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    1. great grandmother's house

      by , 02-20-2012 at 02:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out in front of my great grandmother's house in the daytime. I stood looking in through her front window, which IWL was too high for me to look right into.

      My great grandma appeared in the window. I probably knew that she was dead. I think I had the feeling that this was either a dream or some kind of paranormal experience allowing me to see my grandma. So I just told myself to keep calm and let things happen.

      My grandma slid up the window, as if this were a double-paned window, which it was not IWL. I believe I asked my grandma how she was doing. I didn't believe she would give me an answer, as my "imagination" wouldn't be good enough to "create" a spontaneous answer from her.

      But my grandma did answer. She very gently said she was doing fine, but that she was here more to get an idea of how I personally was doing. She told me I should be more concerned about that as well.

      My grandma said she had to go take care of something in the house. She may have directed me to come into the house.

      I was now in the house, alone my grandma's "guest room," which I spent a lot of time in as a kid. The lights may have been off, but there was natural light coming into the room.

      Suddenly I was aware that my mom and my oldest nephew were under the bed. I could hear them talking. I must have felt that they weren't actually quite my mom and my oldest nephew. I felt like they were supposed to scare me somehow.

      The lights now went out in the room. I could hear a switch click -- like the daylight coming in through the windows was controlled by a light switch. The room was now dark as night, with just a bit of light coming from the hallway.

      My nephew's voice began laughing insidiously, like he was really trying to scare me. I got the feeling that he wasn't really my nephew, but a demon.

      I yelled at the voice, "I'm not afraid of you! You can't scare me!"

      I got the feeling that the body for the voice had actually transformed into a monster like a Chinese dragon, with something of a human body, and that the monster would soon jump out from under the bed to attack me.
    2. stage photo for sister

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:03 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was part of some situation that was like a TV show. In the show, there was some guy, who was either a young man or a young man dressed up like an old man. As the young man, he may have been clean-cut and slightly effeminate, wearing some kind of plaid, Abercrombie-style shirt. As the young man made up as an old man, he had white hair and wore a black suit.

      The man and I were with a few other people. The man started talking about how he was gay. I said it didn't matter to me whether he was gay. I said that I wasn't gay.

      There was now a transition scene, maybe to a commercial. The transition scene showed a bunch of hot girls in spandex suits like exercise outfits doing some kind of hip-hop dance on a big, wooden platform, like the floor of a dance studio. But this "floor" was either elevated above buildings, on the roof of a building, or attached like a ledge to a building. The camera panned away, revealing a huge city.

      I was now in a theatre. It was like the program I'd come to watch had finished. We were all leaving the theatre. There were only a few people left in the seats. I was up in the balcony. A female friend of mine stood to my right. Looking down to the stage area, I saw a big, wooden platform. It almost looked like a gigantic, wooden bed frame, with a tall, narrow mirror as the headboard.

      I told my female friend, "That's what my sister wanted me to take a picture of! She'd told me she wanted a souvenir shot of the big bed from the show. I had no idea what she was talking about. But now I remember it!" I also remembered that the "big bed" was the platform the dancers had been on during the transition scene.

      I pulled out a camera and started to take a picture. There were two girls, one in her early teens and one a bit younger, standing by the stage. The older girl wore a long, maroon sweater and a wool cap, and she had straight, black hair that flowed almost down to her waist.

      Either as the dream ended or as I woke up, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the two girls to stand near the "big bed," so I could illustrate the size of the bed by using them as reference points.
    3. monkey friend; picking up the kids

      by , 06-24-2011 at 11:45 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a bedroom with a small, skinny monkey. I was going to have to take care of the monkey for a long time.

      The monkey was playing around on a bed. There may have been two beds in the room. The bed the monkey was playing on had nothing but a white sheet over the mattress.

      I went over to the space between and just past the feet or heads of the beds. I knelt or lay down on the floor, in kind of weird, awkward ways Sometimes my knees were folded under my stomach while my stomach was nearly parallel with the ground. Other times my legs were stretched out in a crooked way while my torso was twisted and diagonal to the floor.

      I unbuttoned my shirt. I was planning to take my shirt off altogether, for some reason. It may have been because I needed to take a shower. Or it may have been a part of the "monkey training." But I told myself I needed to be careful.

      Apparently it was known that when monkeys first see humans with no shirts on, they take it as a sign of aggression. So I could only gradually reveal my chest to the monkey. I could do this either by slowly removing my shirt or by only gradually turning toward the monkey once my shirt was off.

      But as I was thinking about this (I may also have been wearing a heavy jacket over my shirt), the monkey came up to me. He crawled up onto my chest and approached my left (?) nipple. The monkey was going to try breast feeding from me.

      Dream #2

      I was in a house with my mom and my sister. I stood or sat between two rooms. One room was more like a bedroom. It was dark blue. I don't know what the other room was. My mom sat in the other room. Somewhere, in one of the rooms, was a beige SUV, which was the family vehicle.

      My mom told my sister that the kids (my nephews) needed picking up. My mom thought my sister would pick up the kids. But my sister now said she wasn't going to do it. She'd thought my mom was going to do it. My sister basically flatly refused to pick up the kids.

