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    Thread: Reviving Lucidity Questions

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      Cool Reviving Lucidity Questions

      So it's been a good three years since I've gotten into this practice and I want to start it up again. Back into meditation, giving up smoking, gone vegan, other info I can't discuss. Skimming around the old threads and tutorials I fear that I'm forgetting some stuff. As for reviving my old routine:

      1) Record dreams upon waking up.
      2) Supplements galore: 5-HTP, B6&12, et cetera.
      3) Reality checks. Looking at my broken finger and checking if it's still broken.
      4) Waking up at absurd times of the night to induce deeper sleep.
      5) MILDs.

      Luckily over this hiatus I've been getting a few sprinkle of lucid dreams, some vivid, others forgettable. As for questions:
      How much has changed with the website and practices(new& old)?
      Has anyone gone insane yet?
      Are there any new techniques that I should review for LD'ing?
      Tips, tricks, advice?

      I'll be here for a while whilst playing with that 'weightlifting' forum, good lord. Nice to see this community again.
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      Welcome back to dream views~ Its cool that you've decided to get back into lucid dreaming and that your making changes in your routine for the better. I joined in 2014 so im not sure if the practices were the same as back than. However, I do know that WILD, DILD, MILD, WBTB and etc are still a thing. Also, lately the website has been experiencing technical difficulties so thats why you cant see avatars now. They are not working. You should probably look around more to update yourself with whats happened but I hope someone else comes and can give you a better update than I can. Has anyone gone insane? ^w^ Hmm...Maybe lol
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