I'm starting to think that most of my dreams might have been shared dreams. Just unconfirmed. It certainly is a possibility , i mean it's not like i ever really tried to confirm it. And it's hard to confirm such a thing if both parties have to recall the event.

I'm just saying that when i dream of people i know in real life they behave like the real thing. Their personalities match up , they feel like the real thing. And they seem exterior from me. Know what i mean? It's quite a leap of faith to say that their existence in my dreams is a part of my subconcious and therefore represents a part of me. This theory doesn't add up much in my book.

I'll give you one example . In my school there was a girl i kinda fancied, and i was under the impression she gave me hints that she wanted to get on with me.

So one day i dreamed i was in a bar with some people including her. I have a way of touching people i fancy to show them what i want and well i did that and she said ;

stop that. I asked why? And she explained to me why.
I know she explained to me exactly why but i don't remember the context.

A few days later i found out that she's lesbian and she has a girlfriend. Now could it be that she actually told me this in a dream and i don't remember? There was absolutely no way for me to know this beforehand.

So u know im just reporting my thoughts and hopefully it will all make sense soon. Also what's the deal with DCs in my dreams that are standing asleep? Anyone ?