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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Task of the Month: Sky/Obama

      by , 02-23-2016 at 07:40 PM
      I did a WBTB and had the longest LD I've had in a couple of months.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in what was supposed to be my bedroom. I had been trying to do a WBTB but had been interrupted. Someone had woken me up and made me come out of my room. I was feeling a little grouchy. I really wanted to be able to go back to sleep so I could have a lucid dream. It had been a while since I had been so busy, and I thought that this morning would be the perfect time. I walked back into my room. My twin bed was in the middle of a very small room. There were two doors to the right of the bed. One of the doors (the one that I had walked through) was a sliding door that was grey in color. The rest of the room was light blue in color. There was another door near the foot of the bed, also on the right side that was a normal door that was painted white.

      I walked around my bed toward the window on the other side of the room. I could see through the sheer curtains that it was already light outside. Quite light. It would be way to late to try to go back to bed now. I felt frustrated.

      I looked down at my right hand. I saw that my ring finger was very short and stubby. It was also fat--more like a thumb than a finger. I wiggled my fingers and saw that it bent more to the side than straight over like the other fingers. What a weird ugly hand I had. Why couldn't I be normal like everybody else?

      Another girl suddenly came into my room. I don't remember who it was, but my dream self seemed to be comfortable with her in my room. I showed her my hand, wanting sympathy. Her response was to hold up her own hand. She had a pinky finger that was almost exactly like my ring finger. It was also super short and fat.


      I know what this means. Duh. Why did that take me so long to recognize that I was dreaming??

      But that doesn't matter. I'm lucid now. I need to do some
      Tasks of the Month. Aaaa....what were they again??? Oh yeah. Look at the sky and hand Obama a baby. And something else, but I can't remember. Well, I'll just start with those two and maybe the others will come to me. Where could I find Obama? No--look at the sky first--that's the easy one. Get that one checked off and then work on the harder one.

      So I ran over to the window again. I pulled back the sheer curtains and saw that the sky was a beautiful dark blue with layers of white clouds on the horizon. It was completely normal. But that was okay, it didn't have to be weird or anything to be counted. Okay, not bad. I had one task down. Now on to another.

      [There is a transition here and a missing piece that I no longer remember.]

      I was in a car with a little girl and her mom. Something had gone on with me and the girl. I think we must have been talking about lucid dreaming. Her mom didn't seem to happy with it. I had been telling the girl to look at the sky so she could do the Task too. The mom didn't want her girl to try to do any "Task". I then made eye contact with the girl and motioned for her to do the "finger through palm" Reality Check for her mom, so her mom would understand that we were lucid dreaming and this was all okay.

      I watched as the girl told her mom to look at her hand. She placed her finger on her palm and slowly pushed it though. The mom's eyes got big as the finger slowly came out the back side. I smiled and shugged my shoulders a little when the mom looked back at me.

      [Another transition and missing time here.]

      I was now flying over a beach. I looked out over the water and could see some very large waves coming in. I saw a crowd standing on the shore. I flew to them and warned them about the waves. I told them that since this was a lucid dream that they all had the power to fly away. I showed them how I was flying and how it was possible. I then grabbed the hands of two young girls and started flying. I didn't wait and see if anyone else flew away too.

      The girls were a bit heavy. I told them that they could help us fly better. I told them to kick their legs like they were swimming. And so they did, and at that point we flew so much faster and higher.

      We flew for a while and I noticed that I was now in a building. I wanted to do something else. I saw a woman below me that I knew was the girls' mother. I landed and let go of the girls and immediately started flying again. I tried to think of something to so. I saw a guy below me. I wondered if I should kiss him. But as soon as I got close he said very firmly, "No--You won't be kissing me!" Wow, that had never happened before. Usually Dream Characters like me to kiss them--or are at least indifferent. Alright then, fine--I don't want to kiss anybody that doesn't want to be kissed. I would find something else to do.

      I flew into another room. There was a younger teenage boy in the room listening to an I-pod. He was too young to kiss. But I realized that his I-pod could give me the opportunity to do another task I had wanted to do. I wanted to listen to a new song from my favorite band Angels and Airwaves--something that they hadn't written yet--something that my mind made up that would sound like them.

      I asked the boy to share his I-pod with me for a few minutes. He was okay with that. The boy's mom was then there by him and asked if I was going to play love songs. I could tell that she would not be happy unless I was playing love songs. I told her that Angels and Airwaves had quite a few songs that could be considered love songs. I then started to sing the song Breathe by them: "Don't you know, that I love you..." See, that was a love song. And then suddenly Daniel was behind me and started to sing the words to "True Love" by them. Yes, thank you Daniel for supporting me.

      We had them convinced. I looked at ithe I-pod and decided that the best thing to do this was to just expect the song to be there and to push play. But like most devices in dreams it was super confusing.

      I couldn't tell how to make it work. I finally got it to play music, but it didn't sound like Angels and Airwaves at all. How disappointing. This would be the third time I had tried this goal and failed. I tired several more times and had no luck. Why was this goal so difficult for me?

      I noticed that we weren't alone in the room anymore. A group of saxophone players had come in to the room. Their jazz band was starting to play music of their own. I tried to ask if they would stop while I tried one more time. But they continued to play.

      Well, I at least got music. Just not the music I had wanted.

      [There is another transition here.]

      I was back a the beach. I knew I needed to get on with the Task of finding Obama so I could hand him a baby. As I flew over the people on the shore I scanned it for our president. But a young beautiful black woman held up her arms and waved me down. I knew she wanted to go flying with me. I flew down and grabbed her arm and together we flew back up into the air. I decided to ask for her help. Sometimes dream characters can be very helpful.

      I told her I was trying to find President Obama. Did she know where I could find him. She said yes, she could help me. She pointed down to the shore. Below us I saw an older black man who was dressed in a dark suit. He stood out from all the others on the beach who were wearing swim suits. He was not Obama but looked to be a security guard of some sort.

      We landed next to him and the girl started talking to him. She obviously knew this man. She told him that I needed to meet Obama so I could complete my Task. He looked at me with a little bit of a skeptical look. But the girl told him that this was my dream. That's why we had been flying. This would be okay. Could he please help me.

