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    1. who crapped all over the house?; vietnamese bands

      by , 09-17-2011 at 02:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was coming up toward a house. It seemed like something bad must have happened there. I came up to a black iron fence surrounding the house. It was only a few meters away from the door.

      Just inside the gate, on some kind of stone walkway up to the front door, were the remains of a squirrel that had been killed. I thought the squirrel had been killed by a human. The squirrel had probably been beheaded and then sliced up the middle, on its underside, like a fish being gutted.

      Just in front of the door was a mailbox. The mailbox either stood alone or stood out against the wall. The mailbox itself was really thick and wide.

      On top of the mailbox were parts of the killed squirrel. It was probably the squirrel's head, but the head seemed really skinny, and it seemed to be attached to a long, bony thing, covered in fur, and which I thought of as an arm.

      I was a little scared by the sight, as if the squirrel pieces meant that some bad scene of carnage was inside, maybe even a human murder scene. But I also thought that perhaps the scene of carnage was what I was here for -- what I was here to see.

      I went into the house. The door was a side door, and it opened directly into a side hallway of the house. The floor of the hallway was made of white linoleum tile. I passed a couple rooms that seemed half-finished, kind of like laundry rooms. The hallway was shaped like an upside-down "L," with the base of the "L" turning off to my right.

      At the intersection there was a huge pile of crap. The pile itself was huge, but the pieces of crap themselves were enormous. I thought that only an animal would crap on the floor like this. But the crap looked too huge for any domestic animal to make. So I thought maybe a human -- a big human -- crapped on the floor.

      I walked into the living room and saw a smaller pile of crap on the pale beige carpet. But the pieces of crap were still so huge that I thought only a human could have made them. I walked around a coffee table and stood in between the coffee table and a couch. An old, clunky TV stood on a TV stand off to my left.

      Suddenly a big, black poodle (!) jumped at me, to attack me. It got good height as it jumped over the coffee table, and it would have bitten me in the face. But I slapped it away, knocking it to the carpet, in between the coffee table and the TV stand.

      The poodle was no longer vicious. It was like it was my friend, or my own dog. I considered that this dog may have made all the crap that was all over the floor. The dog was huge, especially for a poodle, and it had a kind of fat body. So maybe it could have made huge pieces of crap.

      I tapped the dog sharply on its flank with some kind of stick -- maybe a dried, tan bamboo stick? I said, "Turn around!" I wanted to get a look at the dog's anus. If the dog's anus had crap all over it, I'd know that the dog had crapped all over the house.

      The dog turned around. I noticed that a lot of the fur all over the dog's body was grey as well as black, as if the dog were getting older.

      I spent a couple seconds looking at the dog's anus. It was completely naked, barren of fur, so I saw it alright. It looked totally clean, and pretty small. I thought there was no way the dog could have crapped all over the floor. It's anus was too clean -- and too small. So I still didn't know what -- or who -- had crapped all over the house.

      Dream #2

      I was possibly watching some sort of television show. There were three Vietnamese or Vietnamese-American children. They stood in some strange, half-indoor, half-outdoor area.

      The space felt like a living room somehow, but it also felt like the corridors of some kind of shopping area in a big, Asian city. There was a lot of warm, orange, red, and pink light glowing into the atmosphere.

      The children themselves stood behind some kind of wooden bars, like the bars of a nice crib or playpen for babies. The bars met a carpet floor, which stood up on a tiny step, maybe 20cm high. The floor before the step was possibly also carpeted.

      The children were a musical group. They had won some kind of singing contest on a Vietnamese talent program. They now had to go to some further kind of televised championship.

      But the children were all worried, and they called out, "No! Wait! We can't do it yet!" It was like they'd forgotten their song, or gotten stage fright. They felt like if they went to the championship (which may have only been down the hall) at this moment, they'd screw up their luck and totally ruin their chances.

      I was half in the scene and half watching the scene on TV. I wanted to tell the kids that there was no need to worry, that plenty of groups had felt the same way before they'd gone on to their championship performance, but that they'd done just fine.

      In fact, I could remember one specific group that was actually Vietnamese as well and had gone through the same emotional difficulties as the children were going through right now. But I couldn't remember the group's name. I tried really hard, but I couldn't remember.

      I was now in a big room with my mom. The room was like a living room, but the floor was white, linoleum tile, like in a kitchen. The light was bright and white. The room was huge, and there was barely anything in it except a couch, a TV stand, a TV, and some random clutter, like blankets, so that the place felt very barren.

      My mom stood in front of the TV, messing around with something, like she was trying to run a tape in a VCR. I told my mom, "You tell those kids there's nothing to worry about. I know another Vietnamese girl that had the same kind of worries. But she ended up winning. She actually had a great song. I'll show it to you."

