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    been a while

    by Man of Shred on 10-14-2023 at 03:44 AM
    Let's start with... Jamie Dreams! There have been a few.

    1st: Vague dream where we might have been kissing or something.
    2nd dream: I wasn't lucid but understood the dream world so to speak. I was sitting in a living room with people. My dead cousin Kiah since 2021, popped up and was like, "hey, hello..." etc. And I asked her, "Can you do something for me? I need you to check someone name Jamie for me. She was supposed to show today but I can't find her." I specifically remember saying to Kiah to, "Just go through my memories, You'll find her." Kiah pulled a curtain made of nothing out of nowhere and wrapped herself in it making her disappear.
    Dream skips to where Kiah comes back and says that she had seen Jamie bragging someone that she had a "dream of only," boyfriend. (referring to me, also hinting that Jamie doesn't actually plan to talk to me in person ever. Which is pretty bad in my view, how about I just don't post dreams anymore about this subject. Me, I want a future without this insanity. I'm pretty sure Jamie can find loads of simps to stroke her ego because they think they have a chance. I'm not one of them. seriously.)

    I ask Kiah to show me. We teleport to some weird wannabe Harry Potter dream world. There's an english school. We go in. I'm in a role I think I've played before in this scenario. I'm in a teachers or principals office. 2 people are talking about a conspiracy or something. I just lose interest as Jamie's not around.

    This morning: Jamie at a funeral being sad, Second funeral dream about Jamie hm...

    Too many other dreams to really write down. Scariest one being I kept going into an elevator that would take me to a dark hallway where people were sleeping. A vampire would come by and kill them. not in the typical vampire way... In a way that's impossible do describe, you'd only have to dream it. (Raven if you still read these, try dream viewing this one. might be an exciting dream supernatural scenario that you're recently fond of) The guy would like teleport inside their skin and/or behind them, causing them to choke to death on a most horrific way. The guy seemed unaware of me. I saw this happen a couple times. I was also semi lucid at times.

    Driving dreams... almost crashing a LOT. Driving up and down impossible hills.

    One dream I had a really angry roommate or something. Walk on eggshells kind of guy.

    She's back?

    by Man of Shred on 08-21-2023 at 03:34 AM
    Recently moved reluctantly to my old area.

    one HH vision of Jesus's crown of thorns, or like a giant version of it lain down on the property where I live. It was all over the shrubs and stuff.

    2 Jamie dreams: I'm at a convenience store (the one I was in the other day where I spotted a Jamie Look a like - I say that because mysteriously running her look a likes is a common occurrence for me, especially in convenience stores.) in the dream Jamie has a huge hole in her chest. I'm then dreaming from two perspectives - one as Me trying to stop her chest from bleeding so much - The other from her perspective laying on the ground in shock all the blood pouring out and I'm fading out. As I fade out so does the dream.

    Second dream: I go into the convenience store again. The person in front of me turns around and I am seeing a T-shirt (Metallica- Ride The Lightning). I look up and the face is of Jamie smiling. And that's all I remember of that one.

    I'll try not to take these occurrences too seriously unless I know all the facts.

    Vague other dreams: One where I run into a gut I use to work with in Canmore.

    The other dream I ran into my cousin, who I use to live with but nothing memorable happened.
    side notes , non-lucid


    by Man of Shred on 07-27-2023 at 05:39 AM
    3 Jamie dreams. one where she is looking at me expecting something of me. Like what? other two she is unreachable, being like a celeb you can't be near. Yeah not happy with these dreams at all.

    Asuka was in a nughty dream...


    Became lucid in some empty basement. mainly just a white hallway with a living area surrounded by 4 rooms. KI vaguely remember walking down the stairs I found and the level below looked exactly the same. Reminded me of some Backrooms stuff, so my mind continued with that. Went down the steps a few times and each time wound up in exactly the same place. inspected a few rooms. Just blank generix rooms with beds. Went in the room nearest the stairs. Tried to manifest a lover in the bed. The sheets rose up as if someone was underneath. Started pulling the blankets off but there was only more crumpled up blankets underneath. got bored again and went down the stairs and wound up in the same place again. went walking to the far room and woke up.


    Yes, I was browsing disney+ and managed to binge watch it twice after not seeing it for 10 years or so. anyway had 2 related dreams. One vague one where there is a plane crash on the beach and a bunch of people are running around and screaming. Second dream I am swimming towards wreckage. This blond hillbilly guy swims up on a part of a raft and points a gun at me. He's yelling at me saying I took the kid. An angry black guy is asking me where his kid went? I try to say something but they won't let me speak. The blond guy (Sawyer), says I was there at the crash and then i vanished for a month and now I just came out of nowhere and keeps calling me an other. I'm just confused and don't know how to get out of the water. Sawyer comes close enough to knock me out but I wake up.


    by Man of Shred on 05-02-2023 at 02:31 PM
    2 Jamie dreams: One where i couldn't find her and i was really upset. Second one was just she was standing in front of me. That's all i remember.

    Manager: I was somewhere and ran into the mcdonald's manager from Canmore, I asked if they were sending employees from elsewhere this summer and If I could get into that program? He just laughed and didn't really give an answer.

    Backrooms: I was briefly in an are that looked like the backrooms. There were vague monsters hanging about.

    2 dreams

    by Man of Shred on 03-11-2023 at 03:02 AM
    Jamie 1

    I;'m sitting with my family at a bar or a house not sure. Jamie is sitting at the table. We don't talk but the vibe is not uncomfortable at all. There's a TV screen that says "Karaoke night." or something. I'm debating if I want to sing anything to myself. Metal songs? or something softer like REO Speedwagon? or a bunch of songs where I replace the word "Baby," with ,"Jamie," in the lyrics to either annoy (or charm) Jamie... Before I decide, I wake up.

    Jamie 2

    Last night: In a dream with a bunch of white walls, long hallways. It's both an inside an outside area... dream logic. I see Jamie in a hallway. There are other people around but I say something heartfelt to her, I forget what exactly. For a fraction of a second she lights up and almost caves,, with a slight laugh. She looks like she is about to hug me. Then her face goes blank and she walks away fast. I walk for seemingly hours through this place looking for her again... but I don't find her.

    Various work related dreams...