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    1. Partial OBE? Partial DREAM?

      by , 02-21-2016 at 05:35 PM
      2/20/16 Nothing to eat / little water. Shirt only. Living room alone. Aiden next to me. Fell asleep early, maybe 11. Super tired. Think I started affirmations but so tired I may have fallen asleep. It occurred after alarm went off at 5am. Stayed up maybe 10 minutes the listened to my binaural beats, then did affirmations and began body relaxation.

      I appeared in my room at my old house where I lived 20 years ago. My right hand and arm were buzzing and I realized I was close to exiting. My legs and arms floated up like a balloon underwater but for the life of me I couldn't separate my shoulders. I played with this for a LONG time it seemed. I remember playing with the thought of looking at my sleeping body. I also remember trying to focus on the sensations and vibrations to see if that would help me get out. Next I tried focusing on the letter "A" in my mind. (not sure why) This didn't help either. My legs and limbs floated up and down a few more times. What happened next was just strange. I felt a pair of hands grab onto my ankles. This didn't scare me but I couldn't believe what was happening. It was so strange because this was in a house I lived in when I was a kid. This all was so weird!

      The hands were there for just a short period when I instinctively sat up and grabbed them. I remember being on the floor at this point and trying to pull the person up through the floor. There arms were bent over my thighs as I was trying to get enough leverage to pull them up before they got away.

      The experience now took me outside of my old house in front of the grocery store that was close by. This girl was moving away from me and I was closing in on her. She seemed to be the one that grabbed my ankles. I could sense it. Next, we are in what seems to be a police station. Maybe we got arrested? We arrive in a classroom with a bunch of other people and I remember trying to take a seat. It was crowded. I looked over at her and could sense this was bad and we were in trouble. The two agents in front of the room started to talk about OBE. It was as if they were trying to find out how much we knew or were capable of. Some people naively gave information and I felt these were people the agents were looking for. When I looked over at the girl, who now I felt like I had a connection with as if we were friends, I could sense we needed to play dumb. I did feel in imminent danger as if we were going to be taken against our will to possibly help with some sort of government experiment.

      At some point I was back in the house with my wife who didn't even know me back then. She told me she felt an evil presence. My dad was there who looked a lot younger. I told him about the experience and he seemed intrigued. When I got to the part about my ankles being grabbed he sort of lost interest. We walked into the room where it actually happened and my wife was leaning against the wall looking out the window. I could tell she had to leave because of how uncomfortable she felt.

      This was all I remembered. Very strange..... I know when I have an obe without any doubts. But this one I just don't know about. So weird.
    2. OBE x5 or 6 (19 Feb 2016)

      by , 02-20-2016 at 09:23 PM
      Before the OBE - No food, bit of water. Sweat pants and shirt. Fell asleep on couch prior to laying down to doing routine for about 40 minutes. Went to lay down about hour later. Was VERY sleepy. Slept in living room with Aiden next to me. Listening to Paul Collier binaural music (30 minute segment). Went through affirmations and fell asleep before I got to systematic relaxation of body.

      Okay, so while I was going through my affirmations and listening to my beats I think I fell asleep for a few minutes. Next is while I was sleeping my subconscious went to begin relaxing my right hand and arm. (In an actual dream or hypnogogic state) I believe the repetition of my routine was so ingrained that it began even though I fell asleep. As soon as I began this relaxation technique my body began to go into the vibrational state and I instantly began to float out. Surprisingly I floated down and had immense physical sensations while spinning and floating almost uncontrollably. I kept repeating clarity now and all remained black while I floated what seemed forever down through this dark void. I tried many things to get vision, but nothing. Eventually it took me back to my body. Even though I didn't get vision it was still very clear and vivid. I could hear my binaural beats the entire time.

      Again, I could feel my right side hand and arm buzzing and immediately got out again. This time without even thinking about it. I began to roll out on the right side of my body. Funny thing is that this roll continued indefinitely for what seemed to be minutes. I was in awe of the highly sensitive sensations it was sending to my body. From here I popped back into my body. Again I could hear my binaural beats the entire time.

      Like a broken disk, I could feel my right again buzzing. Out again. Third time, then forth. My body was in a perpetual spin into the darkness whenever I got out. At this point I could not hear the binaural beats. Most likely they had got to the end of the 30 minute video from youtube.

