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      Hey, hope you come back here some time
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      Drop me a line, my email is still_dream at hotmail dot com
      Do not answer here, please.
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      I'm writing you regarding the post "am I a nagual".

      Are you still searching her?
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      Hi, sorry for kind of stealing your name!
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      Long life, Saviour.
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      ... 667
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      Hahaha, you have received 666 likes XD I almost feel obligated to 'like' something so that it changes to 667. I think I'll wait a day.
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      Love your avatar btw.
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      how long have you been pursuing lucidity
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    MoSh: How about you stop trying to define everything, and just accept what you experience, and explore it.
    - From the DJ of Waking Nomad!
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    Recent Entries

    Dreams over the past few days.

    by Man of Shred on 07-19-2018 at 03:41 AM
    Will the real Jamie please stand up.

    I was on a giant boat/ship surrounded by hundreds of girls that all looked like Jamie. None of them said anything that made any sense. I started getting angry at them. Then Jamie jumps out of the water and lands on the boat, she produces a shockwave when she lands making all the phantom Jamie's fall over and dissapear. "I'm the real one!" She declares.


    Just being at a swimming pool with Jamie. She was getting into an air raft enticing me to join her.

    Which restaurant

    Just a long dream of wandering a big hotel with my brother. I'm getting hungry so I go down an elaborate set of steps which lead to a restaurant. I go to ask for a seat but my brother says that he doesn't like this place. He turns the corner and goes into another bar/restaurant instead.

    Alien high school

    I'm going to strange highschool with my cousin and his girlfriend. We are eating in a cafeteria when one of the students starts having some seizure on the floor. Me and a bunch of other students gather around to watch as he writhes on the floor. Something begins pushing out of his chest. His chest cavity bursts open spurting blood everywhere and a small alien pops out. It runs away and I run out of the cafeteria screaming. I run really fast down long hallways trying to escape it.

    No matter where I go I don't feel safe. I wind up in a stairwell and wait for a second. I still feel like it's stalking me. I go down a few more flights and go into a hallway. The place is no longer a school but more like and apartment building. I enter a completely empty apartment. Then I see my cousin and his girlfriend again. They are hiding out there with me.

    Jamie again.

    I am watching a dream scene. Jamie is sitting down by a grove of trees in the country side talking to someone, but I can't see who. She tells the person, "As I get older the more I realize I love my mom and Robert."


    Just a fragment of me walking around. I paid for something. and kept pulling ore 20's out of my pocket. I had almost a thousand worth.


    by Man of Shred on 07-15-2018 at 07:44 AM

    Just working at mcdonald's. The morning shift came in. A blond girl came in and started asking me questions. From another angle it was a guy with long hair? I kept thinking it was a trans.


    Brief fragment of chatting with Jamie on facebook. I was telling her ,"Well, I have a vacation coming up end of august." The conversation implied we were planning a real life meet.

    I was at a carnival. I was outside a tarped wall when I jumped up and floated. I became lucid because of this. I wanted to look for Jamie. I saw Mike from work (who seemed to have a green shadow on him) and asked him how to teleport out of here? He pointed to a wooden building painted white and said that was the way out.

    I went up to the building and couldn't find any door. I found a crack in the wood and pried it open with my hands. I went inside and found a hallway with no doors. Didn't think that was the way so I went back outside. I kept calling to Jamie and intending to find her. I tried a spin teleportation. I spun around and then fell on the ground and fell asleep. I opened my eyes and sawnothing but white noise like on an old television all around me. My memory fades after this.

    Scary preacher

    FA, in a room with some guy preaching over me. He kept telling me if I fail to show works that I am not really saved. He then kept trying to smother me with a blanket.

    I got up and tried to argue that I am saved by grace through faith. He kept yelling at me that I wasn't saved. He began choking me and yelling. I wanted to yell louder, "I rest solely on the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross as works for my salvation." But he was choking me too hard. All I could muster was, "You listen.." a few times. I couldn't breathe at all because he was choking me and still ranting. I silently prayed for Jesus to give me strength to overpower this man. As if an answer came the dream suddenly ended and I awoke.

