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    Dreams of the Maeniac

    Non-Dream [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Dream[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Lucid[/COLOR]

    [I]Videogames have seized my mind, so my dreams often contain videogame-related themes. Oddly enough, never Touhou-related themes, which is really strange seeing that I almost never play video games anymore, except Touhou.[/I]

    Many of these are old and only half remembered, so that may explain the short and messy descriptions, which happen when I have more text than I have memory.

    1. Random Glimpses

      by , 09-19-2010 at 05:05 PM (Dreams of the Maeniac)
      [SIZE="1"]I don't remember in which order these glimpses were in, so it'll just be like this. I actually think the two first were the two last.
      [LIST][*]You're Waiting for a Train, but You Already Missed it. Shit.[/LIST]
      [COLOR="royalblue"]I'm standing on a really big open space, yet it's underground and really dark. Like a really big trainstation with almost no light. I'm standing on the middle of the platform in a group of 5-7 or so people, but I only recognize 2 of them. One is a guy from my old school, N, and the other is a girl from my old school, M. A train drives past us.
      I get an idea related to jumping in front of the train, and I make a joke about it, [/COLOR](Can't remember, but I think I was reminded of the train in Inception, and was joking that jumping in front of the train would be like a kick so we would wake up, but I didn't make my joke so clear that everyone would know that I had it from Inception.)[COLOR="royalblue"] then I imitate the Inception sound.
      Only M gets the reference and jokes back that now we should check if we are dreaming, but she just laughs and it doesn't seem like she's actually doing any RC.
      I, being reminded of the fact that I not only like Inception, but also Lucid Dreaming, get all hyped and go all "Yeah! We [I]do[/I] have to check!" so I stop and look around and try to remember how I got here. Lo and behold, I couldn't figure out how the hell I got there. I'm a little surprised but mostly amused, [/COLOR](Still seeing the whole thing as a joke)[COLOR="royalblue"] I tell M that I tried and that it must be a dream, but still only jokingly. Go me.[/COLOR]

      [COLOR="royalblue"]Sitting somewhere, watching a movie. But right now I'm in the movie. It's a Harry Potter movie, there's slaves sitting around, hooded, perhaps. It's a long room with stairs at the end, and perhaps some big containers with valves, looks like they're made of copper. Harry comes in and runs towards the staircase, where Ron is, maybe he rescues Ron and the slaves? Anyways, they run towards the exit, and the roof above where they just stood and more hooded people fall down. The slaves and what I assume was Death Eaters all look the same. They come out and now they're in a big courtyard. A black figure in the air hovers sideways down towards them, it looks like one of those wraiths from Oblivion, but it's actually Voldemort. He's wielding a really really long sword. When he reaches Harry and Ron, he starts to give out an evil speech, but there's just one problem, he's speaking japanese. I think I catch a few words here and there, but now I'm aware that I'm sitting in a couch and watching it as a movie. Me and my granddad are watching the movie, and we're both wondering why he's speaking japanese. One of my friends come out of a door, he was watching it too, but he didn't hear any japanese. It was like we were sitting in a room closer to the screen, and the room behind us had a big window, and in there, Voldemort spoke in english, but out here he spoke japanese. Very weird.[/COLOR]

      - [COLOR="royalblue"]I'm standing on a chair, looking at a fan. There's dust and spiders everywhere, I sort of hold the fan in place because it will, for some reason, be really bad if it stops working. Surprise, it stops working.[/COLOR]
      - [COLOR="royalblue"]I'm on a path that leads down to a beach. A bunch of people from my class is sitting around a table. I drop a pen, and C kicks it away as a joke. I go over to get it, further down and closer to the beach.[/COLOR]
      - [COLOR="royalblue"]I'm in the water with H and an unknown guy. One of them dives and tries to grab my leg and pretend they're a shark. I spot a real shark behind him so I panic and kick him until he comes up. We swim to some rocks where we try to get up and try not to get killed. H is being attacked.[/COLOR]

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    2. The Canteen Matrix

      by , 08-22-2010 at 01:49 PM (Dreams of the Maeniac)

      There's something about vampires.
      There's definitely something about vampires. But was the vampire thing before or after the cafeteria? I don't know. Let's pretend it was before.
      [COLOR="royalblue"]I'm some evil guy, fighting another guy. There has been vampires involved, but I have been trying to turn into a vampire, and I know the final steps to become one. Apperantly, I just need to drink a lot of blood now, so I try to scratch this other guy as much as I can, and I'm sort of chasing him around a black and red evil-looking pillar. A pillar which apperantly also helps me become a vampire. I don't know what happened to the other humans or vampires, whether the vampires were killed or if it was the humans, and in that case I don't know who killed them, or if they all died... But one thing is certain, this big, dark, evil-looking room only has me and the survivor human in it. Maybe we used to be friends?

