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    1. Tuesday the 23rd of August 2011

      by , 10-18-2011 at 12:49 PM

      I am unsure of where I was but I remember my Brother being there and he wanted to go and build a hut (which I think was going to be built at the forest near our old house in.) But I had just recieved a special badge for doing something good and my brother wanted to see it before we went so I searched my room and could'nt find it. I found several other badges but not the right one,eventually I took so long that we ran out of time to build the hut.

      THE EX HEX.

      I vaguely remember going to somewhere where my ex was working I think it may have of been a train station or a tourist booth in a train station, very vague witten here for the sake of recall.


      Another vague dream, just remember talking to a DC about staying in what I believe was a hotel that he owned for the night, from memory he refused a discount to start with but after very little persuation he crumble and became sunddenly so generous, acting like whatever we need just let him know and everything will be taken care of, (I also recall my ex making an appearance here as a worker,possibly a cleaner,although this may have been a seperate dream, I have the sense that it was part of the hotel dream.) This is all I remember from this dream.


      Yet another vague dream, just remember being with an old high school friend in Australia, she lived high up in an apartment skyscraper.This is all I confidently remember and is being written for the sake of recall.

      This is all I remember for the night.

      How it made me feel: Happy,confused,frustrated.
      Dreamsigns: Old high school friends, Ex, Different country,False posessions.
      Questions to ask DC's: None.


      I had gone to bed with the intention of waking up to do a WBTB,however after the alarm went of I promptly feel asleep again, I may have even slept through the alarm,my mind seems indecisive about the truth of the matter,however I need to be more aware of myself when I wake up.

      The Rain MP3 was used on this night.

      No Lucid Dreams recorded on this night.
    2. Monday the 22nd of August 2011

      by , 10-18-2011 at 12:32 PM

      I remember getting a job back at Pac'n'save and was on checkout scanning people's groceries. I remember using the computer to find Bananas and think I accidentaly scanned them as another fruit (I do not believe the type of fruit I put them as actually exsists in real life, I can't check this as I don't know the name of the fictional fruit). I remember getting a second lot of Bananas and finding the button for it on the screen, and then realising that I had put the first lot through as the wrong item and from memory I corrected the mistake but can't be 100% certain on that.


      I next remember being at what I think was the mall,I remember being with my Wife and her Mum, this is all I confidently remember from this dream.


      Lastly I remember being at Karate and my Sensei was there taking the lesson, there was a man practising takedowns and eventually he tried it on me I thought I would be able to resist the move, but I was take to the ground with ease. This is all I remember from this dream.

      This is all i remember for the night.

      How I felt: Very stressed and frustrated, angry, sad, confused.
      Dreamsigns: Old jobs,Past events (Karate/Sensei), Possible computer malfunction.
      Questions to ask DC's: None


      I woke up at various times throughout the night feeling very stressed and frustrated, I felt reluctant to go back to sleep, I am unsure of whether this was due to working at my job in the dream or something else external (e.g. Body tempreture, Air tempreture, etc).

      The Rain MP3 WAS NOT used on this night.

      No recorded Lucid Dreams tonight.
    3. Sunday the 21st of August 2011

      by , 10-18-2011 at 12:24 PM
      I suffered a dry spell and recall nothing.

      (I need to work on staying still when I wake up so I don't let real world senses tamper with my dream recall).

      The Rain MP3 was used on this night.
    4. Saturday the 20th of August 2011

      by , 10-18-2011 at 12:20 PM

      First dream I remember I was on a beach somewhere and just remember riding on a boat with a man who was a local he looked like an islander, this is all I can recall from this dream.


      I next remember being at Michael Jackson's house, not the one from real life just a dream rendered alternative, It was just after he had passed away and I managed for some reason to get into the house and was talking with Prince Michael the second, I don't remember exactly how the following events went down but to my recollection.

      I had the feeling that Michael's spirit was still in the house so I grabbed my mp3 player and turned on the voice record in an effort to capture E.V.P's I don't recall listening to see if I had caught any responses. Prince Michael the second had a spirit box which had caught strange voices so we took it to his laptop and I distinctly remember asking if the spirit box had a USB port on it, and clearly remember looking at the USB port on the device, I remember looking on his laptop and working togeather with Prince Michael to download the data to the laptop, I however do not remember looking at the data on the laptop.

