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      making the jump to lucidity??

      hey guys. ive been working on getting a lucid dream for a couple weeks. lately ive been experiencing proficient dream recall, and I pretty much consistently have a dream every night.

      I need help here! my dreams presently are in that sort of "theatrical" stage. I control my actions and words, but I just accept the dream as if it were real life, regardless of the content. (a couple nights ago, I was snowboarding in a warehouse as though it were a common commodity.)

      does anyone have a good tip on attaining lucidity at this point, and/or if this is actually the stage at which i should try to become lucid? thanks!!

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      How often in waking life do you stop and think, "Am I dreaming?"
      How often do you think that there is the possibility all of this is an illusion?
      You say you have memories? For all you know, your mind invented them as soon as you entered this dream. For all you know, your mind is making you think this reality makes sense.

      One must question reality before one is able to question the dream.

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      I murdered someone, there was bloody everywhere. On the walls, on my hands. The air smelled metallic, like iron. My mouth... tasted metallic, like iron. The floor was metallic, probably iron


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