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    Thread: was this astral projection

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      was this astral projection

      I flew around my house easily but couldn't make a women appear for sex
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      Quote Originally Posted by Enz View Post
      I flew around my house easily but couldn't make a women appear for sex
      Since you had the experience we can't tell you if it was a lucid dream or an astral projection. I don't have many experiences that I can distinctly differentiate if it's a dream or some sort of an OBE. I have had realistic lucid dreams where I'm in familiar places like my home. So lets assume it was a lucid dream for now since we can't be sure and try to figure this out. You were too specific why you wanted to summon someone. So let's tackle that, maybe you had some apprehension about doing the activity or other such concerns that prevented you from successfully summoning. Or it could simply been that you didn't have proper dream control to summon someone. Dream control can be wonky at times.

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      You can be flying in both Lucid dreams and OBEs, so yeah, most of the time it's hard to determine what it was, even for the dreamer himself.

      You can summon people or things, or even places. But sometimes for some, it could be easier to just "find" them at a place where you KNOW they will be.

      Like you could open the door and KNOW that a girl is in the next room. Or say something like "oh, hi girl, I know you are standing behind me". Then turn around and she will be there. If you are on the street, then the person or item could be just behind the corner, or in the cafe across the street, because you know she/he/it is always there. Or you can use any other location.

      The important part is that you believe, or even KNOW that it will be there, because it IS there.

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