      I couldn't remember the Vietnamese singer's name. But I pulled my phone out of my pocket, as if I could find her on YouTube and show her to my mom. I thought that, if I just looked for the singer in some random way, I'd probably find her. I could remember the singer's song, and the video, which had a lot of pink, orange, and red atmosphere.
    2. excrement omelette; gift for cousin

      by , 09-09-2011 at 12:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A man was talking to another man. I didn't see either man, as if they were both talking in narration. One man mentioned a new "excrement omelette," which was a layer of eggs wrapped around a thin filling of crap. I saw a cross-section of one of these "excrement omelettes." It looked like a Hot Pocket, except the crust was egg and the filling was crap.

      The second guy said, "That's a terrible idea! It sounds disgusting!"

      The first guy said that it couldn't be such a bad idea. Apparently some really famous supermodel ate them all the time and thought they were really delicious.

      Dream #2

      I had come to some nice, two-story house in the suburbs. I was in the living room, which was kind of dim and grey. There were a few other people there, some of whom were probably members of my family. I seemed to be always looking up toward the ceiling, and my view sometimes seemed kind of low, as it I were looking up from about waist height.

      At first I knew I had come here to be here for my family, maybe my cousin in particular. But now I was upstairs, in a bedroom, probably a characteristic young man's bedroom. I now realized that I was here to see my cousin off. He was shipping out for Afghanistan soon. This may have been my cousin's old room.

      I thought about giving my cousin a gift. But I hadn't gotten him anything before I had come here. I starting looking around in the room, as if the room were some kind of gift shop, even though it was still the same old room. I found two shot glasses on a shelf. I took the two glasses off the shelf. It was like I was seeing this from a really low point, like waist height.

      The two shot glasses had weird, notched bases and a black-line portrait of some famous person. I thought that would be appropriate, as my cousin either liked that person or the place associated with that person. I also found something else I could give my cousin, but I can't remember what it was.

      I may have gone back downstairs. I may also have seen my cousin.
    3. crook to agent; back to job

      by , 07-16-2011 at 01:27 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. Two male cops stood in the threshold of a back door in some alley. In the alley stood two other men. One man was like a Chief of Police or an even higher up law enforcement or civil defense officer. The other man had been a police officer.

      All the men had a 1950s kind of look. They were all white and overweight. The police were in their usual blue uniforms. The Chief was in a similar uniform. But the former cop was wearing something like a white t-shirt and a cap that looked somehow plasticky and boyish, almost like a mix between a milkman's hat and a propeller cap. The former cop was also a bit fatter than the other men.

      The two cops had caught the former cop in some kind of really terrible act. It wasn't just criminal: it was disgusting. The two cops thought the former cop would be taken out of the force or thrown in jail. But the Chief announced that the man had been hired into some even higher security position. The clothes the man wore indicated this position to the men.

      The two cops seemed to have asked, in a kind of veiled way, why the man had been promoted into an elite security force rather than arrested or fired altogether. The Chief said something like, "Well, I guess the higher ups just thought he was good at something."

      The Chief walked the man away from the door and through the dark alley to something like a big van.

      I was now walking with the man through a dark hallway and into a big, dark bedroom. There was just enough light for me to see what was going on in the bedroom. But I don't know where the light was coming from. It was like a dim flashlight.

      Before our walk down the hallway, the man had been poisoned somehow. He was uncomfortable at first. But now he collapsed.

      The man lay face down on the floor with his head and shoulders under the mattress of what may have been a bunk bed with a pretty thick, but kind of plain, wood frame. The man was completely naked.

      For some reason I had to start massaging the man's back. It may have had something to do with getting the poison out. I massaged by making my hands into a fist and then pounding on the man's back with the underside of my fist.

      I wondered if this was really necessary, or if the man weren't somehow tricking me into giving him a massage because it turned him on to have "younger" men give him a massage. I felt kind of violated by that thought, but I thought it couldn't be true.

      But then, for some reason, I imagined being his "maid," but still as myself, as a man. I wore some kind of short, pink, iridescent dress with a fluttery skirt. I thought that eventually, after I massaged the man, the man would want to have sex with me. In my kneeling position, I moved up and down as if to practice the sexual motions I'd use while straddling the man.

      I figured that it wasn't worth it to massage the man, and that he really didn't need me to massage him to get the poison out. I stood up and walked out of the room.

      As I left the room, the man turned a little onto his side, so that his rear end was still facing me. He called to me, saying my name quite audibly. I turned to look down to him. He showed me the index finger of his right (?) hand.

      Apparently the man had either crapped himself or just had a lot of crap in his colon. He had stuck his finger up or near his butt and got a load of crap heaped onto the finger. He was showing me this, as if to turn me on somehow.

      I walked out of the room and through the hallway. The hallway was even darker than the room. Two Latina girls came walking from some pitch black room at the end of the hallway. They both looked kind of the same: very skinny, maybe in their early teens, with long, wavy hair, and wearing dark, v-necked, sleeveless or almost sleeveless t-shirts.