      The security guard softened a bit at that point. He told me he wasn't supposed to do this, but he handed me his phone and said I could call the president. I looked at the phone. I had no idea how to use it. I handed it back and asked for help. The man pushed a few buttons and soon the phone was ringing. He handed it back to me.

      "Hello?" President Obama answered. Gulp. What do I say? But I just spit it all out-- I was trying to complete my Task of the Month and I really needed to meet him so I could hand him a baby. He paused and then told me he was in the middle of eating a pizza. I told him I really needed him to do this. Again, he said he was busy--that he had other things to do that were way more important.

      At this point I decided to lie. I told him that this Task was extremely important to do as well. That if he didn't do this something horrible would happen to the world. This was actually a life and death situation.

      He then sounded like he would consider meeting me.

      But at that point I woke up.

      I had two immediate thoughts; I was so disappointed that I hadn't finished that Task. I also had a huge wave of panic as I realized that I had come to the end of an extemely long lucid dram and I wasn't sure I could remember all of it. I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing down key words:

      Room, Hand, Girl


      Car, Girl, Mom, Finger thru Palm


      I finished my list. Phew. I was happy that I had remembered most of what happened apart from a few transitions.

      And then I woke up. For real.

      There was no list. Aaa, I would have to do it again. But I realized that it came pretty easy this time because I had written it all out in my dream. That wasn't the first time I had done this.
    2. False Awakenings, Dream within a Dream, and Missed Lucid Opportunities

      by , 02-05-2016 at 08:42 PM
      I want to catch up again with recording my dreams here. This is from two night ago:

      Obviously dreaming and lucidity are on my mind. But sometimes things get pretty mixed up in dreams. Almost 10 years of lucid dreaming and I still have nights like this.

      In the first dream I was with a group of people in a place that looked similar to the backyard in the house I grew up in. I was looking at a dirt slope and saw a cicada nymph that was about to hatch out into its adult form. My eyes had a macro view as I saw the exoskeleton start to split and the adult head start to emerge. I thought this was the coolest thing ever, so I went to get my phone/camera so I could film the process.

      I knew I had left my phone on a table, but when I got there it wasn't there. I frantically started looking around. How could I have misplaced it? I'm usually so careful with my phone. I started shouting out to everyone there to help me find my phone. I looked back over and saw that the cicada was about halfway out. I was missing this! I kept running around in search of my phone when I suddenly "woke up".

      I was back in my bed and I looked over and my phone was on my night stand. Duh, that was just a dream. Of course. Typical dream--can't find my camera to take a picture of something cool. I then jumped up out of bed and grabbed my camera and headed out to the backyard where everyone still was. Now I could take a picture of the cicada.

      Haha. Completely missed lucidity on that one!

      Dream 2:

      I was talking to someone about a book. We had also been talking about lucid dreaming. I told the person (a lady, I think) I was with that it was pretty easy to enter a dream. I started walking her through the steps. First you get into a relaxed state, then you start picturing what it is you want to dream about.

      I started thinking about that book. I remembered a scene where there was a girl who was running down the street. I started thinking about it. Soon I saw the girl and the neighborhood appear in front of my eyes.

      I told the lady who I was with that I was going to enter a scene from the book. I told her that I was already seeing the image appear before me. I told her the next step was to solidify everything, so I could make myself enter the dream.

      I then saw everything more clearly. My vision was following this girl down the street. I now knew that I had to solidify my own body. I imagined my legs running and swinging my arms. I soon could see my arms as I ran. I looked down and saw my feet. This was progressing nicely.

      I then reached out and rubbed my hands together. Yes. I was fully in the dream. Yes, I was lucid. Awesome!

      I continued following the girl. Something told me this was important. She went in to a house. I followed.

      And that's all I remember. I must have lost lucidity.

      I feel bad I lost the chance to have a nice long lucid dream where I accomplish many goals. But I should always be happy anytime I get lucid , even if the dream's short and I get there is strange ways. It shows dreaming and lucidity were on my mind.
    3. Long LD: Finger lasers, Poet, Task of Month, etc

      by , 03-04-2015 at 07:03 PM
      I had a great lucid dream this morning. I had awakened at 3:30 and was having trouble going back to sleep. I thought about trying to do a WILD, and I even starting counting and relaxing, but after a while it seemed obvious that I wasn't tired enough. The last time I looked at the clock was 6:30, and I felt myself start to drift off to sleep (this is one of the few mornings I can sleep in like this).


      I found myself looking into a mirror. I wasn't happy with what I was seeing. My stomach was all deformed and hanging really weird (it looked a lot like the stomachs of people who have lost huge amounts of weight and the skin just flops and hangs). I was trying to figure out what could have happened for my stomach to look like this. Then suddenly it hits me. The mirror. I always look different in dream mirrors. I must be dreaming.

      Yes! I was finally lucid dreaming again.

      I already knew what I wanted to do. So much to do...

      The first thing I decided to do was to practice being Poet Anderson. I found that I was upstairs in a house that was supposed to be mine, but in retrospect, I am totally unfamiliar with it. It has never been in my dreams before. I ran out of the bedroom and saw Jeff who was just coming in. I shouted out, "Can't talk now...I'm dreaming!" I leapt down the staircase without touching a single step, and out the front door.

      I was Poet Anderson. I ran until I came to a high retaining wall and flew over it and down to the street below. I jumped up again and landed one knee, pulling my gun. I totally had this. I was feeling one with Poet.

      Then, the unthinkable happened. I felt myself wake up. I couldn't believe the dream was over when it had barely just begun.

      I found myself talking to Daniel. I was telling him about my lucid dream. I lamented with him because he had told me how in recent lucid dreams he had been having he had been walking up too soon as well....only to find out later that it was only a false awakening. I had told him (in a recent real life conversation) that he just needed to get into the habit of always doing a reality check each time he thought he woke up.

      Somewhere in the middle of this conversation with him. I realized that there was a good chance that I had just had a FA. And as soon as I thought that I knew I was still dreaming. I was excited and told Daniel that we were lucid dreaming. I said, "Let's do finger lasers." There was a poster on the wall, and we pointed our fingers at the posters. I expected to see a laser light come out of my finger. But I didn't see anything. I concentrated harder. I felt like I could hear a faint hum. I looked again at the poster we were pointing at. I could see little lines starting to burn across the paper. I felt satisfied. Even though I could never see the laser, I knew we had been able to create them because I could see the damage they were doing.

