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    Thread: Dreamed an event that happened 8 hours later

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      Dreamed an event that happened 8 hours later

      I'm currently studying lucid dreaming. However, back 20 years ago when life was much less stressful, I was a bit of a clairvoyant. It all vanished once I started my own company.

      During a lucid dream 20 years ago, I appeared at a street corner. At this corner were two traffic signal installer trucks. They were cutting the grove in the cement that your car sit atop at a red light. The trucks had big spools of orange and red wire which was being laid down into the groves. Both trucks were fully loaded and men were working around them. No other cars around.

      Forward 8 or so hours, it's now 3pm and I'm driving home from work, fully awake. For what ever reason I take a side street that I never would normally have taken. I come to the red light and right there in front of me is the precise, down to the finest detail, replication of my dream hours earlier. I literally saw into the future with complete detail.

      That said, I have thought about this for 20 years and have come to the conclusion that time itself is nither past, present or future, rather it is all in one. Or we indeed have parallel universes.
      How else would I have seen the future, if the future is not already written in stone. And if that is the case, then all our futures have been written in stone and no matter what you do, you will not be able to change it.

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      I don't think that the future is set in stone. Based on our choices and many other factors we can definitely change the outcome of our future. It seems to be pretty flexible haha. Not sure of the purpose of the dream; maybe to open your mind to the potential of dreams? Who knows.

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      Quote Originally Posted by OneUp View Post
      I don't think that the future is set in stone. Based on our choices and many other factors we can definitely change the outcome of our future. It seems to be pretty flexible haha. Not sure of the purpose of the dream; maybe to open your mind to the potential of dreams? Who knows.
      See, that's my point. No matter the choices we make or outside influences, every zig and zag we do in life, even with split second decisions to do something else, all that was preprogrammed to be our individual futures. It seems to us we can change the outcome of our future, but in reality that change was our future. It's something to ponder.

      That day driving, I made the decision to break away from work 2 hours early. I did a zig zag move that still brought me head on into my future.

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      The way an eyeless guide through the Labyrinthe of Inner Earth described time to Captain Morgan, the rebel Freemason in the book, Etidorhpa (Aphrodite backwards), is time is prescient. Time does not move, like space. We move through time as we move through space, and time is all around us, and in us, just as space is.

      I wonder if we are seeing an inevitable future, or if we can change events that we dream about.

      I have had a lot of precognitive dreams, and lots of other dreams of the future in which my subconscious was working out different possible timelines based on choices my wife and I make together. I don't think they are the same.
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      I have had around 14 events similar to that which you speak over the last 8 years. Few things are common between all of the events except for the following list:
      They are always in first person perspective (my own)
      They always involve deja vu which makes them easily recognizable once I wake up
      They are always perfect in every detail, down to vibrations and noises that it would be impossible to predict.
      My thoughts are always the same in the dream as they are in real life, no matter how strange
      I have never been able to change them on purpose
      they last no more than 5 minutes
      there are never any dates or times available for viewing.

      The strangest event occurred 4 years ago, I had recently at the time got into the phone app that is now called Reign of Dragons and had fallen asleep playing it. In the dream I went about my normal routine claiming cards and using energy to explore, sand then when I got bored, I used the daily summon to try and get a new card. What appeared in the summon was a "rare" card from my point of view, rare enough I had not seen it after playing the game for a few weeks, It looked like a snarling panther with red eyes upon a wasteland that was full of cracks and faults, and the sky was grey and looking like a storm. on either side of the panthers head, two peculiar shadows emerged from its neck but i never got a good look because I was suddenly hit with fear enough to cause myself to wake up with a jolt. After calming down I checked the time and seeing I had an hour I started playing my game, I slowly began recognizing that I could predict what rewards I would get from exploring so I headed to the summoning area, and was greeted with the image of a card I had never seen before, with a main head like a panther's with red eyes and snarling lips, a wasteland, a storm, and two other heads that were indistinct like shadows. the fear never came on as strong but there was some. i cannot find the exact image I saw, they changed the card a bit, but if you search "reign of dragons Cerberus" you should find a close one as the first image.
      the main differences: lightning, the two other heads are different from the main one, different position.

      My thoughts after experimentation and a lack of past/ present sights, is that the dreams only show the future, and they account for the fact that you are seeing the dream. yes, this means you can think of the dream, in the dream, and this is a chicken and the egg paradox.

      things I have experimented with: changing the event by removing one of the details or thinking of pink elephants instead of the dream. conclusion: just like every science fiction show, I caused the detail and my adhd lead from pink elephants to deja vu in time for the event.

      things I want to experiment with: manipulating events before the dream so the consequences of the dream bring about some benefit (otherwise whats the point in the dream if no one is helped or nothing is done?)

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      I have to ask you how an isolated incident is enough for you to base your entire perspective on how reality works. You experienced a very strange, and convincing coincidence. There is not enough information afforded to you by this experience to draw any conclusions that you can be even remotely sure of. Your reaction seems a bit... silly. Silly, but not all that uncommon. You are far from the only person to do it, but it makes no logical sense to do--hence the silliness factor.

      I'm going to tell you right now, things get real fucky when you are dealing with altered states of consciousness, especially ones where your memory is very faulty (i.e. dreaming or on certain drugs, like in the experience I've had that I am going to go into detail about). Memories are inaccurate enough and easily influenced as it is, there are multiple experiments out there that demonstrate this quality as being true, even with waking adults. I had an experience, back when I did hallucinogenic drugs, where I was on a shit ton of a dissociative. I had been watching a movie I had just seen the night before, and suddenly the last 15 minutes of the movie changed to something I had never seen before. I was like, fuck it man, I megadosed this shit, I'm probably tripping that much nuts. The next day I download a movie I had read about that morning, and watch it. Suddenly, the last 15 or so minutes of the movie plays, and my jaw drops as I recognize what I am seeing. It is the very same movie ending I had seen the night previous. I was absolutely sure that I had seen it the night before, but you know what? I really can't be. I really can't be sure of what happened because just how fucked up I was. Who knows what I even saw as the end of the movie. Maybe I instantly projected that ending... well, maybe I should say "stitched" it into the memory of the night before, the moment I saw it. With my own account as the only thing to go by, and with it being the only incident where something like this had occurred, even though I could swear I time-traveled for like fifteen minutes or something crazy, there was no reason to believe that that was/is truly the case. There is no concrete evidence to go by, all the evidence suggests exactly the opposite.

      You should watch vids on how a planted witness to a crime in a set of witnesses can inject false information about what happened and nearly all the other witnesses will claim to have seen the same thing. Their memories are not concrete, they are altered the moment you access them. For all you know, the details in the dream were actually quite different, but the brain made a connection (as it has learned to do), and made what you saw seem very convincing. This is something that helps us to learn, making leaps like this. It can also stifle learning, but that is what higher thinking is for--to rule out what doesn't make sense logically. So, I really have to ask what your rationale is in believing so thoroughly that you indeed had a precognitive dream... or rather that you saw the future. That, and how you can use that assumption as a basis for how you think time works.
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