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    1. Old Winter Cabin

      by , 04-03-2013 at 03:57 PM
      A possible Lake House dream...

      The visuals were very realistic... I was driving down a long straight highway. It was daylight but the sky was overcast. The road was lined with leafless tall trees on both sides. My GF was with me. The mood was fine. I made a right turn from off the main two-lane highway, onto a straight single lane road. After a mile or two, this road came to a grouping of half-dozen or so one-story cabins.

      I only slightly recall being inside our cabin. It was old, browning, and looked unused for many years. I had the impression we were renting it for vacation.

      We left after a brief stay and came to the spot on the narrow road that connected back to the main highway. Instead of returning the way I came, I made a right turn...

      I felt uncertain as to what my destination was at this point, -then I woke up.

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    2. Night Hike on the Freeway

      by , 10-28-2010 at 12:12 PM
      About a week ago, I went to bed worried. I recently lost a very important journal and I was attempting to clear my mind to remember where I might have hidden in. I started to dream instantly when I fell asleep - which has only occurred a few times in my life. I was not attempting a W.I.L.D.:

      I suddenly found myself walking on 101 (a 5-lane freeway in California) in the middle of the last lane before the fast lane. I paused to look around. Even though it was a starless night, I could see in perfect clarity and the visuals were photo realistic or better. I walked a few steps forward towards an overpass that was maybe 20-ft ahead. In the dark, I heard a car crash in the lane ahead just beyond the freeway overpass. I couldn't see that far in the darkness... But, I could hear car parts flying everywhere.

      One large piece of a car door came skidding directly towards me and stopped just at my feet. The visuals were so vivid, that I instantly suspected I was dreaming. I looked around again, no other cars or people were around. I moved my hand up as if to direct myself into the air. I levitated off the ground, above the height of the overpass with complete ease and control.

      Stationed on top of the overpass was something like an unused construction piece with a tower like structure. Atop that structure was something large with multiple points, covered in a tarp. The dream began to fade. I thrashed around to keep it going, and I remember thinking: this is my chance to search my subconscious for information.
      Instead, I woke a minute-or-two after I had laid down.

      I still haven't found the journal. If my subconscious was providing me with some sort of clue, at present, I have no idea what it was. Nearest I could figure, the journal might have slid underneath something. However, I searched my floor thoroughly. Any and all possible interpretations are welcome...

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