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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    'Another Night' follows the various story arcs and recurring themes of my dreams. Selected dreams from my childhood are displayed here as are my current, normal dreams.

    1. The Viral Doppleganger

      by , 04-06-2013 at 01:57 AM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)

      1. I am running with my family to escape a lethal virus that causes the skin to melt. We are hiding in our house. Somehow, my parents die. My brother and I run to my friend's house to hide. We find our family in there, alive and well. I seem to be the only one perplexed at how they were dead in our house and alive here. I conclude that they just followed us, and weren't actually dead. We realize that my neighbor is infected, and we find a piece of viral skin on my father. It is airborne, so we run out of the house to avoid contact. I grab my sister, leaving my neighbor and my dad to die. My mother runs somewhere. My brother takes my sister's hand. I run over to my dad who is calling me from across the block. I am confused because we left him in the neighbor's house. I find it strange that he was able to get there so fast. He hands me a red tie and says to give it to my sister. I begin to run to where my brother took her, but I find her right in front of me. I begin to think that something seriously strange is happening. I am about to give it to her when a child's voice calls my name. I look, and to my terror it is my sister from behind me. I turn in front and she is there. I look at both of the duplicates with unreal fear. My family didn't die originally; they were replaced. Who is the real girl? Both of their faces begin to peel off.

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    2. News From Zombie Island

      by , 04-02-2013 at 09:50 PM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)

      1. I am lucid and in a church filled with people. I go outside to walk home, and I summon a car. A girl DC comes running towards me saying something. "What's wrong? Zombies?" I say to her.

      "Yeah. And Clay," she responds. I don't know what she means by this, but I think she meant golems. She gets in the car and warns me to throw all of the trash out of it and to just drive away from the Church. She gets in the front seat. We drive away, but she doesn't feel safe. She gets out of the car and many vehicles speed past her, intentionally hitting pedestrians. She runs to get back in for her safety, but a bus stops between us, cutting her off. I get out of the car to help her, and we agree to meet up at the next block. We run with the driverless cars trying to hit us, but I am scared a car will come up on the sidewalk. The road is hectic now, and I cannot see the DC. I lose lucidity.
      Many cars crash into each other in feud. I reach the corner with our car now long gone. I cannot find the girl. I am isolated, on the sidewalk, of the traffic jam. I see the DC, and she runs maniacally to try to get to the sidewalk, but the cars drive to her, flinging her into a parking lot, dead.
      lucid , nightmare
    3. Post-Move Dream Canon (Etcia)

      by , 04-02-2013 at 06:07 PM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)

      1. I leave Plea, finally. I see a bay. I am lucid and confused.

      2. I am in a town that I have never been to before in my dreams. I am confused, and I am in a graveyard. Someone climbs out of their coffin and tells me that it is a dream. I realize that the man is Tibb in human form. He explains to me that this town, Etcia, is a new location in my dreaming mind. Then I remember being in Etcia overlooking the Marsh. Tibb said that it formed from that one clay palace. He pushes a grave, and there is a hole in the ground. He explains his secret passageway. There is a tunnel lined with bricks, and water flows down it. We plummet to the bottom with the water, but I forgot what he showed me there.
      Tags: etcia, lucid, zombies
      memorable , lucid
    4. Pre-Move Dream Canon (Zombie Island)

      by , 03-27-2013 at 12:22 AM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)

      1. I am in a park bordered with wire fences. A lot of zombies are chasing me. I try to climb over the high fence but I cannot. Instead, I become lucid and fly over.

      2. I am running through Zombie Island and encounter a political dispute involving the Mayor and the ethics of "containing passive zombies" as a DC's picket sign read. Apparently there are two types. I come across a passive zombie who behaves like a vampire. I am lucid and we are chased by the Dream Police from my previous dreams. The passive zombie offers me a ride in his car. An active zombie flings the door open and bites me as we are driving. The Dream Police are attacked by zombies and killed. They never appeared in my dreams again. However, the zombies are still chasing the DC and I, and my leg has become bloated and swollen. I feel the disease race up my body. I crawl to a tunnel so that the dream scene changes. I try to force myself to wake up.

      3. I am in a store. I become lucid and fly so I can visit the zombies again.

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