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    Hey, Mzzkc! What methods do you use to induce your super-special-awesome-fudge-coated-super-lucids?

    Well, I generally use a variety of methods depending on my mood or sleeping conditions at the time. MILDs have worked well for me in the past, and I'm pretty good at the whole WILD thing. You can read up on my suggestions for that particular technique in my various guides. Still, most of my LDs are DILDs that occur from a combination of intent and an above average level of awareness.

    Sup, dawg? So about how many LDs have you had in your lifetime?

    I never really counted anything outside of WILDs during the four or so years I've been practicing. But if it's any indication, between January 2010 and the start of June 2010 I had well over 100 LDs. Probably closer to 200.

    Fast forward to today and I probably broke the 1k mark awhile back.

    What's up with those black stars above each of your dreams, and how can I use them in my journal?

    Oh, those little buggers? They're my fancy-pants Rating System of Awesomesauce™ which I use to give my readers not only an indication of which dreams are worth their time, but a great way of sorting through them! They are a result of Epic Hax and no one is allowed to use them without first answering these questions three: What is your--screw it, here's the unicode links to the black star and the white star. Copy and paste at your leisure.

    What about this whole shared dreaming thing? You into that stuff?

    From my own experiences, and from the experiences of those I trust, I have come to the conclusion that shared dreaming is real, at some level. If you want to attempt to share dreams with me, feel free to stop by anytime. Just be prepared to defend yourself, if things get antsy.

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    So, I herd you liek comments. Confirm/deny?

    Comments are great! Feel free to comment on anything and everything! Just try to keep the flames down to a small bonfire, if you can. ^.^

    What's a BONUS ENTRY OF DOOM!™ and will it help me unlock?

    These little gems are dreams from the past. I throw them in occasionally when I have nothing better to write about. And no, they probably won't help you unlock your Jedi.

    What about the ˇSingle Sentence Sizzlers!® ?

    They're entire dreams that I relate in one, succinct sentence; they won't help you unlock your Jedi either.

    Watcha doin?

    Contemplating new formats and shenanigans. Things might get interesting. Or not. But probably yes.

    How you do dat format thingy with da words and da colors?

    I used Banhurt's Dream Journal 2.5 to record and publish my dreams. That is. . . until I stopped using Windows and made the jump to Linux. Nowadays, I just have a nice template I edit in Google Docs.

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