      But my mom then mentioned something fun that had to be done once the kids were picked up. This was why she'd asked my sister to pick up the kids in the first place. My sister now said she was going to pick up the kids. It was now like she was refusing to let anybody else go pick up the kids. She may even have refused to let anybody else come with her on the ride.
    4. talking business and sexual arousal

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:37 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a small, tight bedroom with three old, white men and one young, black man. I was sitting in a metal-framed dining chair. One old man sat to my right. Another old man sat to my left. The third old man and the young man stood off to my left, near the foot of the bed. My vision was largerly focused inward and downward, really close to my body.

      The three old men were very rich. The young man and I were talking about working on a number of different projects for a company. There were at least three projects. The young man said that we should focus on the project that was something like an award ceremony, possibly for one key performer.

      I kind of felt like this wasn't the right thing for us to be focusing on. The other two projects were more administrative. They actually dealt with problems, and they actually needed work.

      My vision kind of drifted off, down really close to the floor and then toward an empty closet with open doors. I also had visions of photographs, like snapshots being laid one on top of the other, like in some TV show or commercial about traveling. Most of the snapshots had white borders, but some had pink borders. The photos may have been related to the projects the young man and I were discussing.

      My vision came back to my body. I dropped photos on the floor. I stood up and then bent over at the waist, with straight legs, to grab the photos. I basically shoved my rear end in the face of the old man to my right. I could see my back side. I was kind of old and flabby somehow, and I was wearing slacks that were really nice but kind of baggy. Somehow I could also see my butt through the pants.

      I sat down. The guy to my right was now acting really excited and nervous. We were all trying to talk about something, but the old man to my right was really too distracted to do so.

      The young man somehow let me know that when I had shoved my rear end in the old man's face, I'd really turned him on. Now the old man couldn't think about anything other than having sex with me.

      The young man let me know that I'd probably end up having to have sex with the old man now, if we wanted to get anything done with our business. The young man said, "Don't worry. I've had to do it before, too."
    5. blood and skin test

      by , 05-19-2011 at 11:25 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a hospital room with a young man and woman who appeared to be doctors. The woman was blonde and slightly tanned. The man's appearance may have changed, but at least for some time he had long, frizzy-curly hair and a short beard. Both doctors wore long, white lab coats. The woman sat at a desk with a computer. At first I lay on the bed. The whole place felt really cluttered somehow.

      I was going to have a blood test and a skin test. I was familiar enough with how people took blood, but I was kind of worried about the skin test. I didn't know how people took skin samples.

      The man told me, "It really hurts. And the pain stays with you. Because you have to keep the skin sampler on you for half an hour. And the whole time you have it on, it's just like, 'Aagh! Aagh!'" I thought that if what the man was saying was true, this would really suck. But I wasn't going to be afraid.

      The man took my right (?) hand. He took a lime-green, plastic device that looked like a thimble as long as an index finger. He put the base, the open end, against the back of my hand, right where the thumb joint comes into the base of the hand. I knew there was a little, guillotine-blade-shaped metal device inside the thimble.

      The man clicked something on the thimble. The blade snapped down and dug into my skin. It hurt a little, but not as much as I'd thought it would. I kept waiting for some kind of delayed effect, like a pain that would get worse and worse. But I just kept having the same kind of dull pain.

      Eventually I walked over to the woman, who still sat at the computer. She was going to take my blood. I figured I might as well hang out near her while I waited for her to draw my blood. For some reason, for this entire time, I kept my hand elevated right in front of my face.
    6. diaper picture; girl in movie theatre

      by , 05-10-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a bedroom. The bedroom was really messy, and it had two beds, both of which were strewn over with tons of blankets.

      I was looking at a pad of paper which hinged at the top, like a gum-bound sketch pad. All the pages were filled in, but mostly with words and images like photographs, as if this were some kind of newspaper or underground magazine. The images were in black and white. A lot of the images were supposed to be pronographic, and I think they were meant to turn me on personally, as if to prove I was perverted.

      One kind of badly printed, overexposed photo showed a girl lying stomach down on her bed. Her head was buried under blankets, but the rest of her body was visible. She wore a dark tank top, a mini-skirt, and a diaper. I thought the girl was an adult at first. But then I came to think she might be a little girl. I tried to look closer to see the photo.

      To my right, on the other bed, a little girl lay stomach down, wearing a diaper, like in the photo. An old man either knelt by or sat on the bed. He was well dressed and had somewhat nicely arranged, grey hair. But he looked really scary, and his plae blue eyes seemed to be bugging out of his head. He kept poking the girl's bottom with his index finger.

      My mother, or a woman my mother's age, may also have been in the room.

      I looked back to the sketch pad, to try and find the photo. But I couldn't find it. I kept flipping through the pages. But I might only have seen a bunch of words. I heard some voice talking about the passage of time and how sad it is that we can't go back to what we used to be.

      Dream #2

      I was in a movie theatre, sitting on the left end of a right aisle, a few rows back from the front. I was all alone in the row. My brother and a couple other people his age sat in the row in front of me. The lights were on in the theatre. It was like one movie had just finished and we were now waiting for another to start.

      A tiny, little girl with kind of long, messy-curly, blonde hair and wearing a long-sleeved, red shirt and a diaper asked if the seats to my right were free. I said yes. She may have asked something else, because my brother was standing up and giving all kinds of advice to the little girl.

