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    1. Just another spontaneous WILD

      by , 12-18-2012 at 07:21 PM
      Woke up around 7, then around 9. Eventually my body felt strange and distorted and fuzzy in certain parts all at once, and I recognized that I was entering a dream. I waited until the transition was complete by attempting to see without opening my eyelids. It worked, so I sat up. No temperature change. I stood up and wandered around my apartment, rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream. For some reason my bra was loosely on (on, but not clasped on), so I took it off.

      My boyfriend was sleeping in the exact position in which I last saw him in real life.

      "I'm dreaming! This is a lucid dream!" I exclaim.

      "Very good," he responds, falling back asleep.

      I want to check out my dream guides, who are faggots and like to hide in the woods. I live in a city now, so I reshape my apartment such that it has a sun room which connects to the forest. My two dead dogs are there, though I didn't put them there or think about them much at all, and I figure they want to go in the forest. I open the door and go through the forest. There is a fence, but I go under it. Unfortunately, behind the fence is an open field. I can see tall buildings from the city, so I jump once and fall, twice and fall, and then the third time I jump very high and turn off gravity. I start flying towards the downtown area and then. . .

      My boyfriend bumps into me and I wake up.
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    2. Too much archeology

      by , 05-09-2012 at 06:40 PM
      Had a dream I was a native American, and was visited by (and later became) a bear shaman. I was collecting herbs for medicine in the woods, when I came upon a corn garden. I didn't recognize the land as a part of my tribe, so although I was hungry, I didn't eat the corn.
    3. Galaxy Quest

      by , 03-01-2012 at 03:13 AM
      Had two lucid dreams this morning. A la my last lucid, I wanted music for my FLIGHT TO SPACE. Succeeded in getting music to play, didn't succeed in getting to space.
    4. Crow dream

      by , 03-01-2012 at 03:11 AM
      So lately I've been feeding the crows in my neighborhood unsalted peanuts from my rooftop. They're social and incredibly intelligent, probably my favorite extant species. And that's why I made it my dream goal to become one.

      The dream started out non-lucid, and I won't describe most of it. Eventually I went in search of a public restroom. I'm walking down State St. and into a bar, everyone cheers when I enter (though I can tell they're not cheering for me, just cheering their beverages, probably to a sports game or a wedding or something). The women's restroom is on a platform, high above. I climb up to get to it, and suddenly the platform starts tilting. I don't want to get hurt by the fall, so I simply will myself to float as the rest of the platform toppled. Surprised that it worked, I realize that I must be dreaming.

      Instantly, I am teleported to my rooftop. It's night, just like the earlier portion of my dream, and I can see twenty crows in the trees and on neighboring roofs, cawing for me (in my previous lucid, a dream character recommended that "having the crows transform me" would be easier than transforming myself). The transformation is instant, and seamless. The song Dragonfly by My Brightest Diamond starts playing as I take off. Following the flock through their dips and turns through the city buildings is as easy as keeping my avian eyes on them. As the song ends, so does the flight. I fly through my window and into my room and transform back into a human. A crow has followed me, though, and is panicking in this strange environment (and since I'm no longer a crow). The crow turns into a quaker parrot (same species as my pet, who was also there), and my pet quaker is highly curious about him. It still isn't calm, though...

      I wake up~
    5. Lucid dreaming again

      by , 02-22-2012 at 04:21 AM
      Been dream journaling for a week, recalling/sharing dreams for a bit longer, and the lucids are pouring in. Had a lucid three days in a row, and my current dream goal is to turn into a crow and. Do crow things. The transformation was easy in my first dream, but didn't last long enough. My second dream was exceptionally vivid, but didn't last long enough, and my third dream was long, but I couldn't transform at all (I spent the dream catching and chaining, eventually flowing false awakenings, and asking dream characters for advice). So I'll post a full dream once I have one to my liking (or I'll give up and try a different goal, say, finding a portal to the center of the galaxy?).

      Or maybe I should focus on having more stable dreams first. Hmm.
    6. Archival purposes again

      by , 07-21-2011 at 11:09 PM
      Been sleeping at air-conditioning without laptop, so haven't been recording dreams.