      At this point I remembered I wasn't done being Poet. I ran outside again and practiced leaping about and drawing my gun. I noticed at one point that I didn't actually have a gun. But I figured it was okay. I would work on that detail later. Right now I wanted to be comfortable with the moves. I also tired to practice making myself transform, like he does in the film, when the Night Terror comes and the black wraps around his body. I couldn't quite get that right. The best I could do was turn my arms a black color. I wasn't too worried about that either. There was time for special effects later. Right now I wanted to make sure I was fast and agile.

      After doing this for some time, I decided that my dream was going to last long enough to do a Task of the Month. I thought I would start with the easiest one--walk into a random house and sescribe what was inside.

      I now found myself next to some apartments. I saw a door near me on the ground floor. For a second I felt a little timid. But I told myself that it was just a dream and that it didn't matter. So I turned the doorknob and boldly walked through the door. I found myself in a small living room. There were several couches that were full of people....several older Navajo women and quite a few children. One of the ladies saw me and good naturedly joked how surprised I must be about walking into a house full of brown children. But I decided to act like it was no mistake at all. I smiled and , "Hi, how are all of you doing.?" And I smiled down at one of the children that was standing near me and asked her a question. I was able to put everyone at ease. We talked a few minutes. I don't remember details of the conversation. But by the time I left, we all felt happy.

      I then found myself in what looked like an alley. There were more doors in a building next to me. I decided to do this again. This time as I opened the door I found myself in an old motel room. in front of me sitting on the edge of a bed was woman who looked to be in her 60s and was either Navajo or Mexican. She was smoking something. I tried to talk to her, but I soon saw that she was totally out of it. She never made eye contact or responded to me in any way. She looked quite messed up. I also noticed that there was some kind of white plastic thing in one of her nostrils.

      I kind of got the creeps just being with her, and I knew that we wouldn't be having any sort of conversation, so I left.

      This time I saw that I was walking through storage units. I kept walking and found myself in what looked like an outdoor mall. I suddenly remembered that I wanted to find a radio so I could listen to new Angels and Airwaves music. There was junk laying about everywhere, but I couldn't find a radio. I could see people walking around, so I shouted, "Will somebody please turn on a radio!"

      And at that I heard a radio go on. But I was just hearing voices. I figured that after the talking they would play a song. I walked on.

      I then found myself inside of a very large sports store. There were bikes hanging from the ceiling. The ceiling was 3-4 stories high, so there were a lot of bikes hanging. I jumped up and hung from one of the lower bikes. While I was hanging I looked over and saw this black guy who looked to be in his late 20's. He looked at me with a little smile and said, "Let me show you how this is done." and he jumped up and grabbed a bike and then proceeded to start climbing the bikes. I got quite excited at this little challenge. I knew he had no idea who I was, and that I was going to beat him miserably. Haha...this was going to be great. I then pulled myself up with ease to the next bike. I looked over and he was slowly but quite steadily moving his way up. I was impressed. SO I picked up my pace. I started moving up the bikes so fast that I was barely gripping them. I was mostly just gliding my way up. The ceiling, I noticed was higher and there was further to climb than I had originally thought. I continued to climb. I then looked over and the guy had almost been able to keep up with me. I was only a little faster. Finally I got to the top and grinned at the guy just below me. Now I was going to show him who I was. At that, I let go and jumped all the way down (at least 5 stories). I landed confidently and took off running out of the store.

      I remembered that I hadn't heard the radio. I saw that I was still in what looked like a cluttered outdoor mall. I still couldn't find a radio. So I shouted, "Does anyone here have a radio with them?"

      I suddenly saw Emily, she was pulling a small radio out of her pocket. I said, "Yes, Emily!"
      And promptly woke up. And this time I really was awake.

      It was 7:03.
    4. LD: Inviting people to fly with me.

      by , 10-16-2013 at 05:54 AM
      I had a very long lucid dream. It was one of those dreams when you wake up you're not sure you can remember everything you did. But I'll try.

      First memory. I was in a basement family room. I remembered I wanted to do the lucid task where you were to walk on the walls and ceiling. I tired to walk up the wall. I was surprised that I was having trouble. I had pictured doing it and it seemed like such a simple task. Finally I just used the heels on my shoes and dug them into cracks and walked up the wall that way.

      Later my dad was in the room. I wanted to show him that I could hover on the ceiling. I floated up and landed on the ceiling and called to him so I could show him.

      Later I was on what looked like my back deck, only it was higher and the surrounding area looked like California. I knew I could fly, but I was reluctant since the ground seemed so far below. But I bravely jumped into the abyss and luckily started to hover...then fly. I flew down to a group of people where I saw Jeanene L. I said Hi as I flew by.

      At one point I came to a trailer park. A guy was coming out of a trailer. His mom was yelling at him. The guy was in his 20s and looked like Prince Harry. I flew to him and asked if he wanted to get away and fly with me. He reached out his arm and I took his hand and he immediately arose and started to fly with me. I knew he was happy to be with me.

      I seem to remember waking at this point. I forced myself back into the dream and I ended up on my deck again. I did the same thing. Again I found a guy to fly with. This guy was about 20 and had medium length brown hair. I don't remember much about this part.

      If I remember correctly I had another FA that sent me back to my deck. I flew off once again. I remember reaching out and running my hand through the leaves of a mulberry tree as I flew.

      I have a brief memory of my aunt.

      I then saw a group of people. I decided I needed to find a guy to kiss. It took a while to finally find a guy that looked right. This guy was about 20 and had dark brown curls and a nice face with full-ish lips. I started to kiss him and he kissed me back. It was a nice slow kiss. I think I also flew with him.
    5. Three Tasks of the Month

      by , 05-20-2013 at 03:17 PM
      It's been a while since I have had a good LD like this, so I'm very happy about all that I accomplished.

      Lucid Dream/Tasks of the Month

      I was in the jeep with Marsha. We were driving to where this guy lived so I could either pick something up or drop it off. As we were driving I suddenly realized we had gone up the Little Cut. I was surprised. I hadn't realized we were going this far. I hadn't even remembered passing Horseshoe Bend. Right after getting up the Little Cut, we turned right onto a dirt road. The road entered a little canyon, and I remember thinking how pretty this was. I was a little jealous that this man lived in such a pretty place.