    Don't you even try it

    Jamie was driving me out in the country somewhere. She said something that sounded like she wanted to die. I went on a tirade telling her not too. I wish I remembered the words. After probably babbling anti suicide stuff. She said to me, "We have to keep dreaming these dreams or we'll both be alone." I woke up then.


    by Man of Shred on 07-07-2018 at 03:09 AM
    Sprry I haven't posted in so long. I still have recall issues and motivation issues. Here are some dreams I recall over the week.


    Just a dream where everything is sped up. There is driving out in the country side, Going to towns like didsbury and olds. Jamie is outside the dream bubble trying to pry herself in. Sometimes it's like she's projected into the dream.

    Jamie again

    A dream where Jamie is driving me around the same area. She keeps taking wrong turns I tell her we're on our way to see my dad an my brother. She violently turns the car around again and says, "Those people are horrible to you! We are NOT going there!" I appreciate she is trying to protect me. But i try and explain I still visit them at least once a year shortly.

    Very short Lucid

    I'm with my brother running outside. I start making ramps like in fortnite This makes me lucid for a while but I just let the dream play out.


    Some dream where I run into my old friend from chilliwack, Gary. We are in some random house, can't tell if it's his or mine. I am trying to tell him I just had a binch of dreams with him in it, but he's shrugging them off.


    I was in some clubhouse where all these strange old men were. One tall guy with a really fake wig starts yelling at me about something. He is scary I yell at him back but can't remember what about.


    Just a dream of walking in a tall grass field in the summer time. There are all these flowers a bit like sunflowers around.

    Updated 07-08-2018 at 11:31 PM by Man of Shred

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Almost Lucid.

    by Man of Shred on 06-12-2018 at 02:12 AM

    I was walking in a town like the one I grew up in which is chilliwack b.c. I discovered gravity was light and I began flapping my arms. I went up and down a street towards downtown. When I was nearing downtown everything became cartoonish. Suddenly I was flying inside a very large building. It was like downtown outside became inside?

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    Had a dream I ran into her but she was all different. At first she was asking me a real absurd favour... Can't remember what it was. But I had a strong "no," reaction and she dropped it. I then asked if it was her birthday today (June 11)? And she said she was trying to distance herself from her birthday and she no longer identified with it? At first I thought she was joking but she seemed pretty serious about it. LOL
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Had Some vivid dreams.

    by Man of Shred on 05-11-2018 at 07:39 PM
    Finally had some vivid dreams this morning!

    High school

    Had a dream i was outside a high school after it ended. I was in an outdoor lunch area with V a co-worker. We were saying, "See you later.". I gave a high five for some reason.

    House sleep over

    Dreamed I was at V's house having a sleep over or something. I remember a secret room blocked by a bunch of boxes. I found i could jump easily up the boxes and landed in the secret room where there was a TV and a little bed. I liked this place so I kept jumping up the wall of boxes and knocking a few over. I was talking with V a few times in between jumping.

    Fast forward to next day I was on a shrubbery hill with a path leading through it. Was walking with some people and came to a wire fenced gate. The person I was walking with said this was my test: I was supposed to prevent people from their rival gang from crossing the gate. They said a few swear words at people coming up to the fence.

    I saw a bigger woman coming to the fence with a bunch of people behind her. I got ready to hold her off by oushing against the gate. There were too many people pushing and I gave up and let them through. The original people I was walking with looked pissed off, but the rival gang accepted me.

    Transitioned to the gang leaders house. He shook my hand and thanked me for joining his gang? And said he didn't know me but knew a lot of ladies said I was sexy? I was like, "what??? hell no! I made out with a fat girl once." or something. I had no idea what he was talking about.

    We wound up at a casino with a high ceiling. I discovered i could fly.... So I started dog paddling around the air when I woke up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment