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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-26-2015 at 04:52 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      I think it's finally time for a proper entry!

      Nah, just kidding.


      Stock Market
      The compound door hisses shut behind metal, circular steel sliding into place. I reflect briefly on the progression of the war taking place on the battlefield just beyond. Verizon was making headway in its ploy to undervalue Lipton's stock prices. Releasing all the ants in the facilities. You know, the ones whose sticky sap helps seal the teabags. My viewpoint flashes to an image of the ants in question sealing up a teabag. They move along the thread attached to the paper nub, entering the teabag one-by-one, vomiting up a little goopy mess as a worker presses the seal with his gloved fingers.

      My view flashes back to inside the compound, I've just poured myself some tea. I take a mouthful...and there's chunky ants in it. I really don't know what I was expecting, I think to myself as I'm spitting the burnt ant remains from my mouth.

      Lying on the hotel bed, my fiance's coworker, J, enters the room from the balcony door, which leads onto the roof. She's picked out a dress she'd like me try on, but I just want to relax on the bed for a bit. She insists, basically forcing me into the dress as I'm lying there. To her credit, it looks decent, but it's definitely a tad long, and the lavender color doesn't look great with the pseudo-knitted style. But hey, at least it got her out of my hair.

      My fiance comes into the hotel room from the hallway, soon after her coworker has left through the balcony. She's visibly upset. "What's wrong?" I ask, worried.

      "J just stole my car." I sigh.

      That all must have been a distraction. I muse to myself. "Don't worry. I'll go get it."

      I make my way onto the roof, toggling invisibility as I go, and see J pulling out of the rooftop parkingspace with my finace's car. She's off before I can close the gap, driving onto the roofs of other nearby building via conveniently placed ramps. I take to the air, maneuvering myself in front of the car, still unseen as I fly between the rooftops. As the car makes another jump, I position myself in the trajectory, phasing through the windshield and plopping down next to J. I drop invisibility, startling her.

      "Really?" I ask.

      She gives some half-hearted excuse that I don't recall.

      Sighing, yet again, I swap our positions, teleporting her to my seat and myself to hers simultaneously. As I turn the car around, she asks "How are you going to get back? You can't exactly drive to higher locations."

      "Guess I'll have to fly it back then."

      "Huh?" she asks as I take the car up and over a ramp, applying flying vehicle properties to it. The car now handles extremely similarly to a Hornet, with a bit of BF Helicopter mixed in. Very soon, I've landed the car back onto the hotel rooftop, and all is right with the world.

      This was it, the breakthrough we were waiting for. I push on the show curtains and step into the shower, a haunting giggle coming from the corner of the tub, behind the shower curtain. Ghost children. They're the key to universal lucidity! "Now, how best to put this into practice," I ponder aloud, just as my alarm wakes me.
    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 11-20-2010 at 09:29 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Written up due to similarities to this dream which occurred on the same night.

      Possessions (DILD)

      Speeding down the road, I sit in the back seat of my mother's red Mazda 5, a box of newly purchased nick-knacks on the floor in front of me. Rummaging through them, I recall their origins. This small, black, flame-decalled hot-rod for instance, and this other model, were both made and painted by some of the best urban artisans in the craft. I watch apathetically as they slide across the floor to other side of the car.

      That's when I notice the both side doors are slightly ajar.

      They're going to fly open, I just know it. . .


      The front side-passenger door opens widely, while the rear door flies backwards, opening the cabin to the rushing, pulling, wind. In an instant, my box is gone, tossed to the side of the road by the currents of air. In the midst of this turmoil, the front door rips away from the car, tumbling wildly as it goes.

      But I'm more worried about my possessions. My mother has no intent on turning back, I know, as she trudges onward, ignoring the speed limit. I guilt her with this, before realizing:

      ”It's a good thing this is a dream. Now I can reverse time and close the doors before any of this even happens.” As I said it, I envisioned it in my mind's eye, oblivious to the fact my mother was turning around—until the g-force from turn hit me as the rubber tires screeched and burned, drifting with the weight of the car. “Or you could just turn around.” I say snarkily. . .