      All of a sudden I was out of the jeep. I saw the jeep zip on up the road without me. I had no idea how I had slipped out. I started running after the jeep wondering when Marsha would realize I was gone. And what she would think. I ran through this narrow tunnel area that was really cool and kept on running up the road. Marsha wasn't stopping. How could she not have noticed.

      Somewhere in here lucidity started creeping in. I don't remember a big "blam" moment. But I started doing flips as I was running. I knew I had the ability to do flips. I also knew that I wasn't getting as high in my flips as I often do. I was going so fast...no hovering.

      I finally got to a point where I had full lucidity. And at that point I immediately decided I needed to do some tasks of the month. I had looked at them once at the beginning of the month. I remembered they seemed really cool and right up my alley.

      I looked over and saw that I was at this park. I saw a few guys sitting on benches or standing nearby. I boldly walked right up to one guy and started talking to him. He was about 20 and looked at least part Indian (India), but he had blue eyes. I wish I remembered what I said, but his reaction was really rude. I decided that he would be a good one to do the basic ii task on (Telling a DC they are not real).

      So I looked right at him and said, "Whatever...but guess what....none of this is real....you're not real...this is a lucid dream."

      He wasn't phased. He kept up his rude comments and said something like, "Well you can take your lucid dream and shove it right up your ----."

      I said, "Okay fine then". And I stepped a few feet away from him. This would be the perfect chance to try out another task (Light myself on Fire). I held my arms out in front of me and concentrated. Within seconds I could see flames start to rise from my arms. Since I was in bright sunshine I worried that it wasn't enough to be that noticeable. So I concentrated harder and soon I could see flames all over my body. They were still a little dim, but they would be noticeable. So I then looked over to where the rude guy was sitting so I could get his reaction. He had a surprised look on his face. I then noticed that I had set him on fire as well. I looked around again and saw that his friends were also on fire.

      "Take that." I said to the rude guy. I was hoping the fire would scare the crap out of him and humble him a little.

      The fire wasn't hot. I couldn't feel it at all.

      The friends started laughing at this whole thing. I could tell they thought I was amazing and clever for setting the fires with my mind. The rude guy, on the other hand, wasn't laughing. He was freaking out. He acted like his fire was actually hot and was trying to put it out on his head. Finally I put all the fires out and decided to do another task since I was still fully lucid.

      I remembered I wanted to try the Lay an Egg Task. I knew that would be simple to do, yet had that fun unknown factor. I squatted on the ground and squeezed a little. Nothing happened so I squeezed and pushed a little harder. Suddenly I was worried that all I would manage to do would be to go poop. I didn't want that. I stood up again. I realized that I had my clothes on. I decided to reach down in my pants to see if I maybe laid an egg and hadn't realized it.

      Sure enough, I could feel something down there. I pulled it out. It was a clear plastic ball about 2 inches in diameter. On it were some wiggly eyes. There were a few loose wiggly eyes beside it. Okay, that was interesting. I set them down on the ground and reached down to see if there was anything more in my pants.

      This time I pulled out a handful of those little plastic letters with the magnets that people put on the fridge (or at least used to when I was young).

      I tried again. This time it was a handful of plastic blue things that I wasn't sure what they were. And there was also a dice.

      I was going to do it again, but I noticed the rude guy walking by. I went up to him and put my arm around him and started walking with him. He didn't seem to notice at all. Then a guy that was supposedly a friend of mine went up to him and told him that I was interested in him and that I would like his phone number. The rude guy acted surprised and asked, "Are you sure she would go out with me." My friend said, "Of course." And the rude guy got a little excited at that point and fumbled in his pockets to find a piece of paper on which to write his phone number on.

      But at that point I could feel the dream fading from me. I was a little sad, but knew it was alright since I had done three tasks and I need to write them down before I forgot.

      The next thing I knew I was standing next to Marie who was sitting on a corner couch/chair. I looked at corner of it and saw what looked like cream colored black widow. It didn't have an hourglass, but everything about it looked like a black widow. As I got closer I could see that it was a very big spider....bigger than any black widow I had seen. Suddenly I was afraid. Marie had short shorts on and her exposed leg was just inches away. I told her we had to kill this spider--that it could be every bit as poisonous as a normal black widow. I got a book and tired to smash it against the wall, but something got in the way and I couldn't squish it all the way. And suddenly it was two spiders and they were both huge.

      And at that point I woke up with my heart beating a little fast.
    6. Grand Canyon Reservations

      by , 05-03-2013 at 05:49 PM
      Just remembered a dream from Wednesday morning.
      It was one of those where you think you are getting up and doing what you need to do for the day.


      I "woke up" and got dressed and started driving out to Susan's. I made sure I had the address sitting by me in the car in case I forgot what she had told me over the phone. I was thankful that I was able to find the house without any problems. I went to the door. Susan informed me that the plans had changed and that we were going over to the other Susan's house to make the calls. She told me I could drive there with her since I wasn't sure how to get there from her house. We got to Susan's house and she had cinnamon rolls ready for us to eat. I started asking about how we were going to do the calls. She explained that we would all call and that whoever got ahold of the Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch Reservation Desk first would hand her the phone since she had all the info and prices ready. In a few minutes Marsha showed up. Something had told me she would make it after all so I wasn't surprised. So we all sat down and started to call....and call...and call....

      And then I woke up and realized that I would have to do all that again. Little did I know that we had 2 full hours of phone calls ahead before we would get through.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    7. Lucid Dream: Jumping Rooftops

      by , 01-28-2013 at 04:15 PM
      Lucid Dream:

      I suddenly woke up. I was in my side yard. I was really surprised since I had no memory of falling asleep there. I felt really confused for a few seconds before it hit me that I was dreaming.

      As soon as I realized that this was a dream I jumped up and started to fly. I looked down on the rooftop of the houses that were supposedly my neighborhood. Seeing the rooftops made me remember that I had wanted to jump from roof to roof. I remembered that being more fun in some ways than just flying. So I flew down to the first rooftop and ran across it and sprang up in the air twords the next house. At first I thought I over shot it, but I landed on the far side. I ran a step or two and jumped off toward the next house. I remember enjoying that feeling of up and down and speed. After about 5 or 6 houses I woke up.
    8. LD: Splitting my Consciousness...and Eating...a lot.

      by , 10-16-2012 at 07:44 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I can't remember at what point I got lucid. I remember something about Ninja and how he made these cookies. They were yellow rectangular snicker doodles. And I wanted one. I had one in my hand, but before I could put it into my mouth I started to wake up.

