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Met a God Like Entity. Edit DJ Entry
by sivason , 2016-12-19 at 21:25 (88 Views)
This is a few weeks old. I was deep into an epic length lucid when it got extra intense. I started to loose stability and could feel my body. I relaxed and tried to hold on. I started to flash back and forth between lucid dream and nREM half sleep hypnogogic stuff. As I started to shift the phase back to REM and firmly re-enter the dream world someone was holding my head under a shower of cold water. I enter fully into the dream and am surrounded by a crowd in my mom's old house. Someone pulls me out from under the shower and announces that I am finally conscious. This is like a false awakening except that I am not fooled. It is a party at my mom's old house and supposedly I passed out. I explain to my mom DC that in fact this is a dream I am having. She starts ranting about how she knew that lucid dreaming stuff was dangerous and that I could no longer tell real life from a dream. Everyone seems concerned. I walk outside and it is a very pleasant fall day. I notice my father (deceased) is by my side. I focus on him and give him a long hug. This feels real and like I am actually hugging my departed dad.
I take his hand and suggest we walk. There is some time dilation and it appears that we walked along the familiar roads of that neighborhood for about a mile. It was beautiful and very fulfilling. It takes about 15 minutes to walk that far, but actual dream time was perhaps 3 minutes, still it felt real. I get to the place where a smaller canal branches off from the big one. However the small one is going off in the wrong direction. I look around and dad is gone. I levitate out over the canal and dip my feet into it. It looks awesome starring down into the water, so vivid and layered. I start drifting down the stream. I now see objects floating past on the surface, There are tea cups on saucers, feathers and various random items. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I reach down and touch an object. I decide to see how long I can stay focused while drifting along this wonderful sceen. I count out loud each item that floats by as I touch them. I got to 41 when I am suddenly standing near a convenience store. I see a group of about 7 people gesturing to me.
They seem to be astral entities as opposed to DCs. I go to them and one of them point blank says, "We are real. We were at your wedding. Come with us." Suddenly there is a cliff next to us dropping off about 50' into a river. The graphics are out of this world! OMG this is in total HD! The entities one by one jump off and into the water below. I am intimated because the experience is so graphic and it seems too high to jump. I decide I will do it and jump off the cliff. I plunge into cool water and it is realistic. We body float down a canyon until they are all getting out on the other side and pull me up too. There is a cave going into the cliff side.
They lead me up into a tunnel that is fairly dark and looks like the passages you might see in Egyptian tombs. There are symbols and hieroglyphs on the wall. We are coming up to a room lit by torch light. We walk around the corner and I am overwhelmed. A shrine like room is full of about a dozen more people. One of the people is about 9' tall and appears to be made of gold. It looks like a four armed Hindu deity. The crazy thing is that I am overwhelmed by a force that is impossible to describe. I feel power radiating off of this being and, I repeat, I am overwhelmed. I am fully lucid and rational AND at that point felt 100% sure this was a real being of god-like power. I fell to my knees and prostrated my self. I have almost lost all control of myself like a deer in the head lights. The god-like being approaches me and stands near me. Maybe I should have looked up and tried to interact. Maybe I could have met eyes with this being and learned amazing things, but I was in awe and completely unable to even look upon this power. It extended its foot and touched my shoulder with its toes. This had a feeling of a blessing like when a priest touches someone's forehead to bless them. I basically black out at this point.