      I think we got out of there, there was something about a pool, and a big white house, a bit like that christmas level in Hitman Bloodmoney, except with more summer and blue pool. You know, high up in the mountains, [/COLOR](Not sure about that)[COLOR="royalblue"] white, square, modern arcitechture [/COLOR](Has to be white, right?)[COLOR="royalblue"], and guards walking around with uzi's and black suits.
      Obviously, a shootout came out of this. I think I was hiding behind a small white wall right next to the pool, maybe I even emerged from the pool? Anyways, there were guards everywhere, around the pool and coming down a long staircase from an upper level of the house.
      Again, I'm not sure if this was before or after...

      I'm in a canteen, or a cafeteria. I think I might be on a school, but I don't think I go to this school. Maybe I'm new and I just don't recognize people. I think there are 2 or 3 people that I know who are, so I just follow them, but I don't really [I]know[/I] them, so the situation is quite awkward; We're standing in a huge queue, waiting to get some food at the counter. I feel slightly claustrophobic. I get my food and sit down at a table, I realize that there's a bunch of stuff missing on my plate. Apperantly I dropped a lot of it on the floor, under the table. Luckily, it was in some sort of packaging, so I just reached down and picked it up again. I don't remember eating anything, because I think I decided to get out of there.
      I went to the end of the room, not the way we came from, a lonely, gray door at the end of the room.
      I enter it, and I'm in a long, white-gray, boring looking hallway with lots of identical, boring, gray doors.
      I enter one of them, and now I'm in an equally boring, tiny room with absolutely nothing in it. This didn't amuse me, so I made a door in the wall in front of me out of thin air. I entered it - another small, boring room with nothing in it. But this room already has 2 doors in front of me. I take the left one.
      Now I'm in a similar room, but this one has been lived in, so it looks a lot more alive - But it still gave off that nerd-who-never-cleans-up-and-never-goes-out feel to it. An overall gray feeling still remained.
      There was a man lying on a couch, watching TV, I think he was holding a can of soda or beer. He looks like he's somewhere between 25 and 35 years old, he's got short, brown hair. [/COLOR](In dream, I don't recognize him, my Dream Intuition tells me he's a gymnasium teacher at the school I was just at, and in retrospect, I think he reminded me a little of Remus Lupin, perhaps more than just in looks.)[COLOR="royalblue"]
      I notice there are a bunch of drawings on the wall right next to the TV and the couch (it's a very small room), I start talking to him. I tell him that drawing like that, random doodles on his wall seemed like a thing I would do. We had a nice conversation, but I forgot pretty much all of it. Somehow, our conversation turns to lucid dreaming, and I suddenly realize that this could be a dream. With a smirk and a feeling of mild interest, I pinch my nose and close my mouth. The teacher is looking at me, looking interested and expectant.[/COLOR]
      [COLOR="darkorchid"]I try to breathe, and sure enough, it's easy to. I'm amazed, confused and a little sceptical. I continue to converse with the teacher, but it's kind of a one-way communication, as I'm probably more thinking to myself. I think for a moment about what I should do. Should I head outside and fly? But then I realize that I don't know where the exits in the canteen is, I think it's a little too bothersome so I decide to stay,[/COLOR] (Laziness at it's peak.)[COLOR="darkorchid"] besides, I'm not entirely convinced that it's a dream yet. I do the nose pinch RC a few times, but now it's a little less clear; I can breathe alright, but the breathing is slightly restricted when I do it. I decide I need to perform another test, even though I'm still in the mindset that this actually is a dream. There's two doors in the room, one right beside TV which leads back, and another door on the wall opposite to the wall with the drawings. I open this door: A huge croud of people is standing in a circle, this door led back to the canteen. I look around on people's faces. I see three people talking, and I turn and see 4 people all in a big conversation, doing their own thing, completely unrelated to anything I could have made up. I notice that their clothings is so different, so colorful and various. The entire crowd is so extremely vivid that I simply decide that the dream is too vivid [/COLOR][COLOR="royalblue"]to be a dream, there was no way that I could have created all those people so vividly and alive.[/COLOR]