trampoline a roof top in the background and dirt in front of the trampoline and I look to the other side, and it's the same. This confuses me at the time, so I just turn back around and start walking down the expanse of the wall. When I got to the end there was a pool, the most lovely pool I had ever seen really, real life ore dreaming, and a grand hotel stretching up beside the pool. Sadly the dream ended after I arrived and I had no further time to explore the hotel itself, although I would have liked to.

      Second Lucid: Unlike the first there was no real precursor to this one and it just started off lucid. I enter the dream lucid and I'm in the backyard of my mom's house. I fly up onto the roof and see that the man from my earlier lucid was walking with my brothers. I fly down and follow them, and it leads me to a wide open area with tons of stone tables sitting out in the open, like a park. All around the outskirts of this area are stands, like those you would see in a festival. Apparently the party was a costume party because some of the stands were selling costumes. Now there's a sort of lapse in between this and what happens next but I decided that I had either just re-entered the same dream or I may have lost lucidity and regained it. Anyways, I find myself walking with my younger brother, lucid again and I'm walking talking to him about how I should get a costume and then I think to myself I should do something to earn some points for the competition, the first thing that pops into my head is, advanced flying, I jump into the air to start flying but shortly after I start flying the dream fades to a sort of grey before turning completely black.
    2. Just a lucid.

      by , 05-23-2013 at 06:42 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Only one lucid this morning

      Only Lucid: So here I was walking at my school, but I knew it was a dream, but, not quite into lucidity yet. For some reason I thought that I had to roll up my pant legs before a certain time otherwise I wouldn't be able to get lucid.. (I have no idea..) SO, I turned around and started walking the other direction (which was also apparently a prerequisite before I could become lucid) and rolled up my pant legs.. After this was done I became lucid. Once lucid a DC said something to me, although I don't recall and my response to them was, "Oh yeah? Well, I can fly!" and I jumped into the air and started flying.. After a bit I got bored of flying, been doing too much of it lately, so I just landed and decided I wanted to try actually having a conversation with a DC, since I never do that. As I was walking over to a DC I rubbed my hands together to make sure I didn't lose my dream, I mean nobody wants that.. So, I walk over through a parking lot to a strip of sidewalk with bushes on each side and there's a girl, recognizable from real life and I say to her, "Hi how are you doing?" and she started talking like a robot.. I don't remember her response exactly (weird that I can remember exactly what I say, yet not what my DC's say..) and I can't now exactly recall the exact details but I remember having this odd thought process about how to create more depth for my DCs and that there was something special I had to do. It wasn't anything real that I've actually read or anything, and I have no idea how it came about. Anyways after that I said something else to her about knowing she was capable of more than her response and she fell over and spilled her slushee on herself.. After that I walked away and my dream faded away.
    3. Two more lucids..

      by , 05-22-2013 at 11:34 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      I might hate the school-week for dreaming, but Wednesdays are good, I get to sleep in..

      First Lucid: There was no precursor to the lucid portion I was aware as the dream formed itself. The dream was forming in front of me and I did what I could to increase the vividness and overall clarity of it, rubbing my hands together and just willing more parts of it to form. Eventually it was stable enough so I decided to fly, it being the first on my three step task list. I jumped up into the air and began flying straight upwards, but I was going way to fast and I feared that I was going to go into space accidentally, again. So, I just went limp and allowed myself to fall back down and I landed back on my feet on the pavement of the parking lot I was previously in. I started walking, I had enough flying for now, and I came to a fence where there were a bunch of DCs, but no matter how much I tried to use telekinesis, it was just not working.. So, I kept trying and eventually the DCs got mad at me for interrupting their baseball game, as I was on a baseball field. And I talked to them and told them how it was my dream and I could be where I wanted. And after that my dream faded to black.

