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      Oh, well, when you put it like that it makes sense.

      And you're welcome, of course.
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      Thank you EbbTide!
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      Debra hello! Thanks for your message, I have missed you
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      It wasnt pink stylish key . We had pretty good result from practise with ATA. Keep trying to PM me the right answer.
    5. "Only last night I was wondering where you were Pagey. Im glad you picked that up telepathically (subconsciously, maybe) and popped-in to let me know (heeheehee)"

      Oops, I did put "the above" on the wrong wall. Sorry Pagey and Xanous, I meant to put it here.
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      I think you posted on the wrong wall. Heheh.
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      Hi, I have added [formerly Havago] to your signature. As per rules, it should be there for 30 days. Feel free to remove on 9.19.14, or PM me to help you. : )
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      havago do you like to come to the chat??
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      Hi Havago!
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      Happy new year!! I wish you 2014 LD!!!
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    Born (1959) in Nottingham Hospital England, Came to Australia with mum in 1969. Left school at 15. Married 16, divorced 17. Worked in various factories till put on pension in 2001. Found the online dream community in 2008, and Dreamviews in 2010.
    Country Flag:
    Adelaide, South Australia
    Saying, to Our-Dreaming-Mind, "What's in the DreamRemoteViewing box" as I fall asleep.
    Pension for Discociative Disorder with Imaginative Reconstruction and Borderline Personality.
    How you found us:
    some one logged on as Drwho at saltcube and mentioned this site


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    My original username was debraJane, later I became Havago. Click link below!
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    Blue_Opossum's drve target 5 "Hit"

    by EbbTide000 on 09-17-2018 at 04:47 AM

    you may not have asked "What's in Ebb's box" but I'd call this a "Hit". What do tou think?



    So the setting stabilizes as a bus, seemingly in late afternoon, but I am not corporeal, as I have not fully “stepped in,” though I am on the right of the bus driver’s seat.

    There is no driver.

    An empty child safety seat (baby car seat)
    is atop the empty bus driver’s seat,
    closer to the steering wheel.

    The bus is moving in a setting that seems like an ambiguous mix of a bullring (bullfighting arena) and a Nascar venue. Although it is driving itself, my dream self is still liminally controlling its direction and speed.

    The Paul Simon song, “Baby Driver,” is loudly playing from an undetermined source, diffusing through the environment. There is an enhanced awareness of energy and activity. I start to feel very amused and cheerful by the absurdity of the scenario. Most members of the audience are cheering and throwing confetti as the bus circles the area.

    I start to wonder why the Paul Simon song emerged, as I had not heard or thought of it in years. Still feeling cheerful, I decide to come out of my dream.


    Baby Driver lyrics

    Simon & Garfunkel

    My daddy was the family bassman
    My mamma was an engineer
    And I was born one dark gray morn
    With music coming in my ears
    In my ears

    They call me Baby Driver
    And once upon a pair of wheels
    I hit the road and I'm gone
    What's my number
    I wonder how your engines feel
    Ba ba ba ba
    Scoot down the road
    What's my number
    I wonder how your engines feel
    Shine a light, ooo ooo oo, ooo ooo oo

    My daddy was a prominent frogman
    My mamma's in the Naval reserve
    When I was young I carried a gun
    But I never got the chance to serve
    I did not serve

    They call me Baby Driver
    And once upon a pair of wheels
    I hit the road and I'm gone
    What's my number
    I wonder how your engines feel
    Ba ba ba ba
    Scoot down the road
    What's my number
    I wonder how your engines feel

    Ba ba ba ba, mmm ba ba ba ba

    My daddy got a big promotion
    My mamma got a raise in pay
    There's no one home, we're all alone
    Oh come into my room and play
    Yes we can play

    I'm not talking about your pigtails
    But I'm talking 'bout your sex appeal
    I hit the road and I'm gone
    What's my number

    I wonder how your engines feel
    Ba ba ba ba
    Scoot down the road
    What's my number
    I wonder how your engines feel

    To oo ooo to oo ooo to oo ooo oo ooo oo ooo oo ooo

    Songwriters: Paul Simon

    Did you see the metaphors to Baby Booties

    Baby car seat (on bus drivers seat)
    Baby is not in seat
    Baby is not in booties

    It is important to check the information
    of the photo
    Click the (i)

    The target 5 photo was taken on 10-Sept-18
    You posted this baby seat dream on 13-Sept-18.