      7/19/11 Dreamt my dream self came to me, made me lucid, and tested my dream ethics. The scenarios began extreme (children coming at me with machetes) and wavered to social faux pas as my dream-granted lucidity steadily waned.
      7/20/11 Dreamt of a widow in a bridal gown, and dolphins in a tackle store.
      7/21/11 Dreamt of Doctor Who. The Doctor was too arrive in the last few seconds before completing an important proof.
    7. Getting back in the habit

      by , 07-16-2011 at 04:40 PM
      At my parents' house for the weekend. Dreamt I woke up in the camper, and the camper was larger than it normally was. I'm impressed by this. I go into the house, and my sister and mom are around the table chatting about plans for the day. My sister interrupts with, "Hey Abra, watch this!" and tosses a half-dollar sized bit of plastic in the air. It's the bumper from Super Smash Bros., and just like in the game it stays in the air when thrown. I'm astounded by this feat, and try and find out if it's hanging by anything. It's free-floating.

      "Is this a dream?" I wonder, pausing for a reality check. I feel control over my surroundings as my sister and mom both look to me. "This is a dream." I wait for them to show some emotion, but they don't. I stabilize by focusing on the wood grain feel of the back of the chair I'm leaning on. I hadn't planned anything. "I guess I'll go outside and fly. You're part of the dream. . . So don't worry about anything bad happening." Mom tells me to have fun, and out I go.

      Flying is easy. I can do it by willing myself to float. I get higher by pretending the air is water-like. The sky swirls in neon orange and pink and I can see a dream-version of Lake Michigan; many tendrils of hilly land and road creep from its edges. Cars with headlights glinting weave through the roads. I fly across and the sky changes as if the clouds were only a few stories away. I land somewhere in Illinois (I guess) where a tribe of seventeen-year-old men in the woods are hunting for wives. I get out of there and into a gas station, where two women in their 20's are aware of the dream. I ask them how to fly like Superman, and they tell me to fall and expect to hover. I do and it works. I hover an inch from the concrete, and tilt my body upward to start moving. By titling, my shoe touches the ground, and gravity grabs it. One of the women tries to lift my leg to help, but that surprises me. I'm jarred into a false awakening.

      My sister pokes at my foot and I start telling her I was in the middle of a lucid dream. I turn over and actually wake up, sister not even awake.
    8. Resetting sleep schedule

      by , 07-14-2011 at 03:16 PM
      Resetting my sleep schedule to more socially-acceptable hours (to maximize SPACE ALERT time and such). Recall has been lax. For archival purposes:

      7/11/11 - Dreamt of strange thunderstorms which caused fundies to believe it a sign of revelation. During the storm, I was at Italian restaurant. Despite the dream's realism, the restaurant was in many aspects like a restaurant you'd find in Chrono Trigger, cat included.
      7/12/11 - Dreamt of going to field training again for fun, with missions approximating Space Alert in mortality (and nobody really cared). Quit in the middle in a "Ha-ha, I can leave at any time. See?" way.
      7/13/11 - Dreamt of unconditional love and ugly
      7/14/11 - Dreamt of wary love and hate
    9. Airport Hospital

      by , 07-10-2011 at 12:47 PM
      I'm in a very strange dormitory where the genders are separated by floor, and the bedrooms are large. I am on-call for a position on the third floor. It is midnight. Heading to the second floor, which is all men, I find their lounge is actually a furniture store. Because of this, they have the most comfortable 'lounge' in the entire building. Continuing down the hall and to a new set of stairs lands me in the middle of an illusion. I must defeat two giant peahats to pass. Armed with only a boomerang, eventually I down the foes, feeling very proud (somehow, I knew in the dream that they were monsters of anxiety). I continue to the staircase.