      The next of time I got out I remember walking around my living room with the feeling of my eyes twitching in an almost blinding fashion. At the same time I could feel my right arm buzzing and I knew I could get out again. The separation process was beginning but I was on my feet. I felt as if I needed to lay down because I was actually kind of in shock that this was occurring. (This part of it seemed almost like a dream to me but I had a unclear 3d sense of my surroundings) As soon as I remember again I was laying down and floating out of my body spinning about. Down, sideways and backwards.

      The last time I got out I remember walking around my living room again towards the kitchen. This time my wife was there and I remember explaining to her that I just had a bunch of OBE's and my body was humming with energy again so strong that I could feel myself trying to separate. My eyes were barely open but I VIVIDLY remember this. I was walking as slow as a sloth handicapped by the sensations. Then I layed down and it happened again. (This was the last one that I remember and again it felt dreamlike while I was walking around but I still had the 3d sense.. just very foggy though.)

      Okay, now the kind of crazy thing. Today when I woke up I told my wife about it. She just kinda rolled her eyes like she usually does and that was that. The only interest in it was that I told her I had like 5 or 6 of them. But then she said that I was talking really loud in my sleep last night. And that she could hear it all the was from the bedroom with her door partially closed. She said she got up and stood at the door for a second to see if it would continue, which it did. She actually thought I was talking to my son who was sleeping next to me and came out to investigate. She came out to the kitchen and watched but by this point I was silent. This is the spot that I remembered her being at when I was talking to her in my dream state or obe state. Very weird.

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    3. Regular Dream

      by , 12-07-2014 at 05:30 PM
      Was at a camp site with some friends. Was looking around at how some people had built like miniature houses as like cabins on the camping lots. I was contemplating how much it would cost to build one. Thought maybe like 30k ish. One of the sites across from me had an older couple with a young live in maid. I was explaining to someone at the picnic bench about the experience we had this last summer camping in the rain. At some point we were holding up an inner part of a wall which almost seemed like a trailer home.
      (Kept trying to go back to sleep so I forgot the other 3 dreams I semi remembered. Shame on me!)
    4. Regular Dream

      by , 12-05-2014 at 02:35 PM
      (Almost OOB last night. Felt the vibrations come on after I looked back at my door in a dreamy state.)

      (Listened to drumming beats for a few hours it seemed.. had vision of alligator... saw stars for a moment while eyes were closed. Tried to travel forward as I heard the drum beats.)

      Went back to visit my old job at the Radisson. Was in the lobby in my boxers. Decided to go back to where my clothes were all laying on the floor and put some clothes on. Was by the elevator.

      Was in a huge garage on a lot we were working on. Had my old Malibu in there and there was a GTO in there as well. Broom attachment was there too. Was talking about fixing up the old Malibu. There was a sink hole in the lot. The guy was asking me if we would finish the lot because there was rain on the way.

      Was in my old hotel. Joe and I were doing dishes. Almost felt like there was a party going on where I didn't give a shit because I was older than everyone. I went outside and people were in the parking lot. I was blowing bubbles, but instead of 1 at a time I was blowing like thousands all at once. It was crazy. I went back into the house and Joe blew one when he was at the sink and I came over to him and blew like hundreds on him at once.
    5. Time to get in the habit of dream journaling again!

      by , 12-04-2014 at 04:46 PM
      In hotel, using elevator. Old couple budges in front of me and I get pissed but instead tell them to have a happy holiday. We end up in a smaller arena with a wrestling ring in the middle surrounded by immediate seating that continuously goes up like steps. Watched a match where this crippled wrestler was beating on another guy. Went out to the ocean and then kinda forgot where this dream all went.

      Another one I remember being in a house where my friend Todd was there. I was really distracted and he was talking with the lady who owned the house about remodeling. There were various colors on the walls and even some makeshift wallpaper. What he told her was nice I thought was too bold.

      Went to Costco 3 minutes till closing. (can't believe I didn't have a reality check when looking at this clock!) I found it strange that all the lights were already turned off. A man was at the door like he was a guard almost. None the less, they let me in. Originally I was there to find a folding chair. I ended up looking through their fruit produce. I couldn't find any grapes. I went to the cashier and saw an old friend of mine there, Lisa. We ended up driving through the country. It was a super tiny car. I was cruising up and down these hills. Over time, my vision started to go as if I had glasses on that were fogging up. I got scared and pulled over eventually when I couldn't see anything at all. When my vision came back, I was at an intersection with a semi right behind me.
    6. Oobe

      by , 05-24-2014 at 03:31 PM
      Okay, to start this OOBE off I will say this. I ran into a guy I know from work. He is the first and only person I have met in real life that is in to getting out of body. As a matter of fact he explained a lot of techniques and situations on the subject even before I was able to get out of body.

