• Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views


    1. I won't post the really boring stuff. Everything I post should be interesting on some level, or at the very least, important to me in some way.

    2. Brevity is key. I leave out a lot of mundane details so you don't have to wade through too much text in order to get to the good stuff.

    3. The "Mind Scars" will always be within spoiler tags. Expand them at your own risk. This is targeted mostly at people who know me IRL.

    4. Truth and accuracy can be expected from each one of my entries. If I don't recall a dream well enough to write something with integrity, I'll refrain from putting it up instead of trying to fill in the details myself.

    5. I'm a stickler for quality. My entries should reflect that.

    6. If something about my DJ is bothering you, and you bring it to my attention, I'll be sure to look into it. Changes will be made if I agree with you.

    7. This DJ is for the readers. I don't get much out of this besides the satisfaction of knowing I've brought some entertainment to someone else's day. That means if you want to see more of a certain kind of entry, let me know! I'll be more than happy to hook you up.


    The writing presented in the journal is very raw. It's the result of a groggy head, and fingers, typing out whatever words come to mind. I don't have time to edit each and every thing, so expect a lot of grammatical issues with newer posts. I'll try to fix things as I read through them myself, but I won't be able to catch everything.

    I can't always control the content of my dreams. Reader discretion is advised.

    Views expressed by DCs may not reflect the actual views of Mzzkc. Stfu, it totally makes sense.

    Any relation between characters in the entries and real persons, living or deceased, may be really uncanny, but these are dreams we're talking about here. Seriously. . .