      (This whole section above may have of been a dream within a dream as I think the events after this took place after I had a false awakening, this is due to the fact that i remember telling the DC in the next part of my dream the events of the previous part as though I had just woken up)
      Next thing I remember is telling all the previous events I've written here to a woman in the dream, I have no idea who she is/was , possibly a reporter of some sort but I cant be sure, as I was talking to her I saw Michael jackson walk in the door with two body guards I think he smiled at us and then walked down past us (We were still in MJ's house) I followed MJ quite close as he walked and the reporter from memory followed behind me at a slight distance.

      we followed MJ around a corner and into his room, there were no exits out of his house this way however his two body guards had disappeared, after this my memory of the dream becomes foggy, I remember MJ sitting on top of his house at one point.

      Next I remember being in the forest trying to escape from somewhere (Possibly MJ's house, this may have been the same dream as above, I am unsure) I was being chased by animals,but every animal got eaten by a bigger animal, I don't remember which animals in what order but something like, chased by a Cat, Cat eaten by Dog, Dog eaten by Tiger, Tiger eaten by Walrus, Walrus eaten by T- Rex. This is not accurate of the dream, It is mearly to recall the basic process of the dream at the time.

      Lastly I remember something to do with snowboarding with friends, It is very Vauge in my mind, and being written mearly as to assist development of my recall.

      This is all I remember for the night.

      How I felt: Excited, Confused, Sad, Fearful.
      Dreamsigns: Michael Jackson, Prince Michael II, Strange animals.
      Questions to ask DC's: What did I capture on my Mp3 voice record ? , what did Prince Michael II capture on his spirit box and where did the body guards go ? , Who was the lady who was possibly a reporter?.

      The Rain MP3 was used on this night.

      No Lucid Dreams were recorded on this night.
    5. Friday 19th of August 2011

      by , 10-18-2011 at 12:10 PM

      First Dream I remember is being at a wrestling match and I was'nt a wrestler I was just watching , Kevin Nash came up to me and said I was a good looking man and if I applied myself I could be a great wrestler.
      I remember walking down the street and doing a high front flip on the street, and I
      remember seeing someone who appeared to be X-pac but i'm not exactly sure.

      I'M NOT FIFTY.

      Secondly I remember being at my Mum's 50th Birthday at some big building (possibly a hotel) in the country, I was'nt in attendance for most of the night,I was somewhere else
      but I don't remember where it was, although I am almost certain that I was with other people.


      Next I remember being at a Power Ranger convention in a city somewhere, I was talking
      to a woman about the series and she gave me a power morpher, I remember clearly that it had the red rangers tyranosarus rex power coin in it and it ha a chip of paint missing from the top left of the face side of the morpher. However I was greatful for it.
      Then I believe it was the same city I was trying to learn to fly, I wanted to jump from the ground to the balcony of the shopping mall,which was unsuccessful, I could jump higher than normal,however I could'nt fly, a DC suggested I just stand on the spot and raise my hand to levitate,from memory this may have worked but I can't be 100% that memory is correct.

      I lastly remember being on the back of a pickup truck with a couple of people,one of who I think was Kira from power rangers Dino thunder, I don't recall seeing her face but I have a strong feeling towards her,so I am using my initiative to say that It was her.
      There were alot of sheep on the back of the truck and they had chicken feet instead of sheep feet, (I have acknoledged this as a dreamsign that I failed to recognise) and i had to snap their feet like I do for the chicken wings at work, I remember being unhappy that I had to do this and I felt like a very bad person for doing it.
      This is all I remember for the night.

      How I felt: Excited,Greatful,Frustrated,Sad.
      Dreamsigns : Sheep with Chicken feet, Levitation, Jumps higher than normal.
      Questions to ask DC's : Who was in the pickup truck with me, Was Kira there, What did I do with the power morpher?

      The Rain MP3 was used on this night.

      No Lucid Dreams on this night.