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    1. up from the depths

      by , 01-10-2012 at 01:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A voice saying, "Up from the depths." A view of a woman in some kind of white robes and head covering, carrying something and walking up a dark stairwell, up toward a lit doorway.
    2. news of innocence; dress; helping michael collins; dark room

      by , 11-30-2011 at 02:12 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat in some huge room. I sat in a school desk, which was part of some U-shaped area of either desks or tables, maybe made out of wood. Other than this structure, the room was empty.

      The room had orange-tan colored walls, which were as tall as the walls of a cathedral. Along the top of the wall ran some kind of LED display, like an electronic ticker tape display that scrolls out news.

      The sign was saying that somebody, possibly Sir Isaac Newton, had confessed his guilt regarding something. This was something like a murder, or a rather contemporary, scandalous-sounding crime.

      Previously I'd been accused of this crime. Now that Sir Isaac Newton had confessed, I would no longer be considered guilty.

      A woman came up to the desk where I was sitting. She may have stood me up to lead me away. I may have been working at something on a computer. I may have been a little reluctant to leave the work.

      Dream #2

      In an almost completely dark room, there was a girl, maybe eleven or twelve years old, standing in an orange-peach colored dress. The dress was in the eighteenth century style, with the outer layer in a sheer kind of material. The girl may have had her back left leg lifted behind her, as if she were performing a ballet step.

      Dream #3

      I was in a dark space, almost like a small corridor on a large airplane or in a space station. I walked toward a dimly lit area near the "front" of this corridor.

      The astronaut Michael Collins was in the lit space, working at a small box of machinery. Collins looked young, and he may have been wearing a NASA jumpsuit.

      I may have worked with Collins. I figured I was going to help him with whatever he was doing right now.

      Dream #4

      I was alone in a bedroom. The room was kind of big and it had high walls. But it felt like a college dorm room, not a bedroom. There may have been a regular bed and at least one bunk bed.

      Suddenly the lights went out in the room. There was a tiny bit of light in the room, giving everything a very faint, very dim blue tint.

      I felt my way around in the room, waving my arms in front of me -- although I may actually have been doing this before the lights went out. I was frantically trying to turn the lights back on, either with the power of my own mind or by finding the light switch. But I couldn't do it.

      I told myself not to panic. I went to the door. Even though I was kind of disappointed with myself for being so afraid that I wanted to leave the room, I was going to leave. I couldn't think of how to get the light on, and I couldn't stand being in darkness.

      But when I got to the front door, I was also afraid. I felt like there were people out in the hallway (like the hallway of a college dorm hall) waiting to attack me.

      I looked through the peephole on my door. Outside I saw, leaning against the wall opposite the hall from my door, a young, blonde woman, pale skinned, very pretty, dressed in blue jeans and a black, turtleneck sweater. She leaned against the wall with her hands joined and placed behind her.

      (Note: I've been using being alone in an empty room as a dream-sign, hopefully to induce lucids. I noticed that many of my lucids have occurred when I was alone in a room. So I've had quite a few "alone in a room" dreams -- and I've still failed. Ugh.)
    3. Office lights go out

      by , 11-15-2010 at 12:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I was exhausted last night, and I slept a lot. But I only remember one dream, which I know happened way early, some time before 11 PM.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big lobby area like the front area of an airport: a long, wide, busy hallway full of counters and with tall ceilings. The walls were light brown or grey stone, and the floors may have been concrete. The light was fluorescent, but gentle, not glaring or depressing.

      I was walking toward a set of sliding glass doors at the far left end of the lobby. I ran into a couple of people from my job. Then I ran into a few people from my job who had a few people from my old job with them.

      I greeted the people from my old and new jobs happily. I was especially pleased to see the people from my old job. They were just walking into the lobby, so I decided to turn around and walk a ways with them.

      I had come to understand that the people from my old job were coming to work at my new job. I was excited about this. I kept trying to tell the people from my old job something about the new place. But I couldn't seem to remember anything specific about my job. All my memories were very fuzzy.

      I may now have been walking to "my desk" at "my office." My cubicle was off along the right wall, all by itelf. On the left wall, maybe 15 feet away from me, was another lone cubicle, where my co-worker S sat. Everybody else who worked here apparently sat in office rooms.

      But I don't know how many people still worked there. It seemed like a good deal of people had quit.

      I may have walked (backwards?) past the office of a person who I called by the name D, like the name of the person D who actually works in my office. He was standing in the doorway. He didn't look anything like D. In fact he looked like some kind of office-person mix between a scrunchy-headed puppet and that plastic-faced Burger King guy.

      I was now sitting in my cubicle. The lights had gone out in the office. First about half the lights had gone out, making the place dim grey. But now almost all the lights had gone out, so that it was almost pitch black. I may have thought that this was because so many people had quit. It definitely felt like there weren't any people in the offices.

      S, still sitting in her cubicle, mentioned something that was happening, like a group of clients who were coming in for a meeting. I had either had no idea about this or I had completely forgotten. I felt kind of dumb that S knew or remembered while I hadn't.

      I may have seen the name of the person coming in to visit, as if I was looking at it on a piece of paper in the dim light. The name may have looked very old and Italian, a very stately name, but distorted, something like Sangiovese or Sangioviese. I may have wondered if I'd be able to help this client out.