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      I&#39;m a part of a more mystic dreaming forum where we try and dream together. and we&#39;ve all accomplished this. particuarly we remember meeting at a beach and sometimes a house. not every member is accounted for but each remembers seeing at least a few of the people.

      we accomplish this by a statement of intent: you have my permission to dream with me.

      I have even tried this with a DV member. although we are not yet concious of eachother while dreaming. we&#39;ve compared dream journals and started noticing strange synchronicities. we&#39;ve had eachothers dreamsigns, we&#39;ve met the same dc etc etc.

      What to do: pick an animal to symbolise the group. it can be an eagle, wolf, etc etc.

      Make a thread in this section entitled : "daily dream post". if you feel you have dreamt with the group, then copy and paste from your journal. or discuss the dreams you&#39;ve had. 2 or more people might be energetically inclined to dream with eachother than some others. the others might find it better to dream with themselves.

      Pick a place to meet every week: be it a beach, castle, wilderness, the lucid task place etc etc.

      Pre requisits: at least a belief that it&#39;s possible. those familiar with Carlos Castaneda have a more likely chance to use knowledge from those books or any Dream or shamanistic book.
      - you don&#39;t necessarily have to be good at lucid dreaming. but it requires some recal. even remembering a few nights a week may do.

      State in this thread your intent to dream with the group. example "i give permission for the wolf to dream with me". and then every new member that comes a long, every member welcomes the newcommer with thier statement of intent: "Welcome bill, you have my premission to dream with me"

      what this does is set up intent to dream together. everyone will be focusing on dreaming with the group and hence it will become a knowing sense that you will see them in a dream.

      I may not be able to participate since i am already part of a group like this. BUT if i see the group here take off i amy join in on the fun.

      So a few people pick an animal, and wait to see if anyone will join. once you have an animal state your intent to dream with the group etc and state comparing DJ&#39;s and from a thread. you may start out as 2 or 3, but if people start noticing your dreaming together others will be inclined to join.

      have fun&#33;
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      My recall hasn&#39;t been so great but I should remember enough, especially lucids.

      I&#39;ll choose....... a cheeta cause they pwn.
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      there are other ways that u cloud count on more,when i become lucid,i&#39;m gonna do this whit a friend,i&#39;m gonna come to his dream,do something funny and tell him that hes dreaming,and ask him about the dream


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