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      In my language the word we use to describe it is yxxiol☃weea. But in more comprehensible terms...

      It's bitter.
      Not bad,
      but I've had better.

      Mostly I just drink it because it's better than water (and usually better than food.)
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      I remember I was just looking around for suitably "dream related" pictures and that caught my eye. I can't remember the keywords, but if you want I could put it on imgur for you.
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      Kinds that keep me awake.

      Of all the kinds I've had I Earl Gray+some sugar is the best but lately I've been drinking orange pekoe since I ran out of the 'Gray and I couldn't be bothered to restock. And sometimes I go for green.
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      That quote from your signature was from OldSparta, not me.
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      Thank you.
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      Right back at you, for real.

      How is the logic course going? I spent basically my whole holiday learning mine properly, it was banaynay... I finally finished doing the example sheets just an hour ago in fact ( https://www.dpmms.cam.ac.uk/study/II/Logic/ if you're curious). The stuff at the end was bliss-out-tier... the ZF universe and ordinals are one of the coolest things I've done in my degree, I mean it literally formalises the concept of going to infinity and beyond. :B
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      i know we're facebook friends but hi
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      What'd I say? lol
      Sorry and you're welcome.

      That should cover it whether I said something mean or nice.
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      We're all just looking for love, I suppose.
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      Executive memberships only last for one year and are allowed to create a custom user forum, which is what I did. So after my membership ran out, the forum went away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSparta
    I murdered someone, there was bloody everywhere. On the walls, on my hands. The air smelled metallic, like iron. My mouth... tasted metallic, like iron. The floor was metallic, probably iron


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    Just another spontaneous WILD

    by Abra on 12-18-2012 at 07:21 PM
    Woke up around 7, then around 9. Eventually my body felt strange and distorted and fuzzy in certain parts all at once, and I recognized that I was entering a dream. I waited until the transition was complete by attempting to see without opening my eyelids. It worked, so I sat up. No temperature change. I stood up and wandered around my apartment, rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream. For some reason my bra was loosely on (on, but not clasped on), so I took it off.

    My boyfriend was sleeping in the exact position in which I last saw him in real life.

    "I'm dreaming! This is a lucid dream!" I exclaim.

    "Very good," he responds, falling back asleep.

    I want to check out my dream guides, who are faggots and like to hide in the woods. I live in a city now, so I reshape my apartment such that it has a sun room which connects to the forest. My two dead dogs are there, though I didn't put them there or think about them much at all, and I figure they want to go in the forest. I open the door and go through the forest. There is a fence, but I go under it. Unfortunately, behind the fence is an open field. I can see tall buildings from the city, so I jump once and fall, twice and fall, and then the third time I jump very high and turn off gravity. I start flying towards the downtown area and then. . .

    My boyfriend bumps into me and I wake up.

    Too much archeology

    by Abra on 05-09-2012 at 06:40 PM
    Had a dream I was a native American, and was visited by (and later became) a bear shaman. I was collecting herbs for medicine in the woods, when I came upon a corn garden. I didn't recognize the land as a part of my tribe, so although I was hungry, I didn't eat the corn.

    Galaxy Quest

    by Abra on 03-01-2012 at 03:13 AM
    Had two lucid dreams this morning. A la my last lucid, I wanted music for my FLIGHT TO SPACE. Succeeded in getting music to play, didn't succeed in getting to space.

    Crow dream

    by Abra on 03-01-2012 at 03:11 AM
    So lately I've been feeding the crows in my neighborhood unsalted peanuts from my rooftop. They're social and incredibly intelligent, probably my favorite extant species. And that's why I made it my dream goal to become one.

    The dream started out non-lucid, and I won't describe most of it. Eventually I went in search of a public restroom. I'm walking down State St. and into a bar, everyone cheers when I enter (though I can tell they're not cheering for me, just cheering their beverages, probably to a sports game or a wedding or something). The women's restroom is on a platform, high above. I climb up to get to it, and suddenly the platform starts tilting. I don't want to get hurt by the fall, so I simply will myself to float as the rest of the platform toppled. Surprised that it worked, I realize that I must be dreaming.

    Instantly, I am teleported to my rooftop. It's night, just like the earlier portion of my dream, and I can see twenty crows in the trees and on neighboring roofs, cawing for me (in my previous lucid, a dream character recommended that "having the crows transform me" would be easier than transforming myself). The transformation is instant, and seamless. The song Dragonfly by My Brightest Diamond starts playing as I take off. Following the flock through their dips and turns through the city buildings is as easy as keeping my avian eyes on them. As the song ends, so does the flight. I fly through my window and into my room and transform back into a human. A crow has followed me, though, and is panicking in this strange environment (and since I'm no longer a crow). The crow turns into a quaker parrot (same species as my pet, who was also there), and my pet quaker is highly curious about him. It still isn't calm, though...

    I wake up~

    Lucid dreaming again

    by Abra on 02-22-2012 at 04:21 AM
    Been dream journaling for a week, recalling/sharing dreams for a bit longer, and the lucids are pouring in. Had a lucid three days in a row, and my current dream goal is to turn into a crow and. Do crow things. The transformation was easy in my first dream, but didn't last long enough. My second dream was exceptionally vivid, but didn't last long enough, and my third dream was long, but I couldn't transform at all (I spent the dream catching and chaining, eventually flowing false awakenings, and asking dream characters for advice). So I'll post a full dream once I have one to my liking (or I'll give up and try a different goal, say, finding a portal to the center of the galaxy?).

    Or maybe I should focus on having more stable dreams first. Hmm.