      The little girl sat in the seat right next to me. She grabbed my arm and cuddled against it. She said, "I'm so happy we get to sit with you. My mommy will be here in a second."

      I felt like my brother was jealous that the little girl had completely ignored him while he was giving his advice, and that the girl was so excited to sit by me. I hoped it wouldn't cause him to have any emotional difficulties or outbursts. But my brother must have sat down with his friends.

      Eventually the girl got kind of bored sitting by me. She hopped off the seat and tapped on the back of my brother's seat, as if she wanted to talk to him. Now I felt a little jealous.
    7. dirty comics; freezing up at track meet

      by , 05-07-2011 at 01:15 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I read two comic book stories which had an American comic book style, but which were put together in a manga-like book. But I think the book read from left to right, not from right to left. Both the stories involved a woman seducing a very young girl.

      The first story I read was near the back of the book. It was very colorful, and it seemed to have Buddhist images somehow, something like mandalas or tankgas (?).

      The second story I read was all done in black and white. It looked almost like a Love and Rockets comic. In this story, a woman had a little girl lying on the bed on her back. The little girl wore only a miniskirt. The woman holding something that looked like a small tea pot.

      At some point the woman darted her body closer to the little girl. I could almost see the woman's movement, and I heard a sound like steam.

      Dream #2

      It was a clear, sunny day. I was running on a track with a group of other people. Almost all, if not all, of the other people were black. We were probably all in a race, although nothing about the race felt particularly focused.

      At the first curve of the track I may have been in glaring sunlight. The track may have felt large and wide, and it may have felt like there were large grandstands on the final stretch of the track.

      At some point there may have been a man behind me, taunting me and trying to intimidate me with his movements. I decided to run even faster (although we may hardly have been doing little more than jogging in the first place) to get away from the man.

      I hit the second curve. The fist part of the second curve was shaded by tree canopies. The second part, going into the home stretch, was sunny.

      The activity of the people on the track became even more unfocused, or more relaxed, than it had been before. There were some people just running back and forth across the width of the lanes. Other people were stretching or warming up on the grass.

      I found myself being passed by a lot of people. I may have been wondering why I hadn't been running fast all along. Now I'd slowed down again, and I was mad at myself for having slowed down. I tried to speed up, but my legs were frozen. I could barely move them, and it was getting harder and harder to move them.

      A woman passed me and ran through the end of the curve of the track, to the final stretch. She was tall, with light brown skin, a mucsly frame, and pale red-brown hair. She wore a white, bikini-style two-piece running suit. The bottom seemed a little loose on her. As she ran, her buttocks flexed really hard and became like big, tight spheres.

      As I reached the end of the curve, I may have seen a shiny, silver UFO in the sky. It may have looked like a flying saucer with a silvery lighthouse-top attached to it. It may have shot out an orange-red ray.

      (Side note: I'm kind of doubtful about the image of the UFO. In other words, I'm not sure if it was part of my dream or something that came in after I woke. But the image was so strongly "there" that I put it in my journal.

      Last night I went to bed reading the book Measure of Madness by Cheryl Paradis. It's a series of stories from Dr. Paradis' career as a forensic psychologist. In one of the stories, a man shoots a couple of sanitation workers because he thinks they're aliens.

      I think my sight of the UFO in or after the dream was somehow influenced by that story.)
    8. ceremonial dinner and complaining mother; boss, sister, and sack lunches

      by , 04-23-2011 at 02:45 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a kitchen in a small suburban house at night. The kitchen was dim, as if lit only by a small fluorescent light from some place like over the counter or the sink. A small oval table filled up most of the kitchen. The kitchen opened directly to the living room and gave a straight view to the house's front door, which was open.

      I seem to have seen everything from a point of view as if I were sitting on the floor or as if I were a small child standing near the table.

      There were a lot of people in the kitchen. Some of them were probably my family members. Others were possibly friends of my family members, but I'm pretty sure I didn't know them. We were celebrating some kind of Asian ceremonial dinner.

      My old friend L stood up and said that her husband was in the bedroom. Apparently he was too sick to come out into the kitchen with the rest of us. But he was still going to celebrate the Asian ceremony. I could see him in bed, wearing pale blue, 1950s style pajamas, sitting in a big, fluffy bed, possibly even with an old style ice pack on his head and a thermometer in his mouth.

      L had prepared a whole tray of dinner items for her husband. The tray was silver, and there was a tall, thin, silver coffee pot on it. L herself was dressed in an "Asian-style" (???) black, silk mini-dress. The dress was sparsely adorned along the chest with gleaming squares of red and green glass or jewels. At the waist there were squares of diamonds (?) which were arranged to look like a thick belt.

      L looked so beautiful, and her dress' adornments gleamed so brightly that everybody was stunned into silence as she walked out of the kitchen. In the living room she turned left and walked out of sight. One guy in particular, possibly a fattish, oldish man, had his mouth wide open in arousal.

      There seemed to be much fewer people in the kitchen now. In fact, it may have been just my mom, one other person, and I. I now saw a line of older, Asian men walking into the house and filing into the kitchen. There were three or four men.

