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    1. Neighborhood: Magic Garden

      by , 04-02-2011 at 07:06 PM
      I had very detailed dreams last night that sadly are forgotten. Again, I'm sleeping soundly and without interruptions which is making recall extremely weak.

      #1: I woke up at night feeling exceptionally well rested and fresh, although it was still dark. I sprung out of bed and started to move away. Something was amiss. I realized, this is a dream! I turned around to look at the bed and I saw myself laying there asleep next to my GF who suddenly woke up and looked at me with a smile. I said, "This is a false awakening."

      I vaguely recall explaining to her how often we have false awakenings in our dreams, as a form of travel...

      This may be a later part of the same dream in which I was no longer lucid, or semi-lucid:

      #2: I was walking on the street one block down and parallel to my block. It was dark outside. I remember walking past one of my old friends house there and looking in the front window. It was dark inside but I could see the sofa. It was the pull out bed type and I could see blankets a mess as if someone had recently slept there, but gone now. (Remarkably similar to the fragment above.)

      I made my way down to the intersection which was mysteriously a garden bursting with strange colorful little plants. I had some sort of watering pail in my hands. I watered several plants and they reacted by moving and glowing. Inside the water pail, there was a potted plant. I could feel the weight of it and see the silhouette. In my reasoning, this was a special plant that fertilized the water in a way that made it extra nutritious for other plants.

      There was more to this dream, or additional dreams, because I recall interacting with other people in a downtown area.

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