There's this strange occurrence that I've experienced a few times where I'll be sleeping in a room I've never slept in before and right before I wake up I have this dream where I will be watching the inhabitants of the space going about their daily activities. Let me give examples to clarify my meaning.

First experience: The first time something close to this happened when I was living in an apartment with my girlfriend at the time, she had already left for work and I was on my way out of dreaming into waking consciousness but lingered around in the space between dreams and wakefulness (I use calea ternifolia to add heightened cognition to my dreams, but another aspect this plant but brings is the seemingly endless amount of time you can spend exploring mind in between dreams and wakefulness, the state of mind necessary to achieve OOBEs or APs, so I read). I found myself lying in bed just as I was in actuality and I look to where my gf would be were she there. There was nobody there but she was still talking to me. She was telling me about her day at work how one guy was annoying her to nearly the point of tears. I woke up and found it oddly vivid and real. The lighting and mess seen while talking to my gfs disembodied consciousness were exactly what my eyes beheld upon opening them for real. When she got home I asked if she almost cried at work because of someone antagonizing her and she said she did feel like crying because of some shit....hmmm....weird but not impossible to conjure up on my own.

Second experience: was out partying with a friend. Went back to his brothers house because he was watching it while they were out of town. Just got a new batch of calea so I smoked a lot of it hoping for fun interesting dreams which definitely came (kept going in and out of different realities and becoming different people. There were dream police trying to stop me, I wasn't supposed to be able to go from reality to reality and personality to personality like I was doing. The chases were epic to say the least!) but right before I woke up I had a false awakening I was lying on the mattress I was sleeping on and I saw my friends brothers wife (who I have never seen before, possibly saw pics of her around the house) walk down the stairs, she stepped over me and went to where the computer was and started typing away. There was a blurred out looking form of a black cat sitting on the desk while the other two cats in the house were looking at the blurred out cat seemingly sadly or with longing. I could feel somehow the cats wished this other cat would come back into the picture instead of fading away. I thought this odd and decided to wake myself up for real and ask my friend if there used to be a black cat here. He said there was but it got run over by a car about a year ago. I met the girl in the dream about 6 months later and she looked identical to how she did in the dream........super weird!

Third experience: got too drunk at my studio/jam space to drive home. Fell asleep on the couch. Before awakening I had a short hazy dream I was floating around the studio when I heard someone at the door. I felt embarrassed I had fallen asleep there and hoped it wouldn't be awkward when someone walks in (I was sleeping in underwear, it gets hot after hours of drunken jams). I decided to see who was there but since I was already floating I knew I could just go through the wall and see. I saw an Asian guy with short spiked black hair. I thought to myself it must be Eric (he shared the room with me and a few others, had only jammed with him twice so he looked unfamiliar still). He unlocked the door and came in and started setting up his keyboard. I thought I probably should put on some pants and dip out before it gets too weird. So I woke myself up but nobody was there. The next day I went to the studio early (usually go up during evening/late night but I wanted to get some solo practice in) and Eric was up there in the exact position with his piano I saw in my dream the day before. We were talking and he said he comes there almost every day around 10am to practice......interesting!

Last experience: I had just moved into a new house. The first morning before I woke up I had the dream of laying in that bed in that room but the girl who used to live there was walking around looking at my posters and decorations. She also kept opening and shutting the windows to make it comfortable for me. I woke up not really thinking much of it. She was friends with my roommates so I saw her a few days later and told her what I dreamt. She said she was always opening and closing the windows instead of using ac.....interesting.

What does this mean? My guess is we all have an energy about us. The more time we spend in a certain location the more our energy is imbued in the environment. Interesting to note this has only happened during that mental space between dreaming and waking up, which is that place where astral projection is said to happen. So during that unique state of consciousness, we can see, somehow, the energies contained in an area manifesting as the form of that which carried it. Long post....sheesh.

Wondering if others ever have these experiences and what your thoughts on them are.