Hy there.I'm new to this forum, and also new to OBE itself. I found it around 1 month ago I think. At first, I was a bit scarred and first 3 meditation attempts were somehow uncompleted. OBE is the first time when I try to meditate, until now I was pretty busy, like the only relaxation I had was sleeping. First time I tried it, I stopped to meditate as soon as I felt my body becoming hard, I could still move it, but it was like if I moved 1mm, I felt like I didn't move my actual body, but more like moving something through water, if I moved a little bit more, I felt like moving my body, so it wasn't like sleep paralysis (which I didn't experienced until now). Second time, at a point in meditation, when I already reached the point where my body was kinda hard, and when I reached a point where I had to relax my entire body, not just legs and hands (I'm using a guided meditation found on youtube, as I'm new, a little bit of guidance isn't that bad) my breath went a little bit low, it's not like I couldn't breath, but it suddenly changed, so for 1 second, I panicked and kinda broke the meditation, so I let it on another day. Now, the third time was a little bit better, went through "hardening body", "full relaxation" and reached a very strange feeling. It was like I was in the bed, but felt like I was floating, like I could move around 5mm/10mm with my hands without moving my physical body, but it still didn't got to sleep paralysis, as if I wanted, I could easy just move a little bit harder and stop it. Now, on meditation part, it went to the point when I had to "get out of my bed". I tried, and well short story, I couldn't, by accident moved my hand and left it on another try. Next 2/3 times were the same, after it I switched to another meditation, because I though 30 mins to get to the point where I could just say bye and go having fun in another dimension was too small timeframe. It was the same unsuccess, I couldn't even get to the floating point, even after 1h of "relaxation" so I switched back to this.
If you are interested (hope it's not agains the rules), this is the guided meditation I started and currently use (switched back to it after several tries): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfPLC_LQb5k
I'm listening to this in my headphones (PC ones, not phone) and I'm in the bed, with my face up while doing it.
Now, the strange things starts. When I switched back, I finally got a little bit of result. When I got to the point when I had to get out, I though, maybe I have to start with the legs, well, it was something strange. First, I tried to pull them up, and it felt like it's going a little by a little, with a noise like glue is unsticking (no physical damage, lol). After I did this with both legs, when I tried to rise them up, I felt like I was literally dropping with my head down, but not like dropping, more like floating with my head down, I was stupid and of course, got exited and got out of it, but I finally got some results, so I was sooo happy. Now the strange part occured, I couldn't do that meditation for 2/3 days (well, for some reasons, if I eat before this, I usually can't relax enought on that breathing part and not working, so I left it for like 3/4h after eating and well, after that I was too tired and though I leave it for another day). The strange thing happened on the 3/4 day (don't remember exactly). I was taking a nap at around 10/11AM with my face down, and when I woke up, I felt something strange, like an earthquake. First, I remembered that I read somewhere that it's something called vibration state. I though I can stay like this and maybe finally experience OBE. The problem is that it got soo intense, that when I opened my eye, I could see that somehow, my bed was vibrating aswell, so my first though was, hey, it's an earthquake, not Vibration state. I imediatelly got off the bed and to my PC to verify if there is indeed any. 2s after getting up, it stopped, asked my friends (they are leaving near my place) and nothing, no earthquake, not on the web, not anything. I don't think they couldn't feel it, as it was like the whole bed was vibrating. I got back to get that nap, as I though hey, maybe I can get it again but nope.

The strangest part is occuring after that. 2/3 days after I though of doing it again, as I was busy and stuff. Got as usual with my laptop, guided meditation, headset, relaxed and let's go. After around 10 minutes of video (I think, don't know exactly), I got to that floating stance point and done. When I "woke up" or something, it was 25-27m of video, I didn't felt asleep (I think) because I remember that I focused to stay awake, but I don't remember what happened 15-17 minute. Second time I tried it, aswell, around 10-15 minute I didn't remembered a thing. After that I didn't meditated until now (like 4 days I think) because I was pretty busy and couldn't get that time to meditate.
I want to ask you, what did happened in those 10-15m of not remembering? Did I just fall asleep without noticing? The problem is that when I got up, it wasn't like something screaming, video or any other sound that could stop me from sleeping, it was a pretty relaxing sound and the voice of that girl from the video couldn't wake me up even in 10 years. So, how did I got up if it was falling asleep or if I indeed experienced OBE, how do I remember?
Also, can anyone give me some advices on how to do it? First 2/3 times, I was a bit scarred of the ghost, creatures of the other side, but after I read lots of videos that tells you that you thoughts have more power then they have, I was thinking hey, what bad can happen? In case I see something I can't face, just get the hell out of there and done.

Now I found some tehniques that are better for newbies and they are something like sleeping, midsleep getting up and get into sleep paralysis. The problem is that within sleep paralysis you can experience halucination, and even the SP itself is a bit scarry, it's not like I'm scarred of AP anymore, but if I get something like voices and stuff like that, I might get freaked out pretty hard, also besides that, I'm currently living in my app alone (moved last year) so, I wouldn't want to use SP to get into OBE/AP.

Also, if It might calculated as LD/AP, when I was a kid, I had a lot of dreams from my old house, where my parents live. All the dreams were with "creatures". I would just walk near them, they would just look at me, but wouldn't attack me. It was pretty scarry because everything looked real, even the little details, like everything in the smallest detail was looking real, even if I did a 180turn (which I did a lot, too watch if I don't get attacked from behind) and since I was a kid, I could feel the energy near me. Not like an expert, it's just that when I was in a place with a lot of dark energy, I would feel like it was darker there then outside, the breathing was a little bit harder and I had the feeling of being watched and when I was looking at corners, sometime I had feelings that something will show from it.

Well, that's a lot of text, sorry for soo much text, I hope no one will get boored from reading it . My current goal is I guess to experience AP for the first time and remember it. For my first experiences, I think I'll be happy if I can even proiect myself into my room and just look at objects.