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      Reoccurring Entity During OBE

      Over the years sometimes I encounter an entity during OBE's that is grey, really skinny, has pointy ears and a nose and a tiny bit of grey hair. I never remember what we talk about except one time I asked if he was an angel or a demon, and he told me a demon. I asked why I never see angels and he told me there are 70 demons for every angel which was strange. I told him he was pretty easy to talk to for a demon and he said "what you don't like talking to me" and left. What type of entity is this? There was another time we had a contest to catch a fish and I lost but I let him inside anyway and we cooked the fish and he hugged me. Is it really a demon? Any insight on what I should do?

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      I would suggest being civilized and courteous, friendly even, but stand your ground. Maybe you can learn something from this entity, and why not pick up whatever knowledge you can gain? Just don't engage in anything you would consider the wrong thing to do; good morals are not only for daily life but for all situations, whether awake or asleep.
      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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