      Second Lucid: This one did have a precursor. I was walking with my younger brother to school, an elementary school, which he was apparently attending. (But that makes no sense, as, my little brother is in high school.) Anyways, so I passed a van with a man who looked at me and my brother and told us to have a good day. I replied back to him, you too. (Side-note: he was definitely getting a blowjob from what appeared to be a prostitute, which me and my brother remarked about as we continued walking.) So, we continued on towards his elementary school, which it was the actual elementary school that both he and I went. When we reached the field of the elementary school I suddenly became lucid. My mind immediately darts to getting points, so I jump and start flying, hoping to accomplish my three step task list in this dream. This time I don't fly with high speed and just, more of, glide nicely over a fence and into the school. And now flying was down just had telekinesis and interacting with a DC. Again my telekinesis was not working at all. I was getting a bit angry but I decided that I needed to focus, so I stopped and focused and used my telekinesis to move a DCs hand and bend his fingers around (don't worry it didn't hurt him.) Now there was telekinesis all that was left was interacting with a DC. I walked over to a lovely DC and asked her if she cared for a dance, extending my hand. I drew her in close to me and we began to dance, I mean how could she refuse me.. haha. So, my dream faded away as we were dancing but only visually, I could still feel her hands and both her and myself dancing, so we continued to dance until that too faded away.
    4. Two more lucids and some other stuff.

      by , 05-19-2013 at 05:15 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Well had two lucids this morning, although they were pretty late in the morning so the quality was kind of low. But hey at least I had them..
      Onto the lucids,

      First Lucid: Again there was no real precursor that I remember to this one, it was more like my classroom for 3-D animation at school just started materializing and so I just was lucid as it appeared. This time I had my mind on my three step task list for the competition. So I immediately got up from my chair that I was sitting in and just tried to fly in the classroom haha. That didn't really work so well, I didn't even float or anything. Wasn't even thinking about stabilization or anything either. So I went to a more spacious part of the classroom and tried to jump again, but to no avail. And the dream was just extremely finicky the whole time what with not stabilizing or anything.. So, after my second failed attempt the dream ended and I woke back up.

      Second Lucid: Again I was back in my 3-D animation class, but this time I didn't become lucid instantaneously. I was sitting there playing some sort of game or something on a computer that I don't usually sit at. There was a cool looking flashdrive just sitting there that was white with light teal accents, so I just took it and put it in my pocket. Then it was time to leave so I got up and when I got up I noticed there was a substitute, which isn't important at all just a detail.. And then I saw what looked like someone's phone and headphones sitting next to the computer, so I was going to tell the substitute about it, but upon closer inspection it turned out to just be some power brick or something.. Now when I go outside I realize that I'm dreaming.. And again my mind darts right to my three step task list, wanting those bonus points.. So, I immediately jump over the rail of the building and fly down to where a ton of people are walking (this area actually at the school is blocked off and under construction.) So, I fly down and land and focus next on using telekinesis I see a girl's back pack hanging open with some goggles hanging out, and I focus all of my attention on them but then they just fly out of her backpack before I move my hand or anything.. So, I think well I don't know if I did that or not, I wanted to actually be sure that it's me moving the object. So, I walk around and see this big leaf on the ground, around the size of a small palm tree leaf. I focus my attention on it and visualize the imaginary string coming from my finger to move it, but it doesn't move! I stop and think, and realize I should probably stabilize or this dream's going to go the same way the last one did. So, I rub my hand together for a little bit still focusing on that leaf. I feel it, that this time it's going up, but again it doesn't.. So I kind of crouch down at this point and as I go to move my hand up in a quick motion above the leaf, I let out a sort of yell and it finally flies up into the air, I might have overdone it.. Once it's flown up into the air I realize that all the DCs stopped and are laughing at me. I stand there smiling for a second, but then think wait a second I have to interact with one of them. I start running over to them and think of yelling to them to wait, as they're walking again. But before I reach them my dream ends..
    5. Three boring lucids and a dream.

      by , 05-18-2013 at 06:56 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Well I had three lucids this morning sure sure, but I didn't remember to do anything! Anyways..

      First Lucid: In this one I just went straight into it lucid, but I wouldn't consider it a WILD, since I didn't attempt to WILD or anything.
      I go straight into a dream and see some bars in front of me. On the other side is a room much bigger than the room I'm in, so naturally I'd like to get to the other side. I decide to try and squeeze through the bars (didn't even think to just pass through them..) it's working I'm squeezing through (side note: this whole time it feels like I'm either floating slowly or moving in slow motion.) But then all of a sudden, much to my dismay, the entire dream collapses and I accomplish nothing..

