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      What type of affirmations do you guys use at night before trying to have an OBE/AP? When you get out do you just usually go on for the ride? If not what commands do you use and or where do you go(being that this is thought responsive)? Or do you just try to stabilize the experience first?

      For myself I usually have a verbal conversation before doing my relaxation techniques at night. It can last anywhere from a minute to five minutes as long as it takes for me to feel that I get the point across to my subconscious. It's usually something on the lines of, "I own me and am fully capable of having an OBE at any time. I will learn something from the experience... blah blah blah."

      For the most part I usually just go on for the ride. So far my commands haven't been very effective once I'm out other than trying to stabilize by saying, "clarity now." I have said take me to my higher self, but haven't had any results from it. A few years ago I would always try to go and see my past away mother-in-law. Usually in the transition there I would lose the experience.

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      I've been experimenting with ancient words like Greek, and Sanskrit that translate to luciditity and awareness with success over several days of practice. I also still my mind or meditate before I inject my last thoughts of lucid dreaming. Sound creates reality as everything is vibration~ namaste
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      "when you fall unconscious, what your mind expresses is a dream.
      When you are aware, what your mind expresses is creativity. It creates your life.
      When you are in a higher state of consciousness, it not only creates the life of whatever you want, but also on whom ever you want". -LifeBlissFoundation

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