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    Friday 19th of August 2011

    by , 10-18-2011 at 12:10 PM (372 Views)

    First Dream I remember is being at a wrestling match and I was'nt a wrestler I was just watching , Kevin Nash came up to me and said I was a good looking man and if I applied myself I could be a great wrestler.
    I remember walking down the street and doing a high front flip on the street, and I
    remember seeing someone who appeared to be X-pac but i'm not exactly sure.


    Secondly I remember being at my Mum's 50th Birthday at some big building (possibly a hotel) in the country, I was'nt in attendance for most of the night,I was somewhere else
    but I don't remember where it was, although I am almost certain that I was with other people.


    Next I remember being at a Power Ranger convention in a city somewhere, I was talking
    to a woman about the series and she gave me a power morpher, I remember clearly that it had the red rangers tyranosarus rex power coin in it and it ha a chip of paint missing from the top left of the face side of the morpher. However I was greatful for it.
    Then I believe it was the same city I was trying to learn to fly, I wanted to jump from the ground to the balcony of the shopping mall,which was unsuccessful, I could jump higher than normal,however I could'nt fly, a DC suggested I just stand on the spot and raise my hand to levitate,from memory this may have worked but I can't be 100% that memory is correct.

    I lastly remember being on the back of a pickup truck with a couple of people,one of who I think was Kira from power rangers Dino thunder, I don't recall seeing her face but I have a strong feeling towards her,so I am using my initiative to say that It was her.
    There were alot of sheep on the back of the truck and they had chicken feet instead of sheep feet, (I have acknoledged this as a dreamsign that I failed to recognise) and i had to snap their feet like I do for the chicken wings at work, I remember being unhappy that I had to do this and I felt like a very bad person for doing it.
    This is all I remember for the night.

    How I felt: Excited,Greatful,Frustrated,Sad.
    Dreamsigns : Sheep with Chicken feet, Levitation, Jumps higher than normal.
    Questions to ask DC's : Who was in the pickup truck with me, Was Kira there, What did I do with the power morpher?

    The Rain MP3 was used on this night.

    No Lucid Dreams on this night.

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