      The men wore long, slender robes of a thin material like bed sheets. The robes were kind of neutral colors, like pale, light brown. They had kind of standard, paisley-like designs, like you might see on a bandana. The men also wore headdresses that seemed to be made out of something like wicker or twisted twigs. The headdresses were like three or four tall loops that tiered upward to look something like crowns. At least one of the men also wore eyeglasses.

      Despite this kind of drab appearance, something about the Asian men seemed to be iridescent and gleaming, as if just a thin patina of some kind of purple, pink, and blue material were coating the crowns and possibly also the robes. I didn't know whether to be impressed by or disappointed by the men.

      I ended up walking away from the table and into the living room as my mom began speaking with the men, possibly doing something like making arrangements for whatever kind of ceremony they might be performing for everybody at the house. As I walked away from the table I was probably seeing from the viewpoint of a small child.

      I could hear my mom talking as I walked into the living room. When I got into the living room, it was daytime. The living room was kind of full of bright daylight. I turned left. I now saw from my adult height. One of my uncles possibly sat in a recliner chair at the left side of the room.

      My mom was still in the kitchen, talking with someone like my uncle. I could hear her as if she were speaking from within the back of my head. She was complaining about my uncle (as if she weren't speaking to him!). She said, "I have a lot of energy to do things. Not like him. Because I don't do all those things he does, like listen to rock music and write weird stories on the internet."

      I felt guilty because I listen to rock music and write stories on the internet. So I felt like maybe I was wasting my energy instead of doing useful things. I may have started looking at a tall, thin bookcase which was near the front door.

      I now had a view of a scene like from a movie. There were two male police officers. They were plainclothes detectives, and they were dressed in suits, possibly 1970s style suits. One cop was black. The other cop was Mexican, and may have looked like a fat, worn-out version of Jimmy Smits.

      One of the cops got shot in the stomach. The other cop seemed to be really surprised by this, and he opened and puckered his mouth as if he himself had gotten shot in the stomach.

      Dream #2

      I was in a room that was like a copy room in an office. But it also seemed to be part of some building in the woods, like a ranger center in a national park. There was a window letting in a moderate amount of natural light. But there were no lights on in the room, I think. The room itself may have been pretty cluttered. There was even a cot-like bed near the door into the hallway of the office.

      I stood by the copier, waiting for some printing job of mine to come out. Apparently I was waiting for some kind of series of pages of charts or tables for a report that my boss was putting out.

      The job itself was four pages long, each page with two tables. The tables themselves may have consisted of a title section and a body. But both the title and body were just empty rectangles. There were paragraphs of description between each table. A number of copies were being printed out, but they were interspersed with two other jobs that some other people at the office were printing out.

      Both of the other jobs were being printed in color. They had green lettering. One just appeared to be the print out of a Power Point presentation -- although it seemed like it was only the back pages of the presentation: all the legal disclosures "fine print." The other report seemed to be written all in Arabic. It may have been a full report, including maps (of Africa?), but it also included a lot of "fine print" pages, also in Arabic.

      The jobs were all being printed out so randomly that I had to sift through all the pages just to find my pages. I was getting so tired that I actually sat down in a small, cot-like chair right next to the copier's feed area and slouched far back while shuffling through the loads of paper that kept coming out.

      I was apparently wearing khaki shorts and no shirt. My pale blue shirt, which I wear to bed at night, was laying somewhere, as if I had been wearing it, but I had taken it off. Also, at some point, bright, fluorescent lights were on in the copy room.

      As I shuffled through the loads of paper, I became really interested in the report written in Arabic. I couldn't understand any of it, obviously, but it seemed to be about something really interesting.

      Suddenly my boss opened the door. The chair was so close to the door that my boss couldn't open the door all the way. He looked in and saw what I was doing -- looking through all these other reports. He started to ask me about something work-related. But, disgusted with me, he stopped talking and just shut the door.

      I felt bad for having been looking at the other reports. But I then wondered why I should feel bad. My boss had set me to the task of retrieving all these pages. And that's what I was doing. They were just all coming out so randomly that I had begun to occupy myself with other stuff in the meantime.

      But, still, feeling guilty, I stood up and walked around in the copy room, as if walking around would somehow prove that I was actually working. The lights were off again in the copy room, and only natural light from the window came in.

      I could now hear my boss complaining to someone, possibly one of his bosses, about how he had discovered me in the copy room, wearing shorts and no shirt. I suddenly became conscious of the weirdness of my attire, even though I had been aware of my attire before. I wondered how I could have worn my night time shorts and shirt to work, and what would have made me take off my shirt altogether.

      There was apparently a back door to the copy room now. It was open. I looked out. There was something like a forest scene: pine trees, and grey, kind of chilly light.

      I looked back into the copy room to find my shirt. I may have found it on the bed. I walked over to the bed. The bed was now full of food. A lot of the food was stuff like snack bars and yogurt-covered fruit and nuts and stuff. Some of the snack bars were like oatmeal with red jelly. There were also Ziploc bags and brown paper lunch bags on the table. There may also have been some kind of padded carrying bags.

