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    1. Ten Awesome years!

      by , 04-20-2016 at 11:01 PM
      First off, last night is my 10 year anniversary for my first lucid dream. Ten years ago today I joined Dreamviews (4-20-06). Also, something strange: I woke up this morning and looked at the clock at exactly 4:20. Conincidence? I think not.

      I remember a few dreams from last night, though I don't remember a lot of details from each of them. But I want to write them down so I can get back in the habit of recording my dreams every day. Life's better that way.

      Dream 1: I was with my sister getting ready to go in a plane somewhere. I don't remember much of this except her holding my hand in excited anticipation. I don't know where we were heading.

      Dream 2: I was in a car with Daniel, and he was driving way too fast on these crazy windy dirt roads that went along desert clifs and mesas (inspired by a video I watched before bed.)

      Dream 3: I was watching my friends who had taken a houseboat/kayaking trip to Face Canyon without me. They had kayaked to the end and were trying to figure out how to exit the canyon so they could hike. The water level was low. (inspired by a real trip to Face Canyon last year)

      Dream 4: Sex with Jeff
    2. Kayaking with Humpback Whales

      by , 11-21-2011 at 06:15 PM
      I was going to a Fair with some family and friends. When we got there I noticed there was a lake. I also realized that I had two of my kayaks with me. But we had forgotten life jackets. Daniel volunteered to go back home and pick them up along with the two other kayaks. In the meantime I took my kayak out on the lake to see what it was like. To my surprise it was full of huge black humpback whales. They were jumping and really stirring up the water. So as excited as I was to see them I was also al bit terrified that I would have a whale land on me.