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    My Little Ponies; Hobbits

    by , 11-21-2013 at 09:15 AM (565 Views)
    Original journal entry dated July 11, 2002:

    I had a dream last night about My Little Ponies and stuff. There was this alternate dimension you could go to by climbing this one cliff, but only if you climbed it along the correct path, and there was an evil wizard queen who was keeping all of them in cages, and I had to crawl through a sewer. And it was all animated.

    Then I had another dream, and in it I was with a group of people, and we were all spellcasters or something, and I was a hobbit, and I was with a bunch of other hobbits in an army and we had to drive a big Evil out of our land. Only it killed my best friend. . But somehow, before I was going to die, I got teleported somewhere safe, so I only wound up in a coma, and another hobbit who had been in the battle and survived it befriended me. So we decided that we had to seize the fortress of the big bad guy, and it was set up a lot like a dungeon in a way. Lots of stone and metal grates. But still technological. And it was actually a space ship. So we fought our way through it, only the entire time we were moving forward the badguys were closing in behind us, until we had gotten in too deeply to turn back, and a REALLY BIG evil dude who was like a vampiric slug thing attacked me and started gnawing on my guts, but my party members killed it. We kept going, except we could hear a really big SOMETHING behind us and quickly getting closer. I shut it off from the room with a heavy grate, and we somehow managed to get to the docking bay and blast off in a smaller ship right as it busted through the door. It was like Jabba the Hutt with octopus tentacle things, and it had a whole horde of smaller badguys with it. Then the ship we were in accelerated and we left them behind. And then there were more My Little Ponies, for some reason. The end.

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