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 10-17-2010 at 09:35 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Tales From a Survivor (DILD)

      The undead are everywhere in this hell-forsaken, urban town. Myself, and three other survivors have managed to snag ourselves an old red Cadillac and are on our way to wherever we can find refuge. Of course, there's only one problem: the car is a stick, and none of us know how to work the damn thing. I volunteer to drive, since I understand the basic concept, and manage to get us moving after some work with the clutch. Unfortunately, I have no feel for shifting gears so every mistimed swerve around the frequent masses of rotting, staggering, corpses dotting our path slows us down considerably. And when you're surrounded by these monsters, the last thing you want to do is slow down.


      The four of us are in a dank sewer system, with another group of survivors, but the green, waist-deep, muk surrounding us is the least of our problems. Cornered, without a clearly defined means of escape, there's a school of zombie piranhas hot on our tail. It's like something out of a dream.

      “This is your dream, after all. . .”

      Says the small girl at my side as I become wholly aware of my situation. This is a dream all right, but I still want to get the hell out of here. Running out from under the large, boat-sized pipe above us, I jump up and pull down on the huge, mildew-covered cart that looks like it belongs on an ancient, over-sized amusement park ride. Motioning for everyone to climb their way out, I begin the journey myself. Halfway up, the cart buckles under our weight, sending me crashing down to the lower seats.

      Great. Now I'm going to be savagely ripped apart and devoured by a bunch of undead fish!

      It isn't pleasant.


      “What are you doing?”

      “Making macaroni pictures for the dead.”

      “Right,” I state, ignoring the clearly-oblivious, craft-obsessed people in the room. The whole scene is quite absurd really. Sure, this might be the last haven on Earth, but is this really the best my mind can up with after that whole tunnel fiasco? The computers in the corner of this modern, windowed atrium-turned-art-room catch my eye. Once there, I find a worn, yellowed note tucked under one of the keyboards.

      “Arts and Crafts
      1600 hours
      We'll be there.”

      Clearly, this is an extraction notice, meaning this area isn't going to be safe for much longer. I guess this explains the whole arts and crafts thing, then. I toss the note aside, and approach the tall double doors at the front of the room.

      That's when the nightmare begins.

      A demented, ethereal voice hisses through the room as the florescent lights around me dim and flicker menacingly. The voice continues its bone chilling speech, piercing not only my ears, but my mind. They're here.

      Stepping away from the door, I locate my group, who're already moving back into the building, away from this madness. As I run to catch up, the tall glass window to my right shatters suddenly, and the stuff of nightmares, the source of the voice, falls through, blocking my path. It's all skin and sinew, with matted black hair on its misplaced, feminine head. Its arms and legs, if you can even call them that, are unnaturally long and bent at disturbing angles. To my relief, it doesn't seem to notice me, and moves sickeningly away, towards the screaming, as more glass shatters around the room, spilling forth the beast's tentacle-mouthed minions. I walk past it, but make the mistake of giving it one last glance.

      Before I know it, it's on top of me, trying to splay my body into bits. Sighing internally, I grab the snarling head, and twist its neck, hard, fast. I'm met with resistance, but it's not enough to save the wretch.


      Turns out the escort was real, and here we are now, riding a Scorpion Tank through a literal sea of undead. I'm designated driver, once again, and sure enough: Tank. Beats. Everything. For fun, I blast holes in the ocean of bodies, sending bits of flesh flying into the cold, red, night air. The zombies fill out their ranks faster than I can take them out, but it doesn't matter to me. I'm driving a fucking tank during the zombie apocalypse for crying out loud. It doesn't get much better than that.

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    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:02 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      It's Weird How Things Tend to Work Out (Non-lucid)

      "The hell?"

      I gazed in confusion as a blue sedan proceeded to crash into the cars in my neighbor's driveway. Oddly, unlike the SUV and the compact, the sedan suffered no damage. What is going on? I thought to myself as the sleek blue car pulled out and positioned itself at the bottom of another neighbor's driveway where one car was parked. The maniac accelerated.

      The ensuing crunching sounds reached me behind the front window of my house. And, to my horror, the still unscathed sedan was almost immediately set up in front of my driveway. Oh, as if I'm going to let that happen! I rush to the door only to hear that I was too late. My view shifted to the third person and panned outside. Each car in my driveway, including the precious Maxima, had been totaled in one fell swoop. I was distraught, befuddled, and enraged.

      I have to make them pay.

      The dream starts to fade. No not yet. With gusto, I summon a sword, but not in my usual way.

