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    1. Ten Awesome years!

      by , 04-20-2016 at 11:01 PM
      First off, last night is my 10 year anniversary for my first lucid dream. Ten years ago today I joined Dreamviews (4-20-06). Also, something strange: I woke up this morning and looked at the clock at exactly 4:20. Conincidence? I think not.

      I remember a few dreams from last night, though I don't remember a lot of details from each of them. But I want to write them down so I can get back in the habit of recording my dreams every day. Life's better that way.

      Dream 1: I was with my sister getting ready to go in a plane somewhere. I don't remember much of this except her holding my hand in excited anticipation. I don't know where we were heading.

      Dream 2: I was in a car with Daniel, and he was driving way too fast on these crazy windy dirt roads that went along desert clifs and mesas (inspired by a video I watched before bed.)

      Dream 3: I was watching my friends who had taken a houseboat/kayaking trip to Face Canyon without me. They had kayaked to the end and were trying to figure out how to exit the canyon so they could hike. The water level was low. (inspired by a real trip to Face Canyon last year)

      Dream 4: Sex with Jeff
    2. LD: TOTM, Grandma Speaking Japanese

      by , 10-15-2012 at 05:31 PM

      Dream 4 (Lucid dream):

      I was standing on my grandparents' street by the house next door. As I stood on their driveway I could see that the river ran straight up their driveway and through their garage and basement.

      I watched as some kayakers had to manuver a bit to get their kayaks up their driveway and disappear into where the river went through the basement.

      I was suddenly feeling jealous that a river didn't run through my house.

      I then looked over and saw my old friend JP who used to live in that house. I hadn't seen her for years. I went over to her and hugged her. We talked about how fun it was to see each other again. Then she held up the DVD set of Battlestar Galactica Season 2. She had some friends over and that's what they were going to watch.

      Something made me lucid.

      I looked over and saw my dad, aunt, and grandparents standing on the lawn of my grandparents' place. (My aunt is the only one of the four that is still alive).

      I then looked past them where I could see the view of the valley. I had this sudden urge to take off and fly over the valley. But I made myself wait. I needed to interact with a DC. I went up to my grandma. She seemed to look similar to how I rememberd her, except she had this dark birthmark looking thing on her cheek.

      I asked her the first thing that came to mind (the basic task for Feb). "Tell me something about myself that I don't know."

      She looked at me and said, "Have you seen Hiroku Harari?"

      I said something like, "Grandma, that's not a good answer. Try again."

      This time she said something to me completely in Japanese.

      I looked over and saw my younger sister. We both laughed. I asked her one more time. She still talked to me in Japanese.

      I said to her, "That's enough Japanese."

      And my sister started explaining to her that she needed to speak to me in English so I could understand.

      And at that point I woke up.
    3. Baby Dream

      by , 02-29-2012 at 06:46 PM
      I had a very powerful baby dream last night. I don't remember a lot of details. But I do remember I had this baby girl who was about 4-5 months old. She was so wonderful and adorable and I felt this overwhelming love for her. I remember just being in awe that I was this little girl's mom. It was amazing. At the same time I seemed to have this faint feeling that this wasn't going to last (but not enough to lead to lucidity). I remember being at my sister's place sitting on her couch holding the baby. I also remember seeing a baby swing in one of her rooms and being excited to put my baby in the swing. I also remember thinking, "I really need to buy some baby stuff."

      I know this dream was inspired by being with two friends last evening and their babies which were both around 4 months old.
      Tags: baby, celia, sister
    4. Brief Lucidity

      by , 01-05-2012 at 06:01 PM
      Old LD from 10-22-07

      I forgot to add this one from a few weeks ago. It wasn't a long one, but it had a lucid moment. I think I'll add it here because I think every moment of lucidity should be accounted for.


      I had an interesting stretch of dreams this morning after a WBTB. I even had a lucid moment.

      In the dream I was back with my sister that has cancer. [Ususally when I dream about "my sister" I'm talking about my younger sister. My older sister doesn't show up as often.] We were in a little room that was supposed to be in her new-ish house.

      We were looking through all these pictures and reminiscing. Then my sister pulled out a large picture and say, "Hey, you've never seen this one yet , have you?" The picture was of myself with her 14 year old son. In the picture he looked more grown up. It was a very flattering picture of us. We both look like we could be models.

      I then pulled out a box that not only had pictures but a pair of my sister's socks. The socks were a pinkish tan color with chocolate brown stripes. I told her how cute they were. Then I remembered that they were similar to a pair of socks that she had supposed gotten me for Christmas last year. I figured she had gotten them at the same place.

      Then my mom and other sister were there too looking through these boxes with us.

      The next thing that I remember is walking through her kitchen and seeing the little black boy there. He was about 3 years old . At first I can't figure out why he is there. But then I remembered that she babysat for a few kids.

      I reached out and try to hug this little boy, but he wanted nothing to do with me. I then looked over and see two little black girls. I also try to talk with them and be friendly, but they both walked away from me. I felt bad.

      There seems to be a transition here. I think this is still part of the same dream, though.

      I was walking though a college campus with a preschool group. One of the little girls was Japanese. She seemed to like me and let me pick her up. We somehow got a little behind the others, so I finally had to run to try to catch up. At one point I tripped and we rolled on the grass. Neither of us were hurt at all. I got up and felt like something was missing, but couldn't figure out what.

      I looked a ways ahead and saw the last of the preschool goup head into the store/restaurant. I finally caught up and walked in. The group was now gone. I didn't have the little girl anymore. The lady inside asked me if I wanted any of the free lunch they had been serving to the preschool group. I said, "Sure".

      It was then I realized that my purse was missing. I started to panic. I had lost it on the college campus. I knew that it was very unlikely that I would ever see it again. I started telling the lady I was with how I had lost it. She was sympathizing with me.

      Then I remember saying, "You know, I think it's going to be okay. When I wake up my purse will be there. It's not really gone. This has happened to me before, and when I woke up the purse was there. I just need to try and stop worrying about it now."

      Then I have no idea what happened next. I do know lucidity ended (if it was ever really there to begin with. Even though I was saying that, I never had that "Ah ha, I'm dreaming" moment. This is the first time I can think of there I made reference to myself dreaming with out truly becoming lucid. )

      I then remember being in my basement. There was a crack in the wall and my cat was watching some silverfish bugs come out of the crack. She was swatting her paw at them.

      I really think something is missing from my memory here. But the next thing I remember is being attacked by these large metal bugs. They were black and about a foot across. one looked like a spider and the other a scorpion.

      I was upstairs at this point and I ran down into the basement. I frantically started looking for a hammer or something to smash them with. All I could find were a pair of roller blades. I picked one one of them and when the bugs came down the stairs I started smashing them with the roller blade.

      Amazingly they both just fell apart like they were cheap toys. I then ran my hands through the pile of pieces. I suddenly thought about movies that I had seen. I figured it was a very good idea to put the pieces in separate bags to dispose of them, just in case they all came together and came to life again.

      Then my alarm went off...