      I realized that I had to put together a few lunches, at least for myself. It wasn't quite like I was going on a hiking trip, but it was like I was going away for a while, and possibly into the woods. I may have been going with a group of friends. I started to focus on the task of putting the lunches together. I wondered if I would do a good job.

      I was now standing next to my sister. My sister's best friend A was also in the room. My sister may have said something. I may have made a really careless comment that made my sister feel really bad about herself. I realized as soon as I'd said it that I shouldn't have said it.

      My sister made a weird comment, in a cheerful tone, regarding the way people feel when people make bad comments about them. It was like my sister wasn't acknowledging -- maybe didn't even realize -- the bad thing I'd said. But she was expressing almost exactly my guilty feelings after what I'd said.

      I looked at my sister. She was really short and really fat. She had a scrunched in, extremely solid-looking face, which looked like the face of A's mother, except that it was deep red and rock hard. I felt really bad, because I felt like my statement may have made my sister look like this.

      It was now like the room was just a bedroom-sized room with just the bed in it. The back door still opened out to the forest. The floor was white tile. My mom now came into the room at some point and began complaining about my sister. I walked out of the room at some point. I walked into a hallway which may have led to a living room. I then came back into the room.

      For some reason my sister and A had taken over the task of putting the lunches together. But they may actually have stopped making the lunches. We were still going away into the mountains. But it was also like we weren't going into the mountains. We were no longer going outside.

      My sister explained. She said she'd heard some kind of siren-like or buzzing noise outside. This noise was something like either a man-made alarm or some other kind of indicator of a dangerous situation. My sister said, "It sound like there's going to be a lot of radiation outside. I thought we shouldn't go out there. I even think this might be the end of everything for us. There might be too much radiation in the air."
    9. marriage-deathbed living room; diaper-laundry bag

      by , 04-03-2011 at 01:53 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house like my great-grandmother's house. Other family members were there. We were all getting ready for a wedding, which was probably going to take place in the living room.

      I walked out from the kitchen into the living room. Right where my great-grandmother's chair would have been, there was a bed. Two or three people were in the bed. These were the people who were going to get married.

      The people had a weird look, like they were frozen or made out of wax. They had strained, sinewy looks on their faces, like old paintings of people in sorrow and pain. They looked like they were near death. One of them seemed to be wearing ancient robes and a head-covering, like women in Renaissance paintings. The robes, and possibly even the person, seemed to be colored a pale pink.

      I think that the scene of the bed made so little sense to me that I actually looked away from it. I couldn't understand how a marriage could be so morbid.

      Other family members were seated in different parts in the room, each group spaced well apart from the other. The family members remarked that there was one person missing from the bed -- the woman who was actually to be the bride.

      The family members all remarked that the woman was so sensitive about having her picture taken in these situations that she'd avoided this scene altogether. Everybody kind of felt bad for setting up this situation, even though it seemed to be the usual part of a wedding. But everybody kind of looked up to this girl, so they hated doing anything that made her uncomfortable.

      I saw the girl in my head. She looked kind of young, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She was skinny, kind of pale, and blonde, with her hair in a pony tail. She wore tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt which she had tucked into her pants, but which was also a little baggy around her tiny waist.

      Dream #2

      I was in a small bedroom, like a bedroom for a little kid, with my boss. We both sat on the floor, cross-legged. I sat before a bunk bed. My boss sat near the door.

      I had a big, white, cotton bag of laundy in front of me. Inside the bag was a bunch of laundry and two packs of diapers. One pack was pink, and one pack was blue.

      I was going through the bag, shuffling through all the clothing, which may actually have been dirty. I may have been trying to pull some stuff together for some kind of business trip that I was going to take with my boss.

      My boss started telling me about his old job, which actually had something to do with the packs of diapers in the laundry bag. He had done something like design the diapers or been among the first sales team to promote them, or something.

      Apparently the diapers were made for newborns or very young babies. There was some other sort of stuff related to the diapers -- clear, plastic items like tubing and masks (?).

      I pretended to be pulling different items of clothing out of the bag. But I was actually more focused on pulling the diapers and the plastic items out of the bag. I wanted to wear the diapers from the pink pack. I think I assumed that the plastic gear helped you fit into the diapers (?).

      I hoped my boss didn't catch on that I was going to try and wear these newborn girls' diapers. But eventually my boss stopped talking about his old job. He got impatient that I was taking so long finding clothes for the business trip. He said, "I'll be waiting outside, whenever you finally have everything all ready to go."
    10. reflecting on dream; driven by mom; friend and bed

      by , 03-29-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with my family in some kind of parking lot in the mountains. It was early morning, with pastel blue and pale gold light of dawn and cold dew still coating everything.

      The parking lot was set in two levels. But the levels were separated by a big hill. My motheer had driven me, my brother, and my sister here. We were apparently waiting for something else to happen before we left the parking lot.

      But somehow I was now in another car, driving around in the upper parking lot while the rest of my family was driving around in the lower part of the parking lot. For some reason, I felt like this whole thing had been dreamt, and that I was now awake and out of that dream.

      I rehearsed the elements of that dream in my head while I looked down at my family. My family drove past some kind of small path which had a little foot-bridge that went across a tiny stream.

      Dream #2

      My mom was driving me through some neighborhood at night. My mom was probably taking me to the airport. But we ended up driving in some weird pattern that took us up into some totally wrong area and then back to where we'd started from.