      Probably not my best move.

      Still upset, I awaken. But all is not lost! Focusing on the dream, I manage to slip back into it, sans lucidity.

      Dashing across my driveway, I attempt to catch up with the car that's already speeding away. Somehow, I'm actually closing ground. Seeing this, the two garishly dressed occupants bail out and flee on foot. The chase takes us into a cricket field. Not wanting to disrupt the game, I wait for an opportune moment to dash across the field.

      Then some weird crap happens, I get a Blastoise to join up with me, and I discover that the main perpetrators are Jesse, from the Pokemon Anime, and her. . . kid? Oh, and then a Rocket Grunt reclaims the Blastoise, which was apparently his, as the three of them make their getaway on a flying tower.

      Yeeeaah. . .

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    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:53 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Heh, thanks.

      Update as promised:

      BAMFs (Non-lucid)

      I am an officer in some unkown military force. We're making our way through enemy territory and I've been tasked with taking down all enemy choppers with the two mini-guns I am carrying at my sides. I alternate between reloading and firing them, so that I can always have a continuous spray. Soon enough, all the choppers are destroyed. I back up against the castle wall behind me only to have a chunk of my shoulder bitten off by some kind of purple demon or something. I step away from the wall and gather together with my company.

      Our commanding officer steps in and gives us all a pep talk, reminding us of our BAMF state of being. He needs a volunteer. Before he can say what it is everyone steps up. While he appreciates everyone's enthusiasm he chooses me for the job, hitting me on my injured shoulder. All the while this is happening some kind of weird hand is coming out of the lower wall trying to grab at anything it can.

      We move out. As we do, two sickening blue demons come out of the large castle doors behind us. I fire my mini-guns at them. Everyone else takes part. They can't withstand the fire and fall to the ground, dead. Right behind them, however, are two huge wolves. No matter how much we fire at them, they aren't goin down. I try to draw them away from the rest of my squad by firing both my guns at once. The bullets tear through the beasts, but only slow it down so much. It lunges at me and grasps my arm in its fangs. I try to shake it off and fire a minigun into its head, but it doesn't let go. Reflex kicks in and expells me from the dream.

      I should note that the fight with the wolves went on a bit longer than what I wrote, and that the dream reset itself, giving me a second chance to fight them. Unfortunately details are sketchy so I figured this would do.


      Sample? (Non-lucid)


      Some interesting Non-Lucids last night. Here's a sampling.

      Dream: This is Far From Safe
      Traveling in my friend's new Maxima, going down back roads at speeds upwards of 115mph. He's terrible driver. We almost fly off the road on more than one occasion, and every turn he makes has the car leave the pavement just enough not to run us into a wall or something. We here the cops behind us, but they're doing something else, not paying us much attention. . .

      Dream: So Much Power in Such a Small Package
      This is an odd dream in which I try to save this small girl from being hooked up to some kind of weird machine that drains her of her energy. I fail, she's caught, and subsequently hooked up to the machine by some old hag. You know, one of those people you can't stop yourself from hating. Anyways, when she is hooked up, she displays some of her power. An orb of light forms in front of her, uproots a tree with TK, and crashes it into the tents controlling the machine several hundred yards away.

      I'll break this up and rate each one later tonight.
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 12:48 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      The Not So Subtle Knife (DILD)

      I've lost a lot of the details involving the leadup and aftermath of this brief brush with lucidity, so bear with me.

      I'm in a young girl's body, pants off, lounging on a roof overlooking campus. I'm halfway in the window and halfway out of it, just enjoying the view and the warm sun. The plot gets convoluted from here, as I start to interact with this mysterious race of anthropomorphic cats. As this happens, I gradually switch bodies until I'm in my own. One things leads to another, and, before I know it, I'm in a knife fight with one of them. He's got a brown wooden dagger, and I've got a steel single edged blade. We exchange blows, deflecting and blocking each strike. Something seems off about this fight. As I begin to realize I'm dreaming, a surge of confidence rushes through me.

      He slashes at me. I keep my stance, but let the blows hit, knowing he can't harm me. His blade is sharp, but all I feel are small scratches across my chest and arms. I smirk, playtime is over. I whip out a katana and start my assault. I parry his thrusts, and counter with a few solid slashes to his neck.