      On the third floor, headless female forms are giving birth to strange things on a hospital bed. They give birth to animals, foods, and miniature people. As strange as it sounds, they are actually supposedly unconscious vessels for a new, organic delivery system. Their seed is manipulated and combined to grow the different products and people they birth. For people, somehow their consciousness is transported. With a friend also on-call, I am supposed to aid the deliveries. I hold down the torso of a body while my friend eases the exit of a wolf pup. Doctors monitor our progress behind glass windows, at times directing. The items coming out of our subject become stranger as it writhes in blatant pain and suspiciously coordinated throes. Cobs of corn pass through, and then a human skeleton, dancing with a new soul. That was not supposed to happen, and the doctors rush in to destroy the abomination. I wake up.
    10. ex-parrot fragment

      by , 07-09-2011 at 03:12 PM
      Dreamt that I was at a mall which was being ripped apart by some flaw in reality. Only some mall-goers were aware of the pandemonium, and even they didn't react. Others were caught up not in the chaos surrounding, but in conflicts of their own lives. I walked around telling dream characters not to cry, since all their pain would end at the end of the dream. Woke up after putting my arm around a teary girl huddled near a debris-ridden shoe store. The dream was in third person, and I was not me.

      Dreamt I was with all the friends I made in a certain six day span. Someone had stolen our art, the art we made for each other. I even had a new mural on my wall for it, but it was missing. As was my parrot. Asking everyone relevant where I could find Nero, nobody had an answer. Finally, someone broke the news to me that I couldn't see her anymore--she had died. I start crying, but hearing Nero chirping and rehearsing in the real world, woke up.
    11. Rabbit Fragment

      by , 07-08-2011 at 12:12 PM
      I remember proving that I could fly by proving that I was in a dream. The dream characters looked at me funny and then I wasn't me at all anymore.

      Some kid waiting for a bus on campus. Bus arrives, kid gets on and seeing his dad, goes and sits next to him. The father has killed three neighborhood rabbits, and the ten-year-old boy is trying to justify their deaths. He can't.
    12. Midieval Mother

      by , 07-07-2011 at 01:58 PM
      Had a dream the whole month of June transported me to medieval times (probs. too much Game of Thrones). Instead of going to my own house, I was sent to my mother's. In the dream, she was incredibly obese and owned a market and her two daughters were to help run it. At some point my cat was traded for a monkey. At any rate, my sister planted cries for help near or on most of the items for sale.

      I woke up and thought about how near to reality the whole situation was, aside from the time of the setting (in the near future I have agreed to help manage a garage sale to help pay for certain expenses), and then decided to try and re-enter. The trick was not giving a fuck, while thinking about how the dream could continue.

      Back in the dream-that-is-reality, I find a friend has been jailed. The only option at this point is to break away from the mother while finding a way for my sister to escape (that's always been the goal). Only then can I reclaim my friend. A half-dozen missile-fireworks are seen flying across the horizon and their impact is heard outside the market. An unrecognizable female familiar has blown our house apart and half the market to pieces using her new weapon invention. My mother takes off a pin she was wearing, as do a couple of those she was speaking with over a porcelain doll. She comments that she has lost belief in her country--it is not safe anymore.

      And then I wake up and it's 7:30 and I'm all, "Fuck this why do I lack the ability to sleep in." And then I shower, go on Dreamviews, type the dream, and end it with a doubly self-referential statement.

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    13. Roof-laddering job

      by , 07-04-2011 at 02:40 PM
      I've been a roof-ladderer all my life, you know. The job is simple: a crane holds the ladder, you climb the ladder, you hook it to the spire of said tower. Er, roof. But mostly roofs of towers. The last one I laddered had terrible footing, so I went and checked what was actually on the top floor. Behind a fence (thank goodness), was a children's Petting Zoo of Penguins. But apparently, nobody knows how to take care of penguins, as the only one I saw was dead, stiffened by rigor mortis and mud, held upright by some kid trying to nurse it a cup of imaginary tea.
    14. g

      by , 07-03-2011 at 01:11 PM
      Nothing but birthing and dying fractals.
    15. Lucid City Chase

      by , 08-21-2010 at 05:18 PM
      Got up this morning at 6, listening to shitty late 80's pop with the usual cheesy intro riff and a high bpm loop of the same 10 second vocals. As it turns out, the entrance to a city marathon is right outside of the apartment I was in. Their idea of "workout music." After about two hours of being angry about it the race starts and the music stops and I go try to go back to bed, race announcer infrequently interjecting an otherwise smooth contemplation of descent. Before I hit delta wave, I was thinking how I'd escape if the apartment suddenly toppled. No intention of really sleeping or dreaming.