      So.. I ran into him last night and told him about the meteor showers that were supposed to happen from 1-3am. We were talking about astral stuff and he was telling me his experiences. I told him, just pull me out if you get out sometime. He lit up and said, SURE!

      Okay, now lets fast forward this, about 8 hours later I am in my backyard, it is 3ish am. I have seen 3 shooting stars so far with my son and we are putting out the fire and going to sleep in a tent that is already set up in the back. Aiden falls asleep and I close my eyes focusing on the energy of being outside. I have my eyes closed and for some reason or another it is as if I still am gazing intently on the stars. And randomly I see shooting stars with my eyes closed. This was weird since I was in my tent and couldn't even physically see through it. It was as if I was still watching the stars above me without my lids or my tent blocking my vision. I think I saw 4 this way.

      All of a sudden I feel my body get energized. I feel phasing over and my body trying to float out. I don't remember any of the symptoms of the noises or even strong vibrations. I still am seeing as if the tent or my eye lids don't exist. I see many stars and my body is trying to separate. The only thing I could think to do was not to focus on my physical body. The stars are everywhere so I focus on one. This helps me float out immediately. I feel as if I am floating feet first through the sky, but still far away from the stars. My first reaction was to put in an astral intent but then I decide to just go with it. Now I shift to a dream like scenario. I was downtown Rochester and knew what was going on. I felt as if I could say something to the people around me and just float over the river if they approached me. Now it ends. The last thing I remember is a giggle as if it were my friend.

      This pretty much sums up the experience I had. I wanted to journal this so I could now call him and ask him what happened on his end. If he explains to me and similar experience I will direct him to this journal. I'll note it has been about 1 month since my last oobe. I talked to him 8 hours prior to this one happening which to me is VERY unreal.

      Regular part of dream after the above took place:

      I was on a grading tractor backing up and grading out some rock. I hit a parked excavator and feared my boss Fred saw. He didn't and I kept going and it seemed as if I kept hitting this piece of equipment over and over. Lol... The dream went on and I was walking around the site when I noticed the equipment was completely burnt down to the ground. This is all I remember.
    7. Past Life Regression/Regular Dream

      by , 04-25-2014 at 03:58 PM
      Tried PLR at about 12:30 and fell asleep. Woke up at 5:30 and attempted again. No results. Started dreaming. I was with my old friend Jeremy and we were driving around. I had a home stereo system in his car and needed to store it. We ended up going to the college storage that was near and walking inside and looked around. Not much was stored in here. I do remember there was a large slim and tall statue, I believe it was a Buddha statue. Behind this was a shelf with agate druzy sliced rocks and a few other knickknacks. I looked around and found a chimney/fireplace and instead of being against the wall it was like 2 feet away from it. There was a bunch f stuff hidden here as if people thought that they were safer being sort of out of site. Forgot the rest because of bad note taking upon waking up.
      Jeremy/Driving/College storage/Buddha statue/druzy slices/empty/hidden
    8. Past Life Regression attempt/Regular Dream

      by , 04-23-2014 at 01:29 PM
      6:15 am ish
      This is following a past life regression session fail. My son kept rolling over onto me when I was relaxing. Turned it off and thought about Stonehenge. Fell asleep. I remember a guy cutting a tree down. I was in a SMALL area of trees and he gave me his hatchet. I began to hack away at a tree that had been previously notched. I remember being very unskilled with the hatchet. Then I realized how old and brittle the tree was. Now I am pushing it over. I take notice to the rest of the trees and they look like they are decaying, brittle, falling apart and dying. I push a bunch of them over. They are all pretty small. Now I see two pretty and healthy ash. In my mind I don't want to cut them down at all. Instead I end up walking over to the trees to look at them and admiring. A girl on a patio chair cusses me out and tells me to leave them alone. I agree and walk away and circle back around. Half way through this I see a group of people playing what looks to be dodgeball or something. Some girl talks to me and I keep going. I end back where the trees were. The guy who had me cut them is now saying how he has claim to a bunch more on someones property and he wants to cut them down without anyone even knowing. This is NOT something I want to partake in. I jump over the fence into an alley.