      My mom mentioned something about six hours, like it would take us six hours to get to the airport, or like my flight didn't leave for another six hours. My mom stopped at a fast food restaurant. I may have stayed in the car while she went in to grab the food.

      Dream #3

      My friend H and I had been driven to some place by a man, possibly my old friend D. The place seemed to be a cabin or shack out in the middle of a huge lot of barren soil, possibly somewhere in the mountains. The sky was grey, and the air was chilly and damp.

      H and I were in a bedroom in the cabin. We were in bed. We'd just arrived here, but the man was thinking of taking us out somewhere, either for a fun dinner or to pick up some stuff we needed. But now H wanted to have sex with me.

      I was already laying on H, making sexual motions with her. But I told her we couldn't just up and have sex while the man was waiting outside for us.

      I was now outside, by myself. I realized that H was still inside. The man was now somebody like H's old boyfriend, C. I realized that H could be mad at me for not having sex with her. She could end up convincing the man to have sex with her, just to spite me.

      I was walking on some kind of line that had been drawn on the soil between the two cars. The line was a double-line, like the yellow lines in the center of a road.
    11. killing man, body on bed; dandruff and staples; looking for beds

      by , 02-16-2011 at 12:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was either with a group of people or watching them as if watching like a disembodied viewer. The people were in some kind of store like an old deli, which also felt like an old trading post. The people were mostly men, maybe older men. They surrounded a younger man.

      The younger man was pale white. He wore a 1970s style suit with a blue jacket, white shirt, and tie. He had long, frizzy hair which was balding away from his forehead. He had pale, blue eyes, a kind of nubby nose, and a mustache. He may have had pimples or boils on his face.

      The man had either been involved in some crime or had witnessed some crime. Now the men were trying either to get the man to give them whatever he had gotten from the crime or to refrain from telling the police about the crime. But the man wouldn't cooperate. I got the feeling that, right or wrong, the guy was kind of sleazy or cocky.

      The men did something to the man, possibly beating him up somehow. They then poured some kind of liquid like gasoline down his throat. After this they may have lit a match around him.

      The man was dead. The men were now just outside the store. But the outside of the store was like a log cabin in the woods. Something about the event was repeating itself inside, as if the man were dying all over again.

      The leader of this group of people was now a black woman with short, reddish-blonde hair. The woman now stood before the men, outside. She asked them if everything had been taken care of. The men said yes. They had even laid the man's body on her bed, as she'd asked.

      I now saw the woman's bed, as if the woman's bedroom were just upstairs from the deli/trading post. The body of a tall, muscular, black man lay on the left side of the bed. The body may have been naked or clad only in white underwear.

      I now understood that the woman's husband had died. The woman was going to use this dead body to get in touch with her husband somehow. Possibly she was just going to lay on the bed and talk to the dead body as if it were her husband. But possibly the husband was actually going to possess the body.

      A little story played out in my head where the woman lay down to talk to the body. The body became possessed, surprising the woman. The body spoke, but it couldn't move. The woman may have decided to have sex with the body.

      Dream #2

      I saw the top of my head somehow. I saw some rather long and stringy pieces of dandruff in my hair. I was kind of grossed out. I searched through my hair, trying to figure out how much of this big dandruff I had.

      I saw, then, that parts of my hair had actually been stapled to my head. It was done in tiny bands, like braids on a small girl's head. I thought that I had gotten my hair stapled to my head the last time I'd gotten my hair cut. That had been two months ago -- too long, I thought. By now, the staples would be grown into my head. When the haircut people went to take them out, it would really hurt.

      Dream #3

      I was looking through an Ikea catalog for stuff for my house. I may have gotten a bunch of stuff already. But now I thought I'd need a bed, too. But I was reluctant to get a bed. They cost so much, and I'd already spent so much.

      So I looked through a few different kinds of alternative beds, which were cheaper. One was just some blue mattress. Others were tiny, baby-sized mattresses, which I may have taken for cribs.
    12. great-grandfather's bed; perverted phone

      by , 01-29-2011 at 03:32 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      My nighttime discipline has been terrible lately! Last night, I spent too long watching the Girls' Generation "Visual Dreams" video and some anime stuff on YouTube. It wrecked my dream recall.

      One thing before I do the dreams. At the Japan Society in NYC a series is currently running showcasing the work of the director Sabu.

      On Wednesday I watched Sabu's film Monday. The plot of the story revolves around a businessman who wakes up after having been drunk for two days. He slowly recalls all the things he did while he was drunk.

      The story reminds me of waking up and looking back on a dream. But at a certain moment the main character takes charge over his actions. At this moment, the "dream" stories become more like lucid dreams.

      There aren't any extreme special effects. But I think the film, in itself, is very good. And I think it's also good as a metaphor for the dreaming and lucid dreaming processes.

      Anyhow, I want to suggest that anybody in or near NYC go to the Japan Society to check out some of Sabu's films. Sabu is there to introduce each film and do a Q&A. So that's also incredible.

      Dream #1

      I was in my great-grandmother's backyard on a sunny day. My great-grandmother was still alive. My family may have been near me somewhere. My great-grandma was talking to me, possibly standing very close to me, or possibly through some kind of telepathy.