      I felt the vibrations anyway, to my glee. I haven't recognized dream entry in a long time. After about a minute, the scene materialized as a false awakening, I was alone in a double-bed setup. I reality check, just to make sure, and then begin exploring the dream apartment. Pretty much the same, a bit cleaner, brighter carpets and more floorspace. I make my way to the balcony to jump. I start hovering, and look up at the sky. Completely overcast and bright, just as in waking life. I float away from the balcony. . .

      My boyfriend wakes me, I feel exiting vibrations as he pounces on me, tugs an arm, wrenching me from the dream. I shake it off, audibly and grumpily tell him to back off. The louse cuddles right on top of me, and I settle back in.

      It's... Still a dream? I didn't reopen my eyes for the scene to appear. There's someone on top of me, but it's not my boyfriend. This guy's taller, older by a few years, brown-haired, skinny, with rectangular facial definition. I stare at him a moment and fear flashes through his eyes as we both realize: we have to fight, as he's an impostor! He dashes out the bedroom and exits the apartment, slamming a door which I can't unlock. I can hear the elevator. Unperturbed, I jump off the balcony in a dive, the sky is murderous grey here, and the buildings are greater in quantity and more densely packed. I see For Sale signs on some apartment buildings, including the one I was in, as I descend. I land softly, on my feet. He's just now exiting through the front. I need a weapon, something with range. I reach behind me and whip out a bow and three arrows, firing them in quick succession, missing twice and hitting the third against a shield which he conjured. The bow morphs into a boomerang, which I throw. He jumps supernaturally over it. I fly up to avoid having to catch the weapon's hefty return. As it turns out, he can fly, too.

      There's no fear here. Neither of us are afraid. I'm in it for the hunt, the adventure. He knows he's a minute dream character and will cease to exist after I wake, save in this dream journal.

      But he chooses to run. He meanders under bridges and through smaller and smaller alleys, places with ceilings I can't fly through. I follow on foot, and spawn throwing stars. We're in a clearing with cement brick tiles and an outdoor cafe surrounding an open center. I can't throw the stars there. Instead, I fling them into the air, knowing by self-fulfilling lucid dream prophesy the exact points at which they'll land. Time for a new weapon. How 'bout a longsword? I know shit about swordfighting, by the way, he no longer had a shield but another two-handed sword, smaller, lighter. I'm nearly out-maneuvered when the ninja stars land, tearing a rip in the cloth of his shoulder, distracting him such that his sword disintegrates under one whack with my new hammer. He flees. Typical.

      I follow, it's now a footrace with that announcer guy from the real world. People are watching us, which seems to amuse him for a bit, but ultimately he leads me out of the city. We turn one more corner, and suddenly he's gone. I take the time to materialize a weapon I do know how to use: a pistol. Amazingly it morphs right between my palms as I made my hands into a fake gun. I take off the safety, peer around the corner, business end of the weapon never leaving the direction of sight. The man comes into view again, and runs into a white domeish building at the end of a heavily-treed (mature trees everywhere, creating shade from the now blasting golden sun) parking lot. I follow in, of course. I slow my pace to a walk. I know what room he's in. The building is completely empty, like a house but with a big, auditorium room at the end. Bright maple flooring, polishes and clean, with sunbeams draping generously on the floor, through tall windows, coming from both east and west sides of the building. I've still got my pistol at hand. He's cornered in that last room. I cross the doorway and he appears out from behind a spiral staircase. He looks at my pistol, at his own, and nods. We meet each other in the middle of the floor, turn around, and start stepping. Annoyingly, with each step I drew toward the duel, I shifted back into the waking world...
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