      Dream continues? I am walking down a dirt path next to a wooded hill on one side and a river on the other. I am coming up to a parked van and I see a beautiful little green or red parrot flying around. As I approach the van it flies right up to me. I sort of cover my head and close my eyes and then this parakeet sized parrot talons onto my hand. It didn't hurt, but I could feel it. I enjoy this and he gets into my hair like its a nest or something. This is very pleasurable. The bird is so cute and VERY I think green! I yell at my friend Nate to come back and look. He does but doesn't think much of it. Now I keep walking and he is with me. I see a VERY tall wooden fence and I 3 point jump it. When I get to the other side I look back to see if Nate makes it. I see that he maybe kicked up about 1 time onto the fence but when he goes to grab the top he misses and falls back to the ground. OMG! I now see a grizzly appearing right where he was. It is standing up and is taller than the fence noticing me on the other side. HE IS HUGE! I see him lunge down at Nate. I push the bottom of the fence panel back and his head is looking right at me. I panic! Now I am running and feel like I am in a compound of fenced in areas and doors. I make it to a door, look back, see the grizzly coming for me 100%, then open and slam the door closed behind me. Now I am inside and there is an area with two doors. I run to one and turn back to the other. When I'm opening that door the grizzly is coming in the previous. I can feel my blood pumping. I go through and slam the door shut. Now I remember doing this one more time without the grizzly and the fear is gone. Now I am in a room and there are a few people around. I relax a bit and a young girl comes out looking at me like she has something to say. She then says something on the line of thank you or something and I sense it's for my service I did in the Marine Corps. I think I was like.. "oh... not a big deal." Then parents seem to come in and I think I recognize them from yoga. Again I feel like I'm back at the beginning of that maze area where the grizzly is now AGAIN coming at me. I went through the same process. Fear.. doors don't seem to latch. I get away anyhow and now am in a room where I feel like I'm in monk robes and I can see the girl and her family plus some people outside of some LARGE windows in this room. Now I am leaving this room and am outside somewhere. I see some people on a skidloader and one guy is being unsafe and almost gets hurt. I hesitate to say anything then I tell him that I have been doing this for 10 years and that he needs a hardhat on. The young kid half ass listens to me. Then the operator agrees and said that he almost lost his arm. Now the kid complies. I fade off into dreamland at this point.

      cut trees/brittle dying trees/new ash/didn't want to cut/girl yells at me/I circle around/ppl playing??volleyball??dodgeball?? girl talks to me/I keep going/jump fence/claima
      miniature green or red parrot in my hair/van/nate/jumped fence/nate didn't make/grizzly maul/run/doors/got away/talk to little girl/thank for marine/maze again/grizzly/monk clothes/window w ppl/wrong exit? skidloader kids no hardhat/talk to them/I say 10 years experience/fade away

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    9. Regular Dream

      by , 04-21-2014 at 01:38 PM
      Regular dream - between 1ish and 5ish

      Appear in a old arcade I used to frequent ALL THE TIME. Max was there. He was somehow getting fitted for a ghetto ass looking suit that looked too small for him. It was on sale though. I told him it looked good but he better be careful if he washes it because it might shrink and be smaller than it already is. I walk around the arcade looking for tokens under the machines and on the floor. It is REALLY dirty here. I find a few then move to the back of the arcade. I see Ean back there doing some tax work and he is typing away on maybe a calculator doing some figures. I talk to him and he says he owns the place. I notice some RC cars on the top racks above his area there and then fade back out of dream.

      Maybe around 7:00ish am. This followed a oob I had.

      Okay, there is a dog and 2 people trying to kill me. I have nothing to defend myself. There are rocks nearby gold ball size. I pick these up and start launching them. I hit the dog and now I fear he is going to maul me. I jump up on a planter with some shrubs growing from it. Instantly I look for more rocks. At one point I think I recognize one of the attackers as Son, my friend who I haven't seen in ages. The fear of the dog is overwhelming and now I jump into what seems to be a car, a convertible of some type but small. I zip away. Now I'm rolling through this area. There is a lot of dirt trails and I'm going past a front end loader and I tell my passenger to hurry, or it might turn on us and smash us. We make it by the loader then we are approaching a excavator. It is doing some digging and I'm scared it's going to rotate and attack us. We zip by it. Now we are going up a hill. After getting to the top we stop. I look around on this forested top. And down below I can see an assortment of houses. At this point I just don't know where to go, but I do feel much safer. I stash the vehicle whatever it may be into the bushes about 10 feet off of the dirt trail. I lean it against a tree. Instantly I notice a woman running out of her house and she begins to flags us down as if she wants to hide us so we are safe. We both run down the wooded slope and appear on the clearing at the bottom where her house is. She motions us in. When we get inside we are greeted by her husband. I feel safe now. The fear is gone. This woman though somehow seems interested. She smiles and her teeth seem semi decayed. I really focus on her teeth. The more I think about this makes me feel like I'm back in time. Before dentists, etc. This house almost seems like a older style, like a large cottage. She shoos her husband away and is really focusing on us. She seems dirty, like her clothing is dirty. Maybe before washing machines. I decide to go outside and see a kid on the property adjacent. Now it almost seems like there are more houses down here than I thought. This is around the time the dream fades.