      I must have been somewhat lucid at this point because as I lay there trying not to wake up, my mind thought it remembered something that pj had written about concerning False Awakenings. I thought it had something to do with rolling out of bed and falling, but because you weren't really awake you wouldn't hit the floor, but then be able to fly and continue the dream.

      In retrospect, I know realize that this is something my mind made up, but in the dream I really thought pj had come up with this idea. [Please correct me if this is really something I read here on this board.]

      So I rolled out of bed, and sure enough, I started falling and not hitting the floor so I then started to fly. It had worked out perfectly. I suppose it is a pretty cool technique that I hope will work again for me.

      I started flying over these tall trees in a neighborhood. I was having trouble with control. I could fly straight, but couldn't change direction quickly.

      Finally I came to these really huge white barked trees that were supposedly on my street. I decided that I wanted to impress my neighbors so I flew to the place where the branches came out from the trunks which were at least twenty feel above the ground. I swung around on the branches for a while before dropping down to the ground.

      There is a place here that gets fuzzy.

      I think the next thing that happened is that I had climbed a telephone/power pole. On the pole was a little door. I opened it up and there were cookies. I stuffed thatm in my mouth. My friends, the Johnsons had supposedly made them. I think I saw MJ standing on the ground below.

      Then I was in what was supposed to be my house. I went to the fridge and opened the door. I wanted to eat more cookies. I didn't see any, but I knew that I was capable to creating them. I shut the door and opened it again. There was now a stack on cookies. They were about 4 inches across and flat like pancakes. I picked up the stack and shoved the cookies all in my mouth in one huge bite. I chewed while I created another stack of cookies. I shoved them all in my mouth too. I did this seveal times. The cookies were soft and had chocolate chips. I binged and binged and couldn't seem to get enough.

      Finally I stopped myself and thought about the tasks. Because this was an accidental DILD and not preplanned, I had not read over the tasks or thought about them . I tried to remember what they were. Finally my mind thought it knew what one was. I looked at my couch and saw a place where ketchup had spilled and had dried. I knew the task had to do with removing spots off furniture. I stared at the spot and concentrated. The spot of ketchup started to move. I could see it start to lift up off the couch. The place underneith was completely clean. I was proud of myself for being able to do that so nicely.

      I then tried to think of another task. I couldn't remember what it was. I felt frustrated that I hadn't checked on what the tasks were. I laid down on the couch. Then suddenly I remembered the picture on the badge of the DV advanced task with the two people facing away from each other. I knew it had something to do with splitting my consciousness. I had no idea how to do it. I wasn't even going to attempt that one since it seemed weird to me. But since it was the only thing I remembered to do at this moment I decided to give it a try. I decided that part of me would stay right here on this couch, while part of me went somewhere else. I concentrated on this thought for a while, and nothing seemed to be happening. Then I noticed that I was aware of two things. I could feel my body still on the couch staring ahead. But another part of me was standing in the large room watching people on a stage. I watched them for a while until I finally woke up and decided to write the LD down.
    9. LD: TOTM--Bringing an Inanimate Object to Life

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:05 PM

      I finally had a long enough lucid to do one of the Tasks this month.

      Lucid Nap Dream:

      I knew I was supposed to talk to NJ. The next thing I knew I was walking into her house without knocking. I called out for her. I looked down the hallway and saw her husband quickly shut one of the doors in the hallway.

      I was suddenly motified that I had just walked into their house without knocking. I realized that S had to shut the door so I wouldn't wake up thier two year old son that I knew he had just gotten to sleep.

      I saw N and apologized for walking into their house without knocking. That I had no idea what had come over me. I then asked her what she needed to talk to me about. I knew she had called me earlier saying that she needed to talk to me about something, but I no longer remembered what that was. She looked a little confused too and said that she didn't know either.

      Suddenly a suspicion came over me. I wouldn't walk into anyone's house without knocking in real life.

      I then said to N, "You know, I think this is a dream. In fact, I know this is a dream. Wanna come to the door and watch me fly?"

      I opened the door and then flew out. I felt so good to finally be in a lucid dream again. It had been so long.

      As soon as I thought this it all began to fade. I felt mad that it was all over already. Then I thought angrily to myself, "Every day on Dreamviews I give suggestions to the Newbies about extending their LDs and preventing things like this from happening. And I can't even keep it from happening to myself."

      Then another thought suddenly hit me, "Why don't I actually try some of the things that I tell the Newbies to do?"

      At this point most of the visual was gone, though not completely. And I felt somewhat aware of my physical body in bed. I decided to try the "rubbing my hands together" trick. I did and and felt a little worried that I was actually rubbing my real hands together in bed, because it really felt very real.

      I then concentrated with the visual. I have noticed in the past when entering a dream it is often easier to just imagine the scenery passing me by, instead of making myself move through the scenery. So I was able to do this and everything became much more vivid again.

      I continued to fly over the neighborhood. I moved my arms as I flew "Swimming" style. I still wondered if I was moving my arms in real life. I felt if I moved my hands lower that they would suddenly catch on the blankets. But then I moved my hands so they were moving below my body closer to my chest and stomach. They didn't catch on anything, so I knew that what felt so much like my physical body was once again just my dream body. (This isn't the first time I have thought I was moving my physical body, when it was only my dream body all along.)

      I saw an interesting tree below. I flew up to it and over the top touching my hands all over the top as I flew. It looked like it was shaped as a topiary. It was either dead or dormant because the leaves were all brown and crunchy. But the tree was all filled in and very dense... and very round.

      I flew around it again and this time put my hands on the top and tried to do a handstand. I tried it several times until I felt like I was completely straight. I balanced there for a bit enjoying the feeling of being upside down.

      At that point I heard Mrs. Moore's voice from down below say, "Well, I've never seen anyone do that before." I knew that she knew that this was a lucid dream. But I understood her to mean that she had never seen someone do that in their lucid dream before.

