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    Recent Entries

    22 - 07 - 17

    by EddieDean on 07-23-2017 at 04:24 PM
    1: Surfboard and a truck
    Iím walking towards a beach in The Netherlands. It doesnít actually look like any beach Iíve ever been, but itís perfectly normal in my dreaming mind. Iím walking on a path and the beach starts on my left. I am carrying a surfboard (which Iíve never used in WL) under my left arm. Thereís three people sitting on towels on the sand right in the corner of the beach. I walk towards them and I think I ask them whether they would watch my surfboard while I go do something else. They agree very kindly (at which I am slightly surprised) and I lay down the surfboard and walk away.
    *Now 6 hours or more have passed; all I remember from these 6 hours is that I regularly think ďI hope theyíre still there with my surfboardĒ *
    Once again, I am walking towards the beach, wondering whether the surfboard will still be there. Just before the corner where the beach starts and the people were sitting, there is a truck with a small trailer on the road. I fumble in my pockets for keys, find them, and get in the truck. While driving it, I decide I have to turn it around, so I am looking for space to perform this manoeuvre (I have never actually driven a truck in WL). I manage to turn it around partly, and get out. A man with a ring of keys in his hand walks up to me and asks me whether the keys are mine. I search my pocket for the keys I need to unlock the surfboard that suddenly appears besides me, and find them after a while. I tell the man that I have my own keys, and he walks away. Here the dream ends.
    2: Game of Thrones video game

    I am playing a game that is supposed to be about GoT but doesnít resemble it in the slightest way. It is a colourful platformer. At first, I think I control a female character, walking through rooms and jumping on mushrooms. The idea is to land on the mushroom with the most spots on it without falling to the ground. I succeed marvellously, and then my sister walks in. I explain to her what I am playing and feel a little embarrassed for liking such a childish-looking game. I start again (or the next level?) and I control a chicken or a duck now. It can fly a little, but not long, and cannot walk up steep slopes. This adds a nice difficulty to the game (the level has changed completely). I first send the bird from one cliff to another which is lower and I barely make it. Then I fly down to a riverbank, but it is quite steep and I have some difficulty keeping out of the water. Then I wake up.
    3: Pissing

    I am standing at a row of urinals in a bathroom, supposedly of a school of some kind. To my right is Emiel, to my left is Mauro, both of whom I havenít seen in years. Thereís some chatter between us I canít remember. I wake up with a desperate need to go to the bathroom.

    12/03/16 - 13/03/16: No recall :(

    by EddieDean on 03-13-2016 at 07:22 PM
    Nothing to say here, just documenting so I can follow my progress accurately.

    Went to bed: 23:00
    Fell asleep: 23:30
    Awakening 1: 07:00
    Fell asleep: 07:30
    Final awakening: 9:30

    Daytime techniques: Practicing self-awareness with state checks.
    Nighttime techniques: None

    11/03/16 - 12/03/16: Planning to move to France

    by EddieDean on 03-13-2016 at 01:50 PM
    I went out friday night, so I didn't expect much and didn't get much, but what I got was actually very interesting.

    Went to bed: 02:30
    Final awakening: 7:30

    Daytime techniques: Practicing self-awareness using state-checks.
    Nighttime techniques: None

    1: Planning to move to France

    I'm with my parents and little brother, sitting at the dining table. We are looking at a map of a part of Europe, including The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. On the map you can see city names (I remember Brussels and Paris in particular) and a train route going from Amsterdam to the east of France, the border with southern Germany. In the east of France, at the far end of the route, there is a picture showing some rollercoasters (really small, as if looking at them from an airplane). We are talking about where we should go or something, but it also has to do with me moving out of the house (since I attend university now). My brother becomes very enthousiastic when he sees the rollercoasters, because one of them is apparently the biggest of the world. I look closer at the train route, and along the route are tags on which you can see whether the train stops at every station or only at large cities. Also, along one of the lines, the words "LUCID DREAMING" are written, and I notice them, but don't pay any further attention to the words. I say something like: "Oh, they're all really fast trains so I might even go there and back home every day!", jokingly, and we all laugh. Then I wake up and feel really stupid,

    10/03/16 - 11/03/16: Exam stress, two men sailing the streets, playing in the toilet

    by EddieDean on 03-13-2016 at 01:28 PM
    Really weird and uneasy night, resulting in nice recall.

    Went to bed: 22:00
    Fell asleep: 22:30 ?
    Awakening 1: ?
    Final awakening: 5:50

    Daytime techniques: Regular state checks as self-awareness practice
    Nighttime techniques: Water method

    1: Exam stress, 12 themes

    I'm sitting behind my laptop scrolling through YouTube, looking for a particular video I had watched in waking life that day, and everything looked like the right thing but nothing was quite it, leaving me very frustrated. I look at the clock regularly, because I have to be taking an exam this day.


    I'm at the place where I should be taking the exam in about 6 hours. My father is standing there, and I am panicking because I have no idea what should've studied for the exam. I ask my father and he tells me I should be familiar with the 12 themes. In the dream this makes sense, but I haven't the slightest clue what this actually means.


    I'm home again and I look at the clock. It is 11:30, apparently (which doesn't make any sense if you realise how much I had been doing already. I try to plan my route to where the exam will be taken, but get distracted every time. I look at the clock again, it still reads 11:30, but now I realise (falsely remember) that the exam would start at this exact time and I have to travel for two hours to get there. I stress out completely, get a huge surge of adrenaline and wake up.

    2: Sailing the streets

    I don't have a body in this dream and just watch 2 men in a motorized boat. They are moving through the streets of my hometown, since the streets are completely flooded. On some spots there's still some ice (seems like Ice Age: Meltdown) and the men talk about being lucky that there isn't much ice left.

    3: Playing in the toilet

    One of the strangest dreams I've ever had. I'm sitting in the toilet at home, and I am flooding it completely. Somehow the water can't get out of the toilet so there's a 30 cm layer of water on the floor. I am sitting on the floor, in the water. All around me are small, floating black and white rubber balls of different sizes, and when I touch them they multiply. Meanwhile I am playing a game on my laptop which I only remember being really difficult.

    09/03/16 - 10/03/16: Danish woman doesn't like Trump

    by EddieDean on 03-13-2016 at 12:34 PM
    So, I've been slacking with my dream journal the last few days, only managing to type up some short notes in my phone. I'm going to update it now, but I don't really remember bedtimes and awakenings that well.

    Went to bed: 22:00 ?
    Fell asleep: 22:30 ?
    Final awakening: 6:45

    Daytime techniques: Practicing self-awareness using state checks very regularly.
    Nighttime techniques: ?

    1: Danish woman doesn't like Trump

    I'm cycling down the path between the lines of trees near the train station (I cycle this route every day). I look behind me once and I think I see a girl I know from high school. I slow down so she can catch up. As she does, I say 'Hi!' before really looking at her again. When I do, I see it is not her, but an older woman with similar hair. I say 'Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else (in Dutch)". She replies, in German: "I don't understand you, I am Danish." We then have a short conversation in a mixture of Dutch, German and English. I don't remember what it was about exactly, but in the end the topic becomes Donald Trump. I remember exactly what I had to say about him (I was surprised about how clear my mind was when saying this): "He feeds the nationalist feelings of the American people with his bullshit talk."Then I woke up.