      Second Lucid: At first I remember being in a park and there actually was a precursor to this one! So, here I am in a park pretty massive, kind of like a park I've had in another dream before. There's a huge play structure and then there's also swings. I remember being on the swings and while swinging talking to this random little kid. We were talking about how there was a babysitting program in the park, but the babysitter who was running it neglected the 'normal' kids. Anyways, so I was playing with this kid on the swings and I like spun him and he was having fun spinning around. At some point I got off the swings and he was still spinning, just no even losing momentum either, and at one point it looked like he was hitting his head on a bar, so I was worried but it turned out to not be him but just a picture of another kid, idk what that's about. So all of a sudden I just become lucid.. I just start walking and trying to stabilize the dream, I'm not really thinking at all. So, I'm walking around and there's some DCs and I try to walk around a corner and change one into a different person, it uhh didn't work. And then I decided to change her weight, as she was quite obese before and I slimmed her down with just a wave of my magic lucid hands. Then once I slimmed her down BOOM it just turns into my aunt, which was weird, and then my other aunt shows up and there all trying to talk to me. So I just tell them to get out of here and that I'm busy haha. Then I leave because who knows what they wanted to rope me into. On the far side of the park there's a basketball court, so I decide to head that way. I eventually get there took a while, the whole time I was walking I was rubbing my hands together. And there's a bunch of guys and some girls playing basketball, go figure on a basketball court. Then there's one random girl talking to her grandma about how she still had some things to do and she was leaving. I decided to follow her, but she was like walking extremely fast, like faster than my running. So it essentially looked like I was chasing her but she was just walking (side note: while following her the sun was going down and I have terrible experience with the sun going down or the darkness in my lucids, always lose my lucidity, so i thrust it back up into the sky with another magical push of my hands.) I thought to myself how creepy this must look and then my dream just ended.

      Third Lucid: In my third lucid here it started off in a room at the school I go to. Except the inside of the room was much much bigger than a normal room, more like the size of an auditorium. And inside of the room was a bachelorette and she had to keep her eyes closed. Also inside of the room was a vast array of different cars and then in the middle was Justin Bieber, but he was wearing a disguise, like a fake beard and everything (so random..) So, he's singing her a rock song and it's definitely not his normal voice. The whole time this girl has to keep her eyes closed I guess.. So after the song is over he just starts walking out of the room and leaves. Then my little brother shows up and follows him to throw something on him then run away. And again I just become lucid all of a sudden. I'm walking along the sort of balcony of this building, and it's pretty high up. I decided that I'll just jump off, so I do. And then once I reach the ground I get an overwhelming sense of urgency to do some tasks, no not for this competition or anything, some tasks that at the time seemed logically. Apparently I was thinking that my friend had given me some tasks to do in my dream that I REALLY needed to do. One of which was to bounce along a pole using only my hands, so I do that. And then, my friend that had given me these tasks was there, as I was bouncing along this pole, so I look at him and talk asking him how it was. He doesn't really respond or anything and just kind of looks at me. Then I kind of don't remember what happens, I just recall later being back down where I jumped of the balcony and remembering how, "Oh I jumped down this a little while ago and did two front flips as I was falling.."

      And a dream: I'll just start by saying that this was a pretty strange dream and I wasn't really a participant it was more of I was just watching it happen. So, it starts off with two redneck kinda guys driving alongside each other.. each of them has a dog in their truck. One redneck tries to feed the others dog a leaf, while driving, but the dog doesn't want the leaf if it looks like there's already a bite out of it.. So, the other man driving his truck like turns around mid-driving and feeds the dog a whole leaf and like looks and gives a smug smile to the driver of the other truck. And so the driver of the other truck turns his leaf around to where it looks like there isn't a bite out of it and the dog eats, so he then turns and gives the other driver a smug smile of his own. So the driver reacts quite poorly and thus rams the other man with his truck. And now, a race ensues through a canyon of bones. It's a tight fit for the two trucks being side by side and they have to smash through bones in order to try and get in front of the other one. One of the men turns to the other and tells him that it's not these bones they are smashing but the dogs bones (I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.) I don't recall anything after that, except a new dream starts with sort of the same premise, again I'm only observing. This time it's two people racing in what looked like a jeep and then a black sports car.. I don't remember much from this one other than it was actiony and at one point on of the racers sons asks his father, "Who is this that were racing?" To which he replies something about him being the DCP with I forget what it stood for but it had something to do with like stinger from a bee or a scorpion or something.. idk, weird dreams..
    6. Accidentally flying into space