      I started to fly again. Twice more the dream started to fade and I was able to follow my own advice and bring it back. Each time I felt very close to losing the dream. So I was very proud of myself for getting it to continue. I really didn't want to lose lucidty yet. I needed to have the joy of having a long lucid again.

      At that point it hit me that I really needed to try one of the Tasks of the Month since I hadn't had a chance to even try yet. My mind was blank for a moment as I tried to remember. The first one that I remembered was the "indestructable" task. I really didn't feel like doing that right now. I then remembered that the other one was to bring an inanimate object to life. I really wanted to do that one.

      I looked down below and saw a front yard. In it was a lot of gravel. My first thought was that I would swoop down and fly really low and make the rocks come to life and run after me. That thought actually sounded very appealing to me, as I pictured the little rocks with little stick legs running down the street.

      So I swooped down...but the rocks didn't follow me. I decided that I needed to put a little mor effort into it. I landed right in front of the yard. I took a good look at it. There were some dead looking bushes in a planter type area. There was also a plastic flamingo and a ceramic cat nestled in among the dead bushes. There were several choices here....

      I wondered how I should try this. I then remembered that when I made the tree walk (as a past Task of the Month) that I had just looked at it with the expectation that it would walk. I had done nothing special. So I just stood there looking into the garden and waited.

      I glanced over at the ceramic cat. It's eye suddenly blinked. So it would be the cat. I was thrilled that my mind was able to do this while I just stood there doing nothing.

      I watched the cat. It started to walk over to me. I knelt down, and touched the cat. I could feel real fur. It was a small cat, white with black stripes. It looked up at me while I continued to pet it. It's fur was very short and somewhat think, almost like a stuffed animal. But it was very real, and it purred while I pet it.

      And at that point I woke up.
    10. LD: Old TOTM--Asking DC about New Year's Resolution

      by , 10-15-2012 at 04:54 PM
      Old LD from 1-26-08

      Lucid dream 1:

      I didn't quite WILD. But I drifted into a dream immediately. I was with my mom in the kitchen. She had her sewing maching on the table. I was talking to her, but I started to sense things were not right. I questioned it and realized that I was in a dream. I continued to watch my mom, she was jumping all around and acting like a kid. I wondered why I didn't pick up on the fact that it was a dream before this point.

      I thought, "Now's the chance to do a lucid task of the month". I decided to start with the basic. I was about to ask her what my New Year's resolution should be....but then I "woke up."

      It didn't take me long to realize that this was a False Awakening. I don't remember where I was, but the next thing I remember was that I was flying. I could see beautiful red cliffs all around me. I flew for a few minutes then I saw a guy on the ground. He was standing by a trailhead and reading a sign. I started to land by him. At first he seemed surprised to see me flying. But then he knodded as if figuring out that I was lucid dreaming. I reached out my hand and he started flying after me. He was in his twenties and had dark hair that was receding a little.

      I could see the ocean in front of us. I flew over some hills and saw the land drop out from under me and I was now flying high over the beach and soon over the water. I started sinking a little and was slightly nervous that I was going to end up in the water. But then I had confidence that even though I'd go low that I would still stay above the water.

      I looked behind me and saw that the guy didn't want to come over the water. I turned back and went to where he was standing. I then remembered to try the task again.

      So I asked him what my New year's Resolution should be. I had no idea what he was going to say. I was very curious. He finally said to me, "Your New Year's Resolution....you should ratify your drinks."

      I said, "What does that mean? And what do you mean by 'drinks'--I don't drink. I don't get it".

      I wasn't really satisfied with that because I didn't understand it. So I looked around. I saw a boy with dark curly hair that looked about 12. I asked him what my N Y's resolution should be. But he wouldn't answer. Then for some strange reason I decided to kiss him (I have been doing that in LDs lately...age doesn't seem to matter...it's like I'm just curious to see what it's like to kiss dream people). But as I closed in he was like a ghost. I couldn't make contact.

      So I went and found a group of little girls that looked about 6 years old. I asked them what my NYR should be. Then I felt I needed to clarify. I told them that NYRs would be things like, "I will exercise more regularly this year"...or "I will eat healthier" and things like that.

      But then one of the girls started crying over something, and I went to comfort her. She looked like Lana from Smallville when she was little. I told her that she was a very beautiful little girl.
    11. LD: Talking to DC about LDing, Kissing DCs

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:55 AM
      Old LD from 12-26-07

      Lucid dream 2:

      This dream started out at my gandparents' house.

      I remember a part of the dream where there is a really big spider in the bedroom. It's body was blue and looked like it was covered in jewels. But still I didn't like it in the house, so I tried to smack it with my shoe (that was off). It missed and the spider started to run out of the room and down the hallway. I ran after it and stepped on it. I looked at the spot where the spider was and only saw a couple of large legs.

      I then looked down at my shoe, that I was now wearing and saw some large legs wrapping around the bottom of my shoe. The legs were still wiggling, and I was suddenly afraid that the spider wasn't dead and that it would crawl up around my shoe and up onto my bare ankle. So I stepped down hard again, just as my grandma walked out of her room. I told her about the spider. I apologized for the big yellow stain that was on her rug now from the squished and now very dead spider.

      She said it was okay, and that she got very big black widows in her room from time to time that she had to squish.

      I then remember being outside on her lawn. There were lots of neighbors sitting around talking. I overheard a guy talking about these candies that he had that were, "good for dreaming."

      I walked over to him and questioned him. I wanted to know what the candies had in them that made dreams better. I asked him if it was B6. He looked at me like he was surprised that I knew about these kinds of things.

      I then admitted that I was a Lucid Dreamer.

      There was a lady standing nearby, and she asked what was so cool about lucid dreaming. I asked her if she had ever had a lucid dream. She said that she hadn't. So I tried to explain what was so cool about lucid dreaming. I asked her if she had ever seen "The Matrix". She said she hadn't. So I tried to explain, "Well, just imagine that you "wake up" in a world that seems real in every way, and yet it's not. And you have the ability to fly and control things and to just expereince being in a world that's all in your head--yet seems physically real."

      She didn't seem impressed. I told her, "If this were a dream, I could go fly away right now." And with that I took off. I was slightly surprised because throughout that whole conversation I hadn't had a clue that I was dreaming.

