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    Dreams of the Maeniac

    Catching a Train

    by , 04-14-2011 at 09:17 PM (1357 Views)

    I was standing on the platform on a train station. It resembled, or at least in my mind it was a train station i know from real life.
    But it wasn't the way it usually was, this time it was curved, and there was a staircase that lead down into a tunnel to my left. The staircase was in the right spot, and there was a platform on the other side of the rails, just like in real life. Difference was that the staircase lead downards, instead of up.
    The train arrives. Me and a pair and perhaps a few others realize that we're on the wrong platform. I started running, down the tunnel to get there. I think I notice some people in the tunnel, but I don't remember what was different about them. I think it might have been a litle girl and some man talking on a phone.

    When I get up on the right platform, I see on a sign that the right train arrives in 1 minute, and then realize that it's actually already here, and not only that, but it's already started moving. For some reason, it stops and lets me get in. There are 6 seats in every row, with still quite a lot of space to walk in. Looks more like the interior of a plane than a train, it has seperate seats with seat belts.
    I'm stressed out from being in such a hurry, so I'm not thinking clearly, so I just quickly scan the room and sit down on the seat that's farthest away from the window and closest to the space where people walk past. I realize that there's a little girl sitting in the seat by the window, which makes me uncomfortable and anxious. Somehow we end up in a tickle fight, and another little girl joins in. No idea where she came from... [/COLOR]

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    1. KimashiZ812's Avatar

      Well, as anyone on here would know, dreams are strange things sometimes.