      by , 05-18-2013 at 04:33 AM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Hmm I don't think there was much of a precursor to this dream, Ima have to get in the habit of voice recording my dreams again, always worked the best. The dream wasn't great quality from what I remember, usually my dreams early in the morning are good quality but this one wasn't. So I was around some buildings with gravel on the roofs like the top of my mom's house. At some point I just became lucid I don't really recall any precursor.. So I remember jumping up onto a few different roofs and telling myself that I needed to anchor myself in the dream, and I was trying to engage my senses. Mostly my sense of touch, for some reason I wasn't wearing shoes and I could feel the gravel roofs on my feet like crunching and everything. The whole dream though was kind of hazy like the visual aspect, although it felt pretty crisp. And then once I felt like I was anchored enough I just jumped into the air and started flying. Although my flying has been off lately so it was more like I was swimming air, and so I started fly swimming at high speeds and felt myself losing lucidity because I didn't have anything to focus on, the clouds were just streaming by. And so I started trying to slow down, but it didn't exactly work. To slow down I basically tried to flap my legs kind of how a mermaid would swim, lol. And instead of slowing me down this just gave me massive propulsion up into space. And I have pretty terrible experience with space in my lucids, the only other time that I went up into space, when I mean to, it was just pure blackness and so that same thing happened again and I just totally lost the dream, well I did hover in the blackness for a bit with one eye open, but my other one had closed, and for some reason when my eyes close in a lucid dream, I can never re-open them.. So yep, after a bit of hovering I just completely lost it with nothing to focus on..
    7. Threatened by a water cannon or something..

      by , 04-06-2013 at 06:23 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      I'm walking in my dream through a neighborhood that I've never been in before. I walk past what look like maybe some baseball fields behind a chain-link fence. On the other side of the field is a bunch of suburban homes. I come upon a structure with stairs and walk to the top. And then when I reach the top BOOM three guys standing near the garage of one home with these gun looking things, I figured they were water cannons in hindsight, but at the time I'm not really sure. So they yell something at me about how they are going to shoot me.. And so I yell back saying, "I'll fucking kill all of you." And what they didn't know is I was 100% serious. I begin walking back to my car, which has a good sized fixed blade knife in it, and while on my way I notice a route I could take to come up on the side of them. Once reaching my car I look down at my hands or something and think, am I still dreaming? And then when I am, I think alright good, good and begin to continue on with the dream, ready to go kill those guys. But then I stop and think what good would it do to kill someone who threatened me in a dream? None really, maybe only some small degree of satisfaction. So, instead I jump up in the air and begin flying, it feels pretty nice, I haven't flown in a dream in a while. I get going at a decent speed by pushing my hands in to my sides. And while I'm flying, I'm flying low to the ground and passing over some cars, so I start pushing off them to pick up more speed. Eventually I see to dream characters and I stop and talk to one. At first I'm talking to her telepathically and then verbally, in neither instance did she respond.. I thought about going back and killing those guys but again had the thought that it was just a dream and would really, be meaningless And I'm not exactly sure where the dream went from there I don't recall how it ended..
    8. Yea this is a dream..

      by , 08-20-2012 at 05:17 AM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Not much of a precursor to this dream or a non-lucid portion. Woke up and then went back to sleep with the desire to have a lucid dream and so I did.

      I believe I was inside of someones house and then upon exiting I went and fiddled with the trunk of their car for whatever reason and stopped in fear that the alarm might go off. Then I looked around and just said to myself, "Yea this is a dream." And so then I became lucid.

      Now once lucid my first impulse was to jump into the air and fly, so I tried to but when I jumped into the air I just fell down right back onto the sidewalk. After that I tried to look away and then say that the person I wanted to be there would be spawned behind me when I look back, but that didn't work either. So then I started going for a nice little walk. I was in a ritzy looking neighborhood with a lot of big houses. I was walking until I saw an area that looked like where I lived. So now I ran and jumped so now it was either fly into the air or fall and hit the ground, hard. So this time I flew into the air. I had a nice flight probably my longest yet, I always enjoying flying, I love the feeling of the wind. Anyways so while I was flying I flew over a pool and noticed some people, what looked like my brother and one of my friends. So I landed and they were talking about what I gathered to be World of Warcraft. I touched my friends shoulder and tried to turn her into a different DC and at this she let out and annoyed sound which threw me off my focus. The dream went into blackness and I could still feel myself touching her shoulder. So I eventually was able to re-enter the dream, which I'm getting better at now. And then I pretty much just lost the dream the moment that I re-entered.
    9. Drivin' a dragster