      I was now in my "great-grandma's basement." I stood before a bed that was covered in deep blue sheets. My great-grandma told me something about my great-grandfather. I got the feeling that this may have been the bed my great-grandfather had died in.

      My great-grandma now told me that I had to lay in the bed. It was as if I was going to be in town for a while, and that I would have to stay at this house while I was here. So I'd be using this bed.

      The bed was now different. The previous bed didn't have any headboard. But this bed had a very fancy headboard of nice wood. The bed also had blankets. In fact, the bedding appeared to be a very nice, homemade quilt with mint-green squares alternating with white squares with pink flower (?) designs on them.

      I was a little afraid to lay in the bed. I felt like it had been empty for so long that maybe bedbugs had started to live inside of it. I thought I would check the bed for bugs. But I knew my great-grandmother was somewhere around me. I didn't want to check the bed in front of her and offend her by implying that she had neglected the bed.

      Dream #2

      I was in some museum or art gallery. I was in a room, possibly laying face down on a cushioned bench that was backed up against a wall. My head kind of hung down over one end of the bench. This specific room was spacious but small, kind of dimly lit, with white walls and possibly some thin carpet.

      There had been some big art exhibit opening. The opening included some kind of presentation by the artist, a woman who kind of looked like Laurel Nakadate. Now everybody was milling around or leaving. Most of the people looked like somewhat wealthy business people.

      The artist woman leaned against the wall near the bench on which I lay. I was playing with some device like an iPhone. All the icons on the phone were squares with a swirly pattern of pinks, browns, and oranges. I was scanning through a number of different icons.

      The artist said something to me like, "I could never figure out how those things worked. You seem to know it pretty well. You must be smart."

      I figured from this that the artist couldn't afford to own an iPhone. I let her look at mine, so she could figure out how to use it. But as soon as I handed it over, I felt a little bit of anxiety. I knew I had a lot of really wacky porn sites still up on my internet. I hoped that she wouldn't look through my internet history.

      The artist, did, however, end up scrolling through my internet history. As the artist continued using the phone, the phone became something like a sit-down driving game like you would see in an arcade. The artist was sitting inside the game, scrolling through my internet history, which was a black screen, with old, pixellated, dim-white lettering. The room also became dim, like an arcade.

      The artist, thankfully, kept scrolling down to sections full of internet searches I'd apparently done for really fancy recipes. Also, there seemed to be some sections where I'd taken pictures of these fancy dishes I made.

      The artist may have made some comment about how nice it was that a guy actually put effort into making all these delicious meals. That comment made me even more afraid of the artist finding the porn sites.

      I thought that maybe I'd get lucky and that the artist might not happen upon any of the porn sites that I'd looked at on my phone. But she eventually did. The porn sites in question were apparently of me, all by myself, on my bed, masturbating or dressed in women's underwear.

      At some point the arcade game version of my phone became my phone again, although at certain times the views were coming straight into my head, as if I were just imagining them all. The artist was gone, although I may have heard her talking to me, as if I were hearing the conversation telepathically or through "memory-phone."

      I now stood before a bed in an almost completely dark room. I may have thrown the phone on my bed. I still had the weird photos of me running through my head. Eventually I got on the bed, standing on my knees.

      (Side notes: Dream #2 implies that I look for porn and fancy recipes on the web. This is wrong. I don't look for fancy recipes. But I probably should, because I think cooking is really cool.)
    13. wearing diaper; looking at porn

      by , 01-20-2011 at 12:33 PM
      Good morning, everybody. Both of these dreams are kind of perverted. Sorry.

      Dream #1

      I was in "my bedroom." The bedroom was big and comfortably dim. I stood on my knees on a big bed with brown blankets on it. I was wearing either only a diaper or a diaper and a white tank-top with thin straps. I peed and peed in the diaper. At one point I felt like the diaper was really full of pee.

      (The feeling of this dream was so real that I had to make sure when I woke that I hadn't actually wet the bed. Pretty weird.)

      Dream #2

      I typed in some key words on Google Images that I thought would pull up lots of images of girls kissing. Instead, I got lots of images of girls lying on their backs with their legs wide open. The girls wore no pants or underwear, but they all had shirts. One girl in particular wore a business-type top involving a white button-up shirt, a grey sweater, and a black vest.
    14. woman fights back; bugs in girl's house

      by , 12-11-2010 at 03:47 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I recall two dreams from last night. They're both fragmented.

      I've been sick over the past couple days, and my sleep cycle has been all weird. So I think my body has taken whatever sleep it could get, and my dreams have been of secondary concern.

      Plus, my boss has been playing some wacky cat and mouse game with me for the past two weeks. I've been stressing out, waiting for some resolution. It gets more stressful each day. That obviously screws with my dream memory, too.

      Dream #1

      A black and white view, as if of a somewhat modern movie posing as an old, black and white movie. A young, red-haired woman in kind of greasy denim overalls and a button-up work shirt was in her apartment, backed up against a wall or the doorway to a wide closet. The woman looked panicked.

      A number of men rushed into the room. They were all big and strong. But the woman had a wrench. She smacked one man on the back of the neck with a wrench. She may have also beat another man with the wrench. The remaining men may have run away or scattered back against the opposite wall of the room, possibly near a radiating heater.