      My katana is dull. My slashes result only in shallow scrapes. I try to sharpen it, imagining a nearby ledge to be a rotating whetstone. Sparks fly, but the fight continues and I don't get a chance to properly sharpen it. He comes at me again. I throw my useless blade aside and initiate a grapple. Disarming him, I take his dagger, still with control of his wrists, and hack off his right arm. The knife cuts beautifully through his skin and cleanly through the bone. I do the same to his left arm, leaving him helpless and unable to fight.

      At this point, he turns into my mother, who complains that she won't be able to drive to get my brother from work now. Taken aback, I kinda just ignore it and leave the area. I feel as though I have to escape. More of those beings appear in the lumber yard, outside with me. They jump on oddly shaped logs which then turn into flying creatures they ride away on. As I look for one of my own, a rather large cat-man-thing on one of those creatures starts to barrel toward me. Behind a pile of large logs, I see my mount. When I make my way behind this pile, the being crashes into the pile of logs, sending them flying at me. I use TK to stop them from hitting me, but the force of the logs, and the force I used against them, pushes me violently against the fence behind me.

      Pissed off now, I grab one of the huge tumbling logs. Wrapping both arms around it I swing and connect with the being's creature, smashing it down into the ground. Somehow, it gets up and starts to run away. I say something along the lines of "How dare you do that in my dream!" and pursue him on foot, dashing quickly across the sodden dirt ground. Realizing I'm not going to be catching up to him, I put the huge log under one arm and try to flip over his vehicle/creature with TK. The best I manage to do is shake it up a bit, but the guy gets away.

      From there, I lost what little lucidity I had and the dream progressed into nonsensical events involving solicitors, picking my brother up from work, and my green trench coat. I kept the knife with me throughout the whole thing, though. It was a nice blade.

      I remember thinking that I wish I could keep it for use in other dreams, but w/e. I mostly wrote about this one for the fight scene.


      Random Fragments of Randomness (Non-lucid)


      Fragment: Damned Porn Sites
      I'm scanning my brother's old system for viruses. He ends up having over 250 problems/viruses that need addressing and removal.

      Fragment: Nerf War
      Something about a nerf wars group on campus that I joined that has wars with other groups at all times, everywhere.

      Fragment: Accidents Happen
      I pulled over where I had my accident because something else was happening there. I don't remember what though. Prolly another accident.

      Fragment: High Ground
      I took the high ground to get where I was going. Supposedly it was more dangerous. I'm not sure why, or where I was even going for that matter.

      Fragment: Action Movies
      I watched some really bad action movies with friends from the previously mentioned group.
    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 12:39 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Festival! Festival! (Non-lucid)

      So, a majority of the details in the dreams I had last night I've lost, thanks to a rude awakening by my brother who needed a ride to work. This is a shame because there were two dreams that were a lot of fun.

      I can't recall the details, but for some reason my father was messing around, and wasn't letting me into the hybrid. We were in a place that seemed to be a mixture of a European touristy city and Baltimore's Inner Harbor. My dad took off, leaving the window open and me holding on. I tried to keep up with the outrageously slow speeds the hybrid is capable of, but was tiring out quickly. This triggered a dream reflex and I started Hovering, which allowed me to easily keep up, and get an amazing view of the moonlit water and hotels and the festival that was going on.

      Unfortunately, that's all I can remember of that dream.


      Flying Feces (Non-lucid)

      The next full dream I can recall was a good one.

      Some scientists were conducting experiments in order to better understand consciousness and the idea of self. I was their subject. I didn't know it at the time, but I was a clone. Newly created, devoid of any previous experience or thought. An empty shell. As they went ahead with their experimentation, I wondered what they were testing me for. I caught bits and pieces of what they were discussing, and thought, why do they need to know if I'm me, I am me. At 'I am me', realization washed over me. I became fully conscious, not lucid mind you, but aware enough to break free of my restraints, and Fly out of the facility.

      As I flew around, just generally enjoying myself, the dream progressed. I found out that I was in fact a clone, and that the person they had cloned me from was very rich and currently in a coma. Close to death, he had a fiance who was going to get everything. She didn't even love the man, so I took his place, feigned a miraculous recovery, and proceeded to teach her a lesson. It ended with her jumping into an open sewer line that was filled with liquefied feces and other excrement. I'm pretty sure she drowned, but my brother woke me before I could find out.