      by , 08-18-2012 at 03:54 AM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      The precursor to this dream was, I had set an alarm for two AM thinking that if I woke up earlier I'd be more tired and could do MILD and fall back asleep easier. Horrible idea, I ended up waking up and then I just felt restless and didn't end up falling back asleep until like 4:30 AM. Alright anyway so I end up waking back up around 6:40 and then I went back to sleep again and next thing I know I'm in my dream.

      So the earliest moment I remember was that I was at the baseball field near my house. I was in the parking lot and I noticed that someone had their car parked directly behind mine making it impossible for me to leave. I was pretty mad about this and I went to find out who's car it was. I ask my little brother who's car it is and he's trying to describe to me the person it belongs to. He says something like "The kid with the hair, the uhhh kid with the red hair." In waking life he does know this persons name but he doesn't say it in the dream. So anyways the person he was describing runs by me and he tells me that that's him. So I grab him and tell him that he needs to move his car now. So then I don't remember why or how but I end up grabbing my little brother and then he starts crying. Then my dad stands up on the bleachers and is yelling at me and he says something about my brother being up to bat. So I get angry at my little brother for getting me in trouble and I storm off towards my car. When I get to my car I end up thinking, good thing this is only a dream. And then I stopped and I thought wait I'm dreaming.. So I ended up being the event that sparked my lucidity.

      Alright so I was standing at the door to my car which was now a white version of the bat-mobile with some skulls painted on. Anyways so I got into it while trying to maintain my focus and then magically it turns into a classic dragster, still low to the ground. So there aren't any peddles but no matter I power it with my mind. So I drive it in a circle around the parking lot and then wait to pull out of it because there was traffic. Once I pull out into the street it's no longer me driving it's now some Mexican girl and she sounds around fourteen years old. So then we turn around a street and she says something like, "It's your fault we have to wash it." Anyways then she floors it down the street and I don't really have anything to focus on, everything is blurry. I end up totally losing my focus after a while. And then all I see is blackness and then a percent bar popped up. There was rectangles that were like a teal color and the word percentage was in orange, it started at eighty percent and then went up until it hit one-hundred percent at which point I was reloaded into the dream. This time my older brother was driving the dragster. This time we were on a mountain rode. And might I add that the sky was blue and the sun was out whereas before it was night time. Anyways so while my brother was driving I kept bumping up and down and one time I stopped in the air and was floating. Then the last thing I saw was a list of tasks that looked like my task list from Astrid Task Manager.
    10. Hand to hand with a Jamaican

      by , 08-13-2012 at 04:03 AM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      I don't remember much about this dream because I didn't have time to right it down while I was on vacation. Anyways..

      I was late to school and I was listening to music playing on my phone via Pandora. I was standing just outside of the class I was late to. I was trying to turn off the music that was playing so that I could go to class but whenever I tried to do something on my phone it would open up a different app or do something wrong. Then I got a text from some girl named Taylor Johnson. The text was asking me how I got to school all I remember from it was it asking if I jogged to school. I thought to myself, nope I drive to school and then started to wonder how she had gotten my phone number. (Even though she was a contact in my phone apparently, otherwise her name wouldn't have shown up.) But I didn't care that much because it was a girl that I apparently knew and liked. I finally got my phone to cooperate and turned Pandora off and then I walked into the classroom.

      I walked into what looked my art class but it was arranged differently and had a different teacher. I apologized to her for being late and then sat down. At my congregation of desks there was a blonde girl in a blue dress. I thought to myself this girl in a dress like that, I must be in a dream. And then I realized that I in fact was. After becoming lucid I was instantly attacked by a Jamaican. I didn't really have time to think so I broke a wooden pencil in half and began to use it like a weapon with each piece in my hand as if they were batons. He was throwing punches at me and I was blocking them with my forearms and I eventually got him to the ground. He told me that he was a Jamaican nationalist and that he had a bomb inside of his leg. He preceded to explain to me his reason for his attack, but I don't remember anything he said. He then told the people inside of the classroom something like if they allowed him to detonate his bomb that they would be saved or something to that effect. Some of them cheered and were yelling to blow it up. I was dragging him away from the table that I was sitting at telling him that I wouldn't let him kill those people.