      So I flew out over my gandparents' yard and wanted to continue to go straight as the land sloped downward to the rest of the city that was in the valley. But I couldn't stay high. I kept following the contour of the land and was never more than about ten feet above the ground.

      Then as I flew, the dream started to fade and I woke up. I didn't move I focused again and seeing the city in front of me. I started to see the scene. Then I got to the point where I felt I was back into the dream enough that I could start moving again. So I started flying again.

      This thing happened to me at least three times, maybe more. Each time I was able to re enter the dream fully lucid.

      One of the times I remember rubbing my arms when the dream faded and the kept me from losing the dream.

      I started to get tired of this and wanted to interact with DCs. I saw an older man with a newpaper in his hands walking along below me, I swooped down and without giving it much thought, I started to kiss the man. I told myself that I wanted to see if I would feel real. It felt pretty real. I started to fade again. I then was able to keep in the dream, and I started to fly around to find someone else to kiss. But every time I saw a guy, he was with a girl and I didn't really want to deal with that. Sometime I would come up to them and pull them toward to me to look at them. Each time the DCs just stood there and didn't really react. The one DC that did react was when I pulled a person toward me that ended up being a girl. She pushed me away.

      More happened at this point but I can't remember details.

      I do remember waking up and starting to write down this dream 3 times each time finally realizing that I was still dreaming. I was finally able to wake up and take real notes.
    12. LD: An animal shares its thoughts about me

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:09 AM
      Soooo many dreams to catch up on. I have thousands written up in my other DJ. But I will slowly keep moving them over and tagging them all etc.

      Old Ld from 11-17-07

      Lucid Dream:

      It starts out fuzzy. I can backtrack it only to a part where Jeff is taking to me about allergy medication. Then for some reason I go out to Walmart at 6:00am to buy milk.

      I am driving into the parking lot, and I almost get hit by a truck. I watched the truck stop, and a Mexican guy got out. He joined a few others who were going to haul off an old van in the parking lot. The van had all its windows cracked, and the broken glass windows were hanging out of the sides.

      I parked and headed toward the store. As I was walking I was almost hit again by the same guy. This time he was on a forklift.

      I finally made it to the store. I then ran into D. I said "hi", and was about to go on to buy milk. He then said, "I haven't seen you for a while...don't I get a hug?" I then said, "That's right...it has been a while." So I gave him a hug.

      Then I remember suddenly being lucid. I really don't know what triggered it--if it was the hug or something else I have now forgotten.

      As soon as I was lucid I saw that I was standing next to a telephone. I decided to try and see if I could remember my phone number and address while in the dream. I said them both--but in retrospect, I don't think I got my address right. I don't remember what I said, but I don't remember saying the correct thing.

      Then I flew into the store. I decided that so often when I lucid dream I completely change what's going on in the dream. I decided that this time I would try to go with the flow and see if I liked it better.

      So I flew in the store to try and find milk. As I floated above the aisles, all I could see was the Pet section with dog food etc. I turned direction, and found that I saw the same set of items. I kept turning and every way I looked, looked exactly like what I had seen in the last direction.

      So seeing that I was kind of stuck with the Pet section, I decided to do the first thing that came to mind--try and to the Pet Task from months ago where I needed to talk to a pet and ask what it thinks about me. I had never completed that to my satisfaction in the past.

      So I landed in front of a row that had tanks on it filled with small animals. The first tank I looked in had a small frog and another animal that I am having a hard time remembering. I don't think it was actually a real animal. I know it was quite small (3-4 inches) and it was a mammal--but it wasn't a mouse.

      I asked this small creature to talk to me. I asked it to tell me what it thought about me. It said, "You are light. And you smell like peanut butter and garlic." As wierd as that was, it satisfied me a bit.

      But I went on to ask the frog to talk to me. I asked it if it liked me. It knodded its head and said, "Uh huh." in a very small voice.

      Again, I was somewhat satisfied at the response. But then I remembered I had really wanted to ask a DC about my future. I figured that a dream animal could answer that as well as a person. In the next tank below there was a tiny raccoon (about 4 inched long).

      I told it, "You need to tell me my future. Can you tell me something that I will need to know about my future?"

      It looked at me like I had asked it the one thing that it did not want to tell me. It looked like it was trying to think of something to say without answering the question.

      While it was thinking, I saw Mike B come up to the next cage. He, like me, decided to ask an animal about the future. He asked something like, "Tell me about the comet. Is it something significant? Will it change our lives?"

      I thought it was interesting that he asked about the comet since I had just been observing it. I wanted to hear what his animal was going to say about it, but then I looked at mine again. The little raccoon suddenly grabbed a bag and then flew off and was gone.

      At that point I woke up.

      But it was just a FA.

      I remember laying on my parent's bed in our old house and trying to write the dream down. For some reason I had an envelope with me like I was going to mail my dream off to someone.

      My father came over and talked to me. [I didn't noticed this at the time but this was not really my father but Claire's father from Heroes. My sister had me watch some episodes with her recently.] He acted like it was a very bad idea to send this dream away to someone.

      I also remember him telling me that we needed to get rid of our dog which was a great big English Sheep dog. I noticed that he had red eyes. I wondered what was wrong with him.
    13. LD: Flying with my Sister/Trying to Move my Body in Real Life/Haunted House

      by , 12-31-2011 at 09:08 PM
      Old LD from 10-21-07


      I remember I saw my older sister that has cancer. I went up to her and said, "S, how are you doing? How are your legs doing?" [In real life her legs hurt so bad that she's now on crutches or in a wheel chair.]

      She talked to me for a few minutes about what the doctors had been telling her. She had all her hair, unlike in real life.

      The next thing I remember is that we are now in this park with the rest of the family having a picnic. I remember flying up to these powerlines and then back down.

      Doing this made me suddenly lucid. I went up to my sister and said something like, "Oh my gosh, S, I'm lucid! I'm going to take you flying with me."

      I took her arm and lifted her into the air with me. I said, "Let's fly to the mountains over there."

      She said, "I'm not sure I can make it that far."

      I said, "I think you can-- you're with me. But I'll stop when you need to."

      We flew out of the park and over the Safeway parking lot and over the stores.

      I noticed that music was playing really loud and was distracting me from the experience. I believe the band was INXS. For some reason I was sure that this music was playing in real life. I thought to myself that I needed to try to turn off the music with my real body while still remaining in the dream.

