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      LD Meditation music, experience?

      I've been looking for some good meditation music for daytime meditation as well as for before bed meditation, and Meditation Power's Lucid Dreaming MP3 popped up. I was wondering if anyone had actually tried this MP3 before? And if you have, I'd like to hear your experience with it (did you use it just for day meditation, only for naps, only when going to sleep? Did you listen to it for a set amount of time, or until it ended? Etc)

      Also if anyone could share with me some good tested music for LD meditation, that would be great! I've been looking around for reviews and opinions, but some people say binaural beats is what you want and others say that isochronic is the way to go. Which is actually better for LD meditation?

      EDIT: Also if anyone has tried the Lucid Dreaming download from the Unexplainable Store, that'd be helpful too!
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