I'm looking for people who would like to practice remote viewing with me. It very simple to do, and it's about time I started practicing. Ideally I want people who know a little about it, but that's not really necessary.

This is how I figure it will go down. We meet on MSN or Yahoo messenger, and we take turns holding an object in our hands while the other person tries to describe it. You have to resist trying to guess what the object its, or trying to name it. Only try to describe it, it's texture, size, shape, color, ect. You need to try this from a state of inner silence, so anyone who has experience with that would be a bonus.

For anyone who would like to give it a try right now, I have something I put under my bed months ago for a similar project that got no response. Try to describe it without naming what it is.

Anyone who would like to practice this with me please PM me.