      I got the impession of the men's names (or heard the men's names through narration?). The men's names were very similar, mostly like variations of Neil, like Niall, Niell, Nall, and Neil. Another man was either named Duncan or MacDuff.

      Dream #2

      A girl lay on the top bunk of some tall bunk bed. She noticed that she had bed bugs. Some other person, possibly a child, was probably up on the bunk bed with her. The girl started explaining that she knew she had bed bugs. She may have started explaining how she'd gotten them.

      Her explanation became a narration from an adult male voice. The dream's view flew, just beneath the roof, through the girl's house (it might actually have been the girl's house -- i.e. she lived there by herself), to the front door.

      The narrator explained how three bugs came in through the crack at the bottom of the door. I now saw three bugs come in. One was a "bed bug" (it was kind of a brownish, beetle-like creature). Another was a strange bug that looked like a mix between a big roach and a shaggy-looking trilobite. The last was possibly some kind of black beetle.

      The narrator explained how each of the three bugs was attracted by some different element in the house. The narrator seemed to disregard the black beetle altogether throughout his explanation.

      The narrator began with the shaggy trilobite. The trilobite had been attracted by some kind of mucousy substance on the floor. As the trilobite scurried along the floor, following this mucousy trail, which would have been unnoticeable to the human eye, it also created a mucousy trail. The trilobite may have ended up somewhere like the kitchen.

      I didn't care much about the trilobite, and I was wondering when the narrator would finally get to the bed bugs. Finally the narrator explained the way bed bugs got into the house. I missed or forgot the explanation. I just saw the girl's bed again, the high bunk bed, dizzyingly high off the ground, almost touching the ceiling.
    15. kids in stairwell, leg levitation, lucid wall-cross fail

      by , 11-20-2010 at 12:35 PM
      Good morning everybody. I remember three really short dreams from last night. They were all from after 2 AM. I had coffee last night and couldn't fall asleep until 2 AM.

      The third dream was pretty much all lucid, even though it was short.

      Dream #1

      I walked through some room toward a staircase. The staircase was just past a doorway and was part of some slightly larger hallway, like for a small apartment building.

      The room I was in was something like a mix between a living room and a small apartment lobby.

      I had to maneuver a little bit past some kids who were rough housing with each other right in front of the doorway to the hallway. There were boys and girls, probably in their early teens or just a little younger. Their parents stood nearby. I thought the kids were funny, and they looked like they were having fun.

      I wallked into the hallway and turned toward the staircase. A group of kids ran just in front of me, blocking me from the staircase. The began wrestling and rough housing with each other. I thought they were pretty funny. I just waited for their rough housing to pass.

      But then I remembered that the parents were in the doorway, watching the kids. I thought that the parents would think I was weird for hanging around and watching the kids. I decided to get moving. I tried to edge past the kids. It was really difficult, because there were so many kids, and the hallway was so small.

      Dream #2

      I was in "my bed," in "my bedroom," which was a lot like my bedroom in waking life, except messy. My lights were on.

      I was laying face-down on my bed. I was thinking bad thoughts about God. For some reason, I was really angry at God. The more I cursed him, the more amusing I found the activity.

      Eventually my legs began levitating off the bed. I wasn't controlling it, but I thought I might be able to. My legs lifted higher and higher until my body was almost perpendicular to the bed, with my head on the bed.

      At some point, I noticed little specks of dirt or something black all over my bed. There were also hairs or cotton fibers, also colored black, all over my bed.

      I started trying to blow all the dust and dirt and hair off my bed. Some of it would blow away. But there was so much. I wondered how I could have let my bed get so dirty.

      Dream #3

      I was in "my bedroom" at night. I was crouched down on the floor, possibly naked, with my knees to my chest. The bedroom lights were off, but I could see by the purplish evening light.

      I told myself that this wasn't actually my bedroom. That seemed pretty obvious. I told myself I was dreaming.

      As soon as I told myself this, I had a false awakening and sat up on "my bed." But I was still lucid.

      I stood out of the bed and told myself to remain calm. I figured I would walk out of the house and see what was around. The house seemed like a suburban house.

      I was heading for the front door. But suddenly I thought, Why should I exit through the door? If I'm in a dream, I should be able to leave the house any way I want.

      So I decided to walk through a wall. I turned right, into another room, possibly another bedroom. I walked straight up to the wall, which had a window on it that started at about my chest.

      I thought I might climb up onto the windowsill and walk through the window. But I figured I didn't need to go throgh the trouble. Walking through a wall and walking through a window were basically the same thing.

      I began to walk through the wall. It seemed pretty easy. But suddenly I saw a bright light. I felt like something was resisting. I got kind of mad, and I pushed really hard through the resistance.

      I'm pretty sure I lost lucidity at this point. I fell past the wall and fell a couple stories down to the ground. I think that as I fell, I was telling myself, Oh well, I guess I woke up from that dream.

      I sat up. It was daytime. I "had awoken from my dream." To my right was a red brick wall. To my left was a beach, possibly like Coney Island. The sky was deep blue and the light was dim, almost as if I were looking at an old film.
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