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    10. Oob/Past Life Regression Attempt

      by , 04-21-2014 at 01:34 PM
      Bed at 1:30ish. Did energy work, then passed out. Woke up at 5am. Tried past life regression guided meditation. Body was super relaxed, didn't get good results. When guide snapped me back to reality he counted. When he said, "I'll count to 3 and you will wake up", I turned it off at 2 =P heh. Went back to bed. Got oob symptoms. Actually floated down and out of body. Floated down for a LONG time, mostly pretty slowly. Then at one point I went in hyper speed traveling down. I remember there wasn't much going on. I didn't have intentions before I had this oob, so maybe that is why nothing much happened when I got down there. Interesting though! At first I was kind of scared I was floating down, to me it meant maybe I was going to a lower realm, but then I immediately disregarded this thought. It was like I was in an open void and I didn't have enough power to really get moving or like I didn't really know what to do. I remember using the clarity command once. At one point I remember kind of aimlessly moving around in the void.

      (Past life regression - didn't get much but I got the name Thol and Perket) I actually swallowed my saliva RIGHT before going through the door and into the light. This definitely shook me out of the trance enough to result in poor results. I was surely primed well enough before I did this.

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    11. Regular Dream

      by , 04-20-2014 at 03:32 PM
      Homeless shelter,4 blankets, taking my blue blanket and giving other, Japanese comforter got stolen, other part of town, someone helping me get back, trying to get refund or reimbursed
    12. OOB/Lucid

      by , 04-19-2014 at 04:16 PM
      Was in normal dream and was in a racquetball court when I saw a person and touched their shoulder. I came to realize I was dreaming and started a LD. Quickly I decided to go OOB and as soon as I did this I felt a huge vibration come over my body and my focal point shifted back to my bedroom. I was in the fetal position and I was buzzing. I was like "Oh shit!" and I began to roll myself over into myself laying on my back. The funny thing was is that it felt like I physically did this which made me feel like I wasn't deep enough to get out. As soon as I got on my back I tried reaching up with my mind. I grabbed a rope and pulled myself up into the sitting position. Now I violently tried to get up and was pulling and even I think using my feet to push. It almost felt like I was a dog on a VERY SHORT chain and I was running around like chicken with my head cut off to get away. Then, I popped out. I went into my living room and floated towards the window. I put my hands out like superman and went through it. Now I was outside my house and actually aware! Wow! I decided to go up the block and I was thinking about going into someone's house to see if I could see anyone. Instead I went towards some people I saw playing basketball at their house. I remember getting really close to them and they almost looked at me as if they could sense me but not see me. This happened many times through this state. Shortly after being there for a little bit I decided to move on. This got a little vague but I ended up in like a YMCA or community center. I moved around did a few things(vague). Then I saw an India couple and it looked like she was doing yoga. I got close and it seemed like I got sensed. Over and over through this experience I kept saying clarity now. There was more to this but it was quickly forgotten. This was my longest ever experience.

      Prior to this I was in a normal dream. I remember being in a room. It was filled with water. Like completely. Now I realize that my room is like a HUGE aquarium. There are fish swimming around and I remember going to one side of the room that seemed to be missing the sand on the bottom. There were no fish over on this side. It was weird though because all of the stuff that would normally be in a room was submerged in the water. I remember seeing one of those bubblers producing air bubbles in the water. I was nervous of there being a leak. I then traveled down some hallways that were also submerged in water. Now it almost seemed like I was in the YMCA hallways or something. I looked in a few of the windows on adjacent doors. People were inside some of them. Then I decided to go into one. That was the one that kicked off my lucid dream above.