    This also causes me to remember something.
    I cant remember. I will have to search for it.


    I wanted to post this in a comment box in your Dreamviews Dream Journal but couldn't find a comment box


    Here is your Dreamviews Dream Journal entry




    jennifer-dumpert just finished writting this ⚘

    by EbbTide000 on 09-04-2018 at 12:55 AM

    A conciousness hacker
    and sought-after speaker on dreams
    and dream technology
    explains how to use liminal dreaming,
    the dreams that come between sleep and waking,
    for self-actualization and consciousness expansion.

    At the edges of consciousness,
    between waking and sleeping,
    there’s a swirling, free associative state of mind
    that is the domain of liminal dreams.

    As we sink into slumber,
    we pass through hypnagogia,
    the first of the two liminal dream states.

    In this transitional zone,
    memories, perceptions, and imaginings arise
    in a fast moving, hallucinatory, semi-conscious remix.

    On the other end of the night,
    as we wake,
    we experience hypnopompia,
    the hazy, pleasant, drift that is the other liminal dream state.

    Readers of*Liminal Dreaming*
    will learn step-by-step
    how to create a dream practice,
    the deeply unusual half-waking dream states of
    hypnagogia and hypnopompia
    into their lives in personally meaningful ways.

    Working with liminal dreams
    can improve sleep,
    mitigate anxiety
    and depression,
    help to heal trauma,
    and aid creativity
    and problem-solving.

    Liminal dreaming practice is also far easier to learn
    than lucid dreaming practice,
    making it possible for the reader to begin
    working with these dreams this very night.


    Paperback | $17.95*
    Published by North Atlantic Books
    Feb 12, 2019*| 182 Pages*| 6 x 9*| ISBN*9781623173043





    by EbbTide000 on 08-22-2018 at 12:44 AM
    I don't think I should have any more "mugwort" woke-up out of a SUPER VIVID dream and the order was given "Stop!". Some one picked up a big, long but light weight gun. It made two thingies go all lightening like. A couple of hours after waking, sitting in the lounge of No Limits Gym (right now) I think the "mugwort" overstimulated my Brain.

    The gun made a small thing and a big thing all energized and electrified. The thingies NOW reming me of brains. A giant one and a human sized one.

    And a queen shouted one word "STOP" (!!!)

    So I think the mugwort it toooooooo much for me.

    Overstimulating my little human brain and the BIG brain aka "Our-Dreaming-Mind".

    On ward and Upward, Dreamviews

    by EbbTide000 on 07-29-2018 at 08:05 AM
    Onward and Upward, Dreamviews.
    This thread is to let Dreamviews know that I am just "me".
    I have never wore make-up, I have no dress "style".
    I am not sophisticated.
    I shared this on Facebook Messenger to a fb friend.
    Then, I thought Id "share" it here




    (0:38) s econds

    Dry shave

    by EbbTide000 on 07-28-2018 at 03:37 AM
    Um, ... um, .. well I'm back posting on DV ... so Ill record this.

    Woke and got to remember the end of my dream. Im picking up different plastic shavers to take of the stubble that gradually grows on my face. Im nearly 59 of Welsh dna. It happens.

    Then I lay all cuddled up in bed, it is wonter in Adelaide Australia.

    I'm going to record the gist of my thoughts.

    After a dream that coincided with the October 2015 Lucid Task of the Month,

    My past and future lives opened up to me. Over several days.

    Just now after the "dry shaving dream" Thoughts happened. I often get deep thoughts on waking. I think the thoughts are more important that the dream. I think my brain is in a very receptive state after waking up slowely. And maybe these thoughts are ....

    I know that in 350ish years from now, Im back. So about Saturday 28th of July 2368 I'm a grade 3 Arahant nun/monk.

    One of the study moduals for year threes in this 12 year school is to conntact one "deep past" incarnations.

    My deep future self chose THIS past incarnation to contact.

    This mornings after dreaming thought was:

    In this original incarnation MAYBE I completed suicide.

    My future monk-selfs 3rd year school project is to get my past ALL my suicidal moments.

    I know and have known for over 21 years that I'm supose to die at 87.

    This morning the thought occurred to me that my deep future selfs school task is to get me to my 87th year.


    Soon after posting the above abot 50 minutes ago
    This earworm began.
    I was jiving along to it a while
    before realising
    it was one of my important earworms
    It relates to the above post.

    Why ?

    Your guess is as good as mine
    (1:01) 818 views





    Here's the one ama jiving to now




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