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    The Astral Plane is the second Plane of existence. The Astral Entities reside in the Astral Plane. An Astral Entity can be an Angel, a Demon, a Spirit, a Spirit Guide, a deceased family member and other beings. During an Astral Projection, this entities can be encountered. These encounters usually are not random.

    All these Astral Entities have a different rate of vibrations. They get "classified" among their vibrational rate. Low vibrational Astral Entities are usually Demons and spirits with non friendly purposes. High vibrational Astral Entities are those like Angels and Spirit Guides. The traveler who practice Astral Projection needs to increase his own Astral Body vibrational rate to encounter the "good" entities. These can be done easily with meditation, sandalwood, prayers or even casting a circle of protection of white light around his or her own Astral Body.

    The traveler remains unharmed during the entire projection, but encounters with low vibrational Astral Entities will end up in a non pleasant Astral Travel. High vibrational Astral Beings such a Spirit Guide will assist the traveler in enjoying a pleasant Astral Travel and other goals such as visiting the Akashic Records.

    This is not officially recognized by the Dreamviews staff, due to its questionable scientific nature, but is a common area of discussion and many people have a fair interest in the topic.

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