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    Thread: Is it possible to remote view in a lucid dream?

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      Is it possible to remote view in a lucid dream?

      I wanted to ask if it's possible to remote view in a lucid dream? The reason I'm asking is that I've read about remote viewing and you have to be able to go into a trance in order to do it in the real world.

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      If you can remember your wish to do remote viewing, while inside a dream, it should certainly be easier than in waking life, since all disturbing sense impressions from the physical world are entirely absent. This makes it much easier to concentrate on the task.

      But remembering to undertake remote viewing, while asleep, is not always so easy.

      By the way, check out EbbTide000's thread "DREAM remote viewing experiment" in "Beyond Dreaming".
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      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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      I think it is possible to get information psychically while dreaming. I don't believe that anyone can do it at will or at all reliably. All the literature and radio talk show people talking about remote viewing are con artists selling something.

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