      The Latina girls passed me. I thought that the girls must be going to have sex with the man. I wondered if there weren't two girls because one of them was originally meant for having sex with me.

      But, I possibly thought, it didn't seem like having sex with the man so I could have sex with one of the girls would be much of a trade-off. And, given the way the man acted, I didn't think the sex with the girls would be untainted by whatever kind of nasty acts the man wanted to pull.

      Dream #2

      I was at my office, which was dark, as if it were night and less than half the lights in the office were on. There were a few other people in the office with me. Among them was my co-worker JM, and probably some of the people in his department, none of whom I recognized.

      We stood in some area that seemed like a mix between a reception area and a conference room. The place seemed kind of open, with a bit of an L shape, but with both parts of equal size.

      There seemed to be a reception desk as well as an executive desk in the "top" part of the L, while the "bottom" part had a kind of conference table. Off to the right side of the L, there was the wall of a cubicle, as if a long row of cubicles (with no lights on over them) started there.

      There was also a weird decoration somewhere between the executive desk and the conference table. It looked like a wagon wheel. But it seemed to be made completely out of black iron. The spokes of the wheel also had a twirled look, and they may also have had knobby, node-like ornamentation along them.

      There was some small discussion among some of us. Some people, including my boss, may then have left the room. JM remained. I had quit my job, but for some reason I was talking to JM about future tasks I'd be taking care of, as if I hadn't really quit my job.

      But JM knew I'd quit my job. He didn't confront me directly about it. Instead, he started talking about all the people around him who had a lot of work to do and who would have really benefitted by having someone like me around.

      There was a smaller office desk right next to the conference table. I either sat down at that desk or looked at it (it may have had a smaller, wooden "wagon-wheel" ornament on top of it). I said to JM that maybe I didn't need to quit after all. I thought that if all those people would like me to be around, and if I could do work that they'd appreciate, I could probably stay.
    4. SAT grave; punch in the face; little white animal

      by , 03-28-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I walked up something like a wooden ramp or a wooden deck that was in front of some kind of run-down beach house or shack made of wood. I may have been in a line with people.

      I was now in a classroom. The desks in the classroom seemed all crammed together. We were all preparing for some kind of test like the SATs. I looked up from my study material and saw JW, my old friend from high school, studying for the test.

      I made some kind of weird comment in a weird voice that I thought would remind him of our high school days. JW recognized me, but he only ackowledged me briefly and reluctantly. I was a little hurt.

      Some voice called from behind me. I turned around. Another friend of mine, who I didn't recognize, was trying to get my attention. This guy was from some more recent time in my life. He may have been overweight, with tan skin, black hair in a ponytail, a goatee, and glasses. I was kind of put out that JW wouldn't talk to me, while this guy would.

      Now the test was about to begin. The teacher was doing something. I made some kind of immature joke. The class' and teacher's attention were drawn to me. The teacher may have asked me something. I may have responded with a dumb answer that was a smart alecky way of saying I didn't know anything.

      The teacher said, "What a disappointment. I thought you were one of the bright ones. I was looking for someone to give a presentation on how to take this test. I thought it was going to be you. But I guess not, now."

      Apparently, we all had to go somewhere else to take the test. We were all walking through some area.

      Later, I think I had decided not to take the test after all. I was somewhere that was half outside and half inside. I stood on some barren soil. A pit as long as my body and a few feet deep was dug into the soil. I sat down into the pit. I began pulling the dirt down onto myself.

      I buried my legs pretty quickly. I started to wonder if I would suffocate if I managed to pull dirt all over my body, which was, I think, my objective. I may have gotten afraid. I may have pulled myself up out of the pit. As I looked down at the soil, the soil may have seemed disgusting to me, like it was feces.

      Dream #2

      I was in a high school, walking down the steps of a stairwell. A white kid kind of dressed like a gangster came up the steps and punched me in the face. I dropped my books. The kid kept attacking me, but I tried to ignore him. I picked up my books and walked the rest of the way down the stairs.

      I got around a corner, into some place like a classroom. For some reason I looked back out around the corner, into the stairwell. The kid punched me in the face again!

      Dream #3

      I was in my bedroom. A strange, white animal was crawling across the floor. It was moving somewhat quickly. I thought it might be a mouse. But it had such a strange look, like a slug.

      I was interested in the animal, but I didn't want it in my house. It seemed to be heading out the door of its own accord. I watched it as it approached the door. But just before it got to the door it turned back around.

      I now got on the floor and tried to scare the animal away. But I only seemed to make it curious about me. It came closer, so I figured I might as well try to learn what kind of animal it was. It turned out to be very much like a white mouse with grey ears. But something about it still looked not quite right. I wondered if I actually wasn't looking at a baby rat.