      I could feel what I thought was my real body reaching out and turning the knob on my car CD player. [Goodness know what I thought I was doing having my real body asleep in a car] I got the music turned down most of the way, to the point it didn't bother me as much.

      We flew a little ways further and then the dream faded.

      I thought I had awakened in this motel room where my family was suppose dto be staying. I was disappointed for not being able to fly to the mountains. So I concentrated on getting back into my dream.

      Suddenly I was standiing in the Safeway parking lot next to my High school best friend M and her boyfriend.

      I told them that I was dreaming and going to fly to the mountains that we in front of us. I invited them to fly with me. But I think only the boyfriend followed.

      When I got to the mountains, I was alone. I flew to the rocky ledge and touched the rock face. The rock was a brown color and very rough.

      I suddenly thought about the Tasks. At first I thought that being in the mountains made it impossible to do the Tasks. Then I thought, "Well I could just make a mirror appear right here."

      But then I thought, "Nah..I've tried that one twice now. I want to do the Haunted House one again since I only did that one once."

      I flew along the mountain side looking for an old house. I then saw ahead of me a place where the mountain went in. I knew it was a cave. I suddenly thought, "Wouldn't it be so cool if the haunted house was in the cave?"

      I got close and I indeed saw that it was a cave. I also saw that the front of the cave was built in. I saw it had shutters (for some reason I felt it had to have shutters to qualify as a haunted house). I flew to the entrance. It was actually built with very nice dark polished wood.

      I went inside and started to look around. My first thoughts were that I wanted real ghost in this house not just decorations. The inside of the house seemed small. Around me everything was built out of the same beautiful dark polished wood. On several of the tables and other flat surfaces there were large white candles.

      I flew to the back of the house and waited for something else to appear, but at the point the dream started fading again.

      I ended up "waking up" in the same motel room. I had been sleeping on the floor. I tried to stay motionless so that I could try to reenter the dream. But then other people inthe room started talking and made me fully "wake up". I went into the motel's bathroom and saw that there was something in the tub that looked like spilled arpicot jam.

      At that point I woke up for real, and felt that I needed to write this down.
    14. LD: Reading Things and Mirror Trouble

      by , 12-31-2011 at 09:00 PM
      Catching up...

      Old LD from 10-05-07

      I had a couple of lucid dreams this morning. I did an unintentional WBTB.

      I was dreaming that I was about to see a circus. But the longer we waited to see it start, the more I realized that this wasn't going to be a very big circus. In fact it looked like they were going to use teddy bears for on of the acts. I wondered if they had any live animals at all.

      At some point we moved to another part of the area. The circus still hadn't started.

      I don't know what triggered lucidity, but I had wandered off and was starting to walk through the city...and I was lucid.

      I looked at all the buildings. I wanted to really remember the details. I looked at a sign for a gas station. At first I thought it said "Tiffany's" in large red letters. I thought that was a strange name for a gas station. I looked at it again. This time I saw that it really said "Tiffy's". That seemed to be a more fitting name.

      I tried to think of a cool task to try. I suddenly rememberd that one of the suggested tasks that I wanted to try was to find a newspaper and read it's headline.

      The gas station would be a perfect place to find one. I ran to the doors. At first I saw a phone book and was tempted to open it and try to read it. But I decided that I really needed to do the newspaper first.

      I saw the racks outside the doors that usually have newspapers and ads. The first three things that I saw looked like newspapers, but at a closer look they had people on the front making out. I figured it was some sort of porno. So I kept looking. I couldn't find any newspapers.

      Finally a Mexican guy walked out of the doors and I saw that he had a newspaper. I asked if I could look at the headlines. He acted like I was very rude for asking him. But I said please again, and kind of helped myself to pulling the papers toward me so I could see. He didn't like it but he let me.

      Unfortunately when I looked at the pages, I could see that it wasn't actually a newspaper, but some sort of sports magazine. I was disappointed.

      I believe at this point I had a FA and I went on to other dreams.

      But at some point I was lucid again.

      I remembered that I wanted to try the Mirror Task again. I hurried into my bathroom. It was dark. I tried to flip the light switch. But it wouldn't work. So typical.

      But I could still see a little. I could tell it was my reflection in the mirror. I reached out my hand and tired to touch myself.

      I bumped the glass.

      I tried again. I bumped the glass.

      I remembered how last time I flew through the mirror to the other side. I backed up and dove toward the mirror. But instead of going through, my head bumped off the glass and I fell back into the bathroom.
    15. Lucid Dream: Kissing Xander

      by , 12-21-2011 at 04:38 PM
      Old LD from 8-6-07

      Kissing Xander (Lucid Dream):

      I remember this starting out in a park. I was watching kids going around on a merry-go-round. Suddenly I saw Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer standing next to me....and I'm lucid (I'm not sure if seeing him was the trigger or not).

      I remembered that I had been thinking recently that I don't remember "people details" in my LDs as much as I would like to. So I decided to use Xander as the person that I would notice detail on.

      I walked close to him and stared into his face. I noticed that he looked exactly like he did on the show. I reached up and touched his cheek. I could feel the texture of his skin and a little stubble. I looked up into his big brown eyes.

      I then decided to kiss him. As my lips touched his, I realized that not only did this feel like a real kiss, it also felt really good too.

      Then I suddenly lose the dream and it fades away. Fortunately, I quickly realize that I'm still in the dream--that I had just had a False Awakening.

      Xanderwas still there. I wanted to kiss him again. But I was embarrassed to go up to him and just kiss him. Then I had a clever idea. I decided to pretend that I thought I'm dreaming, and that would be why I was acting so boldly. So I said something to Xander about this being a dream. [This whole thing is strange because I was still lucid to some degree, but obviously part of me was mixed up.]

      We were standing by or in a bathroom. I pulled him to me pulled him down so we were both kneeling by a bathtub.

      I kissed his lips for about 30 seconds enjoying the sensation of our lips touching. Then the kiss deepened, and I could now feel the texture of his tongue. I couldn't get over how real the dream kiss felt.

      Then of course things had to get funny. Suddenly there was a piece of food in my mouth. I pulled away and looked at him closer and saw that he had been eating cheese and he passed me some through the kiss. This didn't bother me though. I commented on it and we both laughed and kissed again. I felt completely at ease.

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