      It got put to a vote whether to detonate it or not by two different teachers, the one who's class I was in and another teacher named Ms. Sac. The vote ended up 17 to 14 with Ms. Sac winning and the bomb not being detonated. Then I saw a picture of Ms. Sac, an old woman with a sewing machine, and an echoing voice started saying Sac, Sac, Sac like she had won at laser-tag or something. After this I don't think anything else happened.
    11. Telekinesis and more

      by , 08-13-2012 at 03:45 AM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      This entry is going to be about a lucid dream that I had while I was on vacation and thus unable to post it then. I had woken up and done my SSILD reps and then gone back to sleep and then..

      I was walking at a school, a mix between the middle school I went to and the high school I go to. I was at some kind of a concert, well on my way to one I think. While walking I saw two girls that I knew so I decided to accompany them. We were walking in a dirt area surrounded by tall chain-link fences. And while we were walking I saw another red-haired girl who's facial features reminded me of another girl that I knew. So I end up becoming lucid because I ask myself if I was lucid. It's like the whole time I passively knew that I was dreaming.

      So after becoming lucid I thought for a little and then just started walking. I attempted telekinesis on a metal trashcan, but it didn't work. I stopped and thought about it and remembered reading that I should visualize a thread going from my hand to the object. So I did just that and lifted the trashcan up into the air, I rotated it and then tossed it aside. Then I lifted up and tossed another one of the metal trashcans against a wall. I was pretty excited about this new found power I had when I saw a DC playing basketball. He stopped by the fence and was looking through at me. I saw the ball in his hands and thought that I'd telekinesis it out of his hands. Instead of pulling the ball from his hands I lifted the entire kid and his ball into the air. I ended up accidentally setting him down on the top of the chain-link fence. I sort of laughed to myself and then kept on walking.

      So now I saw a very tall tree that led up to a rooftop. I thought to myself that it would be cool to do a superman front flip off of the rooftop, so I began climbing the tree. While climbing my hand went into a spiderweb. When I looked I saw a pretty large spider right near my hand. So I got scared and climbed down out of the tree. (That's right I was in a dream lucid but still afraid of spiders.) While climbing down from the tree I lost my focus on the dream, which I use for stabilization, and once I got to the ground all I could see was blackness. I could still move around like my body was in the dreamscape, but I couldn't see anything. This lasted about ten seconds and then I was able to retain my focus on the dream and re-enter it.

      I still had the thought of wanting to do a flip off a roof, so I started climbing some walls to get to the top of a short building. I met two guys who seemed to be training in freerunning/parkour. They thought that I was cool since I was scaling walls to get up to the top of the building. So they started to follow me. (In hindsight I could have just flown to the top but what fun would that have been?) So once I got to the top finally, it was now covered in trees like it was some sort of forest. Even though when I was on the ground there was nothing on the rooftop at all. The last thing I remember about the dream was the two guys that were following me telling me that I could get some free food at a Taco Bell that was five hours away.
    12. Two for one!

      by , 07-28-2012 at 06:54 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Alright, well so did my SSILD reps and then went back to sleep.

      Ok now, I'm in a dream it seems like a festival, it's a large grass field with hills and in the background pretty far away there's a building with lights on. There are a lot of people in this field largely female from what I recall. Alright so at one point I'm sort of just walking along through this field when it just hits me that I'm dreaming, I don't think about anything I just become lucid spontaneously. (spontaneous lucidity, you know just like spontaneous combustion ) Alright so, after I become lucid I want to complete one of my lucid goals which is to have a conversation with a DC. I'm walking, and while I'm walking I'm making sure to stabilize with the technique that I created. And so as I'm looking for a person to talk to I start walking towards a girl and then she starts walking quickly away from me. So I thought uhh okay.. and decided I'd find someone else. Now then here comes another person and I walk towards then and they start essentially running from me! So why, why do my dream characters hate me!?! It's like they are scared of me . Anyways so this one is running away and so I say, "Hey stop!" The dream character does not stop so at this point I'm getting sort of angry so I yell out, "STOP!" And then I look around and no one is moving, people are stopped in the middle of their actions.. So I thought to myself, "Did I just stop time?" So, that was pretty cool and after looking around I just willed it to start again and it did. And then I went on my way and didn't really do anything else.

