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    Rating System of Awesomesauce™

    I rate my dreams based on eight key factors and consider a variety of questions pertaining to each one:

    Importance - What kind of effect did this dream have on me? Was there an important event? Did I do something cool for the first time, or complete a goal?

    Action - What was going on as far as the plot was concerned? Was there just a lot of talking and going from place to place, or did some serious shit go down?

    Control - Regardless of my lucidity, how well was I able to exert my will over the dream? Was my control decent in some parts, or did I mess up now and again? What kind of results did I end up getting.

    Vividness - How clear were my surroundings? What about the detail? Did colors pop or did they blur?

    Writing - Did my prose capture the essence of the dream? Was the writing itself good, bad, or simply sub-par?

    Humor - Did something make me smile or laugh in amusement? How funny would others find the same thing? Do I really care what they think in this case?

    General Awesomeness - Was there anything in the dream that stood out as being exceptionally cool? How much awesomesauce did I excrete through my pores while sleeping through that dream?

    Bad-Assery - Did I kick ass? Did I do it before running out of bubblegum?

    Each of these Categories can earn up to five stars. I then add the stars together and find the range the total score sits in.

    0 to 8

    9 to 16

    17 to 24

    25 to 32

    33 to 40

    Of course, I'll only be showing the overall score of each entry. The only exception to that rule is when I post dreams to the Gallery. As an example, here's one of my Gallery Pieces. The full rating can be seen at the bottom of the post.

    The final ratings can be found on the top right of single and multi-dream entries. Alternatively, you can use your eyes to find them. Go figure.


    SSS's can't earn a rating higher than three stars.