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    13. Normal Dream

      by , 04-15-2014 at 03:14 PM
      Work Dream - Fear

      Was at work on a Regal roller with Digger and a few others. It went out of control and almost bucked some of us off. I tried to cut the engine off but it didn't stop. We are in reverse now Digger shifted it forward down a boulevard. I see Hontoon walking almost out in front of it and it looks like we are gonna hit him. Okay, thank God he got out of the way. I feel fear. Now my dream is shifted to where I am in a room off of a conference room working on a piece off of the roller. Tim comes in and say it's 6am, we are on the clock. And I get pissed and say, "I am on the clock." I walk out of the room through the conference room and out the door. I remember my stocking cap getting caught in the double door and I just keep on walking. I felt fear. Later in the dream I was sitting in a class and Tim asks me in front of everyone where is Asphalt in the book. I look for what seems to be minutes then give the pages out loud. Such and such a page to this page. He then corrects me by saying I'm in the wrong book. I feel fear. Later in the dream Hontoon was on his roller and pushed it up againt the lowboy. It was pushing the lowboy forward and this freaked me out. He then stopped. I asked him if he saw that he was almost hit. He said yes. Then it came to me that it was in a dream and I asked him if he saw it in his dream. He said yes too that. This really excited me.
    14. Regular Dreams

      by , 04-12-2014 at 04:52 PM
      Archeological Discovery -

      I walk around this hill to find a person who had found a tomb in the ground. He had all but uncovered the small main treasure trove of the vault, maybe 4' by 3' by 5' deep. I can see the hole that he dug into this small chamber. I am sitting on top of the grass and the top to the main trove is partially exposed. I begin to pull up chunks of earth with a really small flat shovel. I unearth what looks to see like belt segments. And quite a few of them. We keep on digging and pull out other artifacts, most at this point which I cannot remember. After awhile I remember finding something in the tomb which had batteries in it that were to expire in Early 2014. Now this I thought would mean that this tomb isn't that old. All of a sudden I get a flashback in time to where the idea of this location for this tomb popped up. I can see a Native American man and woman. It seems to be from the past, maybe in the 60's or so. He is walking along this beautiful area in the forest and this area is clear of foliage and has nice green grass. He points out a really large redwood with a base of about 10' maybe 15'. Then about 40 feet further down this grass area, he points out another on his other side, seemingly of the same size. He proclaims that this is the area for the burial of his mother. I watch him as he keeps walking and about 150 feet further down he finds what seems to be a sewer in the middle of the grassy area. It has the hole and even the piping for a sanitary sewer. I see him begin to use this as the tomb. They are going through an entire ceremony and I can see them placing objects in the small treasure trove area. Lastly they put the mothers ashes there.

      Malibu Drunk Driving Fear Based -

      I am going down Broadway with a group of friends and I know I have had too much to drink. There are cops everywhere! If only I can keep the car moving straight without swerving. The lights are turning red. Okay, slowing down. Shit! There is a cop at the next intersection to the right. I notice every one of the cars move to the far left lane as the lights turn green, maybe to avoid the cop. I keep going straight. Okay I am at the main intersection of Broadway and 2nd Street and now it almost seems like my lights aren't even turned on. I pull the knob out on my 78 Malibu and sure enough they weren't even turned on. But wait, I didn't notice any light coming from the lights! I jump out and look and see NO light or even lights themselves on my vehicle, WTF!?!?! Okay now I am paranoid and need to find a parking ramp asap. My friends are with me and see the panic. They seem to not worry to much about it but I'm all about finding a spot to park this car. I roll through my old neighborhood in downtown looking for a ramp. I am in an area now where I can barely squeeze through. I back up to turn through this squeeze again and make it and look over to see my friends approval of my driving skills. The dream fades from here.
    15. Regular Dreams

      by , 04-08-2014 at 12:35 PM
      I am at the park with some friends climbing a tree. It almost looks like a old maple tree, but it's HUGE. I am way out here on this limb further than anyone else and now I'm getting queasy about the whole deal. As a matter of fact I think I need to come back in closer to the base. When I was younger I NEVER had ANY fear at all when I was up in a tree, never! Okay, now I'm down. I see someone came back and now I'm harassing them because it looks like someone bought them some presents. Is this Tom Donahue? Now we are all going back up the tree and the weight is dropping the limb to the ground almost to the point of it snapping off. Get out of the tree everyone I say.

      I am in pizza hut maybe working. We get a pizza and I have 1 slice. I guess I fell asleep in the bath tub inside pizza hut and now I'm waking up. This is awkward, lol. No one is here and the pizza is all gone??? But I only had one piece. I mention this to one of my coworkers when I see them.
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