      So after exiting the dream my eyes were still closed and I was trying to open them. While doing this I noticed that I felt sort of weightless. Something was definitely off about this. So once I finally opened my eyes I was already sitting on the edge of my be, I wasn't laying down anymore. So I was pretty much already lucid since I had just gone through all that to open my eyes, the sitting on the edge of my bed really just affirmed it. So I looked around my room and marveled at how much detail was put in. It looked exactly how my room would if I was awake. I got up and walked around my room and just looked around I stopped and went into my closet and sort of just stood there. My closet also had exactly what it would have in it if I were awake. I felt like I couldn't leave my room though because my door was shut, and I just felt like I wouldn't be able to open it. So I ended up forgetting to stabilize and actually woke up.
      lucid , false awakening
    13. Mental hospitals and blue bags of money (careful it's a long one)

      by , 07-27-2012 at 11:38 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Let's start where I remember, I'm not sure if anything happened prior to this. So my dream started off as a third person dream. It was as if I was there but not physically participating, so what I mean is it felt like I was walking with them not just spectating, although I wasn't actually there and could not influence it.

      So it starts off in what looks like a high-tech hospital. There was a lady and a hospital worker walking down a corridor that had plexiglass on one side and then some cells also made of plexiglass on the other side. I can only presume that this hospital was for those who were mentally unstable. Anyways so, the lady and the worker were walking down the corridor when a female patient broke out of her cell. All I remember about the patient was that she has short hair. So she broke out of her cell and attacked the worker that was going by. She attacked her with what appeared to be a broom that was broken in half, so the broom handle had jagged splintered spikes on the end. She jabbed this into the eye-balls of the worker and killed her. On the other side of the plexiglass I see two doctors, one male and one female, in lab-coats with clipboards observing what was going on. They don't seem dismayed at what was going they seem like they were just observing it as if it happened all the time. They walk away as if to go report what had happened.

      Now at this point the dream kind of skips. That or I can't remember what happens in the gap. So the older lady that was with the worker before she was killed and the short-haired girl are in an elevator and they are talking to each other like they know each other from somewhere. And then when they stop talking the older lady starts to think something and the short-haired girl informs her that she can hear her thoughts, telepathically. The older lady says something like, "I thought so" back to her, also telepathically. At this point I notice that the older lady is wearing glasses. (Just an interjection and this is not crucial to the story haha) So now the two start going up in the elevator and they are communicating telepathically.

      Now the dream skips again. It picks back up and now instead of the older lady I am there with the short-haired girl. So now we are in the room of another patient, not a cell. The room belongs to an elderly lady who I believe is the short-haired girls grandmother. The room is kind of grandiose with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the room is full of old wooden furniture that is hand-carved. The room also has a large library. The elderly lady tells the short-haired girl that she got her a gift. So we walked over towards the elderly lady's bed, which was huge and had ornately engraved wood. On this bed there was two revolvers, in leather holsters, that matched the grandiose theme of the room. They had pearl handles and engraved silver plating. And so now a man comes over and picks the guns up. That's right there's no longer a short-haired girl it is now a short-haired man. I ask him if the guns are real and he opens up one of the cylinders and pours the bullets out into his hand as if to show me that yes, yes they are real.

      The dream now skips again. I remember the short-haired man gave me a blue bag that contained a large amount of money in it. We went into an elevator to go down and leave the building, there were two others in the elevator a man and a woman that appear to be a couple. Anyways, two men dressed in suits start walking towards the elevator and I dropped the bag of money into the corner of the elevator behind me. When they go to the elevator they seemed to recognize me and one of them tried to stick his hand into the closing elevator doors. The doors however did not retract back, instead the elevator started going down which forced the man to yank his hand out of the doors. When he did this the elevator shook side to side and I exclaimed, "Jesus!" as if to say that that was ridiculous. The couple looked at me frightened and agreed. At this point I don't think that the man with short hair was even there anymore.

