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      Soft music during meditation?

      I realized that I'm closest to having a DILD than any other technique, so I've decided to start doing meditation before bed. This is really difficult for me, because my mind wanders constantly, so I'm thinking of using my playlist to help. It's mostly just soft piano music, but Ive never really heard of people listening to anything other than music made specifically for meditation.
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      Do whatever works for you. Try your playlist, try something else, try "meditation music", forest sounds, rain sounds, city sounds, guided meditations, try some post-rock, or something much less soft(why not death metal?)... see what works best, all are viable options (but remember to keep trying to use no music as well).

      For my sessions I use no music, or I improvise music while meditating. It's nice to meditate while jamming out long drones and soundscapes using synthesizers. Sitting in the shower is also great.

      Try to not get tied into using music. It can become a crutch, and you find yourself unable to meditate without it... One of the common hopes for meditators is that they will learn to access their meditative state out in the world, when faced with life. So meditating to the sounds of the world is reccomended. Once you find a good perspective on those sounds and learn how to experience them without any sort of judgement, it becomes easy.

      Alan Watts quote: If you can't meditate in a boiler room, you can't meditate. A boiler room back then would have referred to a noisy industrial space, or a place full of loud and stressed telephone salesmen.
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