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    1. My Little Ponies; Hobbits

      by , 11-21-2013 at 09:15 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 11, 2002:

      I had a dream last night about My Little Ponies and stuff. There was this alternate dimension you could go to by climbing this one cliff, but only if you climbed it along the correct path, and there was an evil wizard queen who was keeping all of them in cages, and I had to crawl through a sewer. And it was all animated.

      Then I had another dream, and in it I was with a group of people, and we were all spellcasters or something, and I was a hobbit, and I was with a bunch of other hobbits in an army and we had to drive a big Evil out of our land. Only it killed my best friend. . But somehow, before I was going to die, I got teleported somewhere safe, so I only wound up in a coma, and another hobbit who had been in the battle and survived it befriended me. So we decided that we had to seize the fortress of the big bad guy, and it was set up a lot like a dungeon in a way. Lots of stone and metal grates. But still technological. And it was actually a space ship. So we fought our way through it, only the entire time we were moving forward the badguys were closing in behind us, until we had gotten in too deeply to turn back, and a REALLY BIG evil dude who was like a vampiric slug thing attacked me and started gnawing on my guts, but my party members killed it. We kept going, except we could hear a really big SOMETHING behind us and quickly getting closer. I shut it off from the room with a heavy grate, and we somehow managed to get to the docking bay and blast off in a smaller ship right as it busted through the door. It was like Jabba the Hutt with octopus tentacle things, and it had a whole horde of smaller badguys with it. Then the ship we were in accelerated and we left them behind. And then there were more My Little Ponies, for some reason. The end.
    2. Evil Clay, Murder Squid

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:06 PM
      Original journal entry dated Feb. 9th 2002:

      I had another bizarre dream last night. In it, M and A were going to a college in California, and they were driving there. I was going to a college in Michigan, and bummed because I couldn't go with my friends. My mother and her boyfriend were going to a casino somewhere. Anyway, M and A, instead of using a map, rolled up a little ball of clay and gave it a face. It would shout directions at them and tell them how to get where they wanted. But it was EVIL. And its strength came from mirrors. So at one point, they smashed every mirror in the hotel room trying to kill it. But it WOULDN'T DIE! And they'd given my mother one of them, too. As for myself, I had stayed home trying to figure out how I could follow my friends, but they showed up at my house saying that they hadn't been able to get to California. And then my mother and her boyfriend came home.

      Original entry dated Feb. 1st, 2002:
      Regarding several dreams taking place over a period of time:

      Dream #1:
      I dreamed about a vampire who was actually a large anthropomorphic lion, only he kept falling into lava and coming back to life. And I dreamed that I was at the Russian Olympic games, where one of the sports was to swing around a pole and see how far one could vault into the water. This feat was performed by 6 foot tall 8-year-olds. I sat in the bleachers, only I didn't have a ticket, so when they came around looking at peoples' tickets, I forged one and tried to remain inconspicuous.

      Dream #2:
      I dreamed that we were in a car trying to cross a bridge, which was actually a large ramp across a channel - you accelerated and then flew through the air and landed on the other side - but we kept crashing and dying.

      Then I was on an ocean-liner with my aunt, and there was a murderer loose, and he would claim his next victim by slashing them on the thumb a day or two before he killed them. And my aunt got a slash on her thumb, so then she was really scared, and then my finger turned into a squid, so we all became vegetarians because we could no longer stand the sight of shrimp.
    3. The Last Few Dreams

      by , 06-12-2008 at 02:54 AM
      (original post dated 06/11/2008)

      I had a dream that there was a baby who went missing, and that the stepfather was the suspect, but the police could never prove anything. Also something about him trying to give it away to another family by convincing them that it was their own lost child, but they came to their senses and knew better. In any case, the child's sibling spent their whole life trying to find out what happened, and prove that the stepdad did it.

      I had another dream that R and I were driving around Orlando/Venice/Florida at night, looking for a public pool (I think?) and wound up driving up this ramp that wrapped around this condo building in a spiral, the top had no rails and Reese was scared to try backing up, we didn't know how to turn around and get down again, and she was ranting about how anyone who lived at the top of this thing was insane.

      I had a dream about a woman whose boyfriend beat up on her, finally scaring her by threatening to throw her out of a window (the drop was 5 stories), she finally had enough and sent HIM through the glass. He unfortunately survived the fall, although he lost a lot of blood, and she was afraid he was going to come after her again. Somehow the dream twisted so that he turned into a gigantic robot for reasons I don't understand, and the cops were completely useless in the ensuing shootout, but somehow she got the best of him, although I don't remember how.

      This was followed by a dream about giant anthropomorphic vampire bats. Throughout most of the dream, I didn't realize the grandmother, mother, and baby were vampires as well, only that the grandmother was intent on killing the Head Vampire (also the head of the family), which she finally succeeded in, revealing that she and the others were also vampires by commenting that "the baby needs fresh blood for feeding" and then commenting that she was willing to go without, and would fill up on milk, although that always brought the chance of disease with it into the house. Very strange.

      In any case, I must have been thrashing around in my sleep, because when I do that my pet rabbit gets upset and sits next to the bed. When I woke up, she was huddled right next to me again. She tends to do this when I have a nasty nightmare, which makes me think that I may talk or yell a lot whenever I'm having one. This is corroborated by roommates, boyfriends, etc. It's touching that she does this, but I'm worried I might hurt her while I'm thrashing around.
    4. Vampire robot peach

      by , 02-17-2008 at 02:36 AM
      Original dream dated 02/16/2008:

      Dreamed about a guy writing an autobiography about his brother, a historical war-lord. This turned into me and my mother watching a movie about it, but Mom didn't like it because it was violnt and graphic (at one point, a maggot-filled horse exploded). Then, it turned into real life again, only instead of a medieval villain he was a vampire-robot and the robots were trying to take over the universe. They destroyed a really large, advanced human city and took it over.

      Some friends and I went on an archaeological dig to try to find out their source or history, and we found an ancient buried portal to a space ship, where we found Robocop. Then, we got chased by a fleet of enemy ships.

      Then I dreamed that Princess Peach was evil and started taking over the world, and I was trying to play as Mario, except Mario was a Starship Trooper and I was fighting vampire robots who were also tiny ants. All of this took place in the evil vampire robot capital city, which looked a lot like a level from "Donkey Kong".