      And now the dream skips again and I remember running from the men in the suits who were now chasing me. So I ran into a Walmart and vaulted over a check-out stand that was filled with items. In the middle of the Walmart I met three of my friends. Just to give a visual, one of them is Asian, one of them is black and one of them is white. So I remember giving them something and then we all ran out of the Walmart because I was still being chased by the men in suits, who wanted my blue money bag. So we ran out into a sort of suburban neighborhood and I remember running for a little while through this neighborhood.

      The dream skips again and I remember knowing that I was being chased by men in cars now. So I was now running faster then before. I was running up a hillside that was covered in yellow dead grass and when I got to the top I jumped over the guardrail and crossed a street. I went up a dirt slope and at the top of the slope there was a concrete slab with a chain-link fence behind it. I sat on the slab at the top of the hill and began to think. While I was sitting there I saw my mom's boyfriend and his son drive by in a white car, which was random. Now I remember thinking about calling my dad and having him come pick me up since apparently my car was in the parking lot of the Walmart I was at previously, and I had gotten lost while running away. The last thing that I recall was thinking that not all of the money was in the bag and that it was only my cut that was in the bag.

      I don't know how I earned a cut of the money in the first place but that is what my dream self thought. I also remember something about the amount that was in the blue bag being $50,000.
    14. Feeling the wind in my face

      by , 07-19-2012 at 05:46 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Alright so starts off I'm at my old elementary school. There were a whole bunch of people walking along this field, me being one of them. I was walking and talking with my friends and then everyone started going back into the school. So we all walked back in and then I notice that the elementary school was connected to my high school, when in reality they are not. So in my dream I started thinking and whenever I think in a dream I usually become lucid. Sure enough I'm lucid. So I keep walking a little and the dream scene sort of changes, now connected to the high school is a beach. So now I decided that I'd sit on the ground just to think up a game plan for what I was going to accomplish, I decided I'd do something like this a while ago but never had until this point. I thought maybe I would try to break dance seeing as I usually can do anything in my dreams, but I didn't. Anyways, I see this girl sitting on some bleachers near the beach so I get up to go and try my have a conversation with a DC goal and then I look away. I look back and BOOM she's gone and so are the bleachers. So I thought, alright.. guess not. I start walking back to where I was before and I decide that I'll just have a nice little flight. So I jump into the air and start floating. I float a little ways upwards and then I clap my arms to my sides, as if to cause a sonic boom. Then this propels me forward and I flew for a good bit of time and I could feel the wind in my face, it felt great like in the dream that I had flown in before. And then my dream faded until I felt my waking body. I woke up and I was essentially doing a headstand in my bed. Apparently this didn't strike me as odd because I just got out of bed and went over to my laptop. And then I opened my laptop and an internet tab was opened that said "lol pwned" that was all it said. Then when I came to the realization that I was in a false awakening I ended up waking up for real.
      lucid , false awakening
    15. At a comedy show

      by , 07-16-2012 at 05:29 PM (Kraom's Dream Journal)
      Ok, so prior to me being lucid this dream is pretty fuzzy. I remember being somewhere and then a dream fading which I recognized as a dream fading. Next thing I know I was in some theater in an audience. So I thought didn't a dream just fade.. so then I became lucid in my new dream. Alright, so this dream now is pretty uneventful, I just worked on stabilization the whole time. Anyways, let's begin there I was sitting in an audience and there was some guy sitting on the edge of a stage. He said something really dumb I don't exactly recall what and then said "oh I don't have any jokes left.." But then he got up on the stage, which now there was magically props on, ans said alright I'll give this a try. So he was walking behind a wall which looked like it was made of silver and it was engraved, anyways there was like a little window in this wall and as he walked past one he looked exactly like the mad hatter from the new Alice In Wonderland, and he said "look I'm Johhny Depp." Alright so here it get's a little fuzzy again. I remember I was stabilizing the whole time by basically just opening my eyes wider, surprisingly this actually worked. So I remember now he was making fun of fruit. And he was miniature and he was like swimming through the different fruits, still looking like the mad hatter of course. And in the end I remember him making fun of watermelon talking about losing your keys in it. And he was tiny walking through the watermelon trying to pull these keys that were bigger than him out of it. I don't even really remember how the dream ended I don't recall it fading out or me waking up. Maybe I became complacent and lost my lucidity. Well, anyways I stabilized this dream for a long while.
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