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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [25-10-2016: Diablo, Short DILD]

      by , 10-25-2016 at 06:26 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in some medieval city, wandering around streets protected by tall castle walls. I went down a downward ramp to an archway, but something wasn't right. There was Diablo - Lord of Terror waiting for me there. He looked somehow weirdly undetailed and kinda blurry compared to everything around. I noticed a health and energy bar appearing on left bottom corner of my vision. The demon shot a powerful wave of flames and thunders at me. I unleashed a blizzard at it, but eventually my power has ran dry and Diablo killed me. I respawned close to the ramp and archway. I moved down there and faced Lord of Terror once again. This time however I opened up menu with my equipment whenever my health and energy ran low. In the equipment I could see my clothes - a white shirt, jeans trousers and some shoes. I also had loads of potions named by their colours. I only used blue that restored energy and red that restored health. This time again we used wave of flames and thunders and blizzard. I managed to beat Diablo and instantly got teleported to my house. It looked like it was before renovation, with old furniture. It was dark, only some spotlight coming from nowhere lit up center of the room. I realised that it was a dream. I spotted my younger sister standing in the spotlight. I noticed that her eyes were strange - they had no pupils, only an iris that was shrinked. She had a devillish grin on her face and was tilting her head to the sides. I came closer and she said "I've been possessed by the demon from Annabelle doll!" I thought to myself "It's a dream, I can banish that demon" and waved my hand at her head saying "Begone!". Her eyes instantly turned back to normal and then I felt a presence behind my back that made me uneasy. I thought "Damn, I spawned that demon and it's behind me." Before I fully turned back, I felt a strange sensation of touch on my back and then I lost lucidity and woke up.
    2. Some non-lucids

      by , 01-24-2015 at 11:03 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Sanctuary world from Diablo series merged with reality. My home was at the middle of hell, near the river of fire. With my older sister we were hunting demons for gold and unique items, to have money for survival in the new world. Somehow we were passing the river of fire by using a wooden boat.

      Second dream

      I was watching my younger sister playing minecraft. She was falling off the mountains, but she landed safely. Then she was digging a shelter.

      Third dream

      With six another dwarves we were banned from mountainhomes. They gave us airplane to fly away. I was a pilot. With a bit difficulty I controlled the airplane. When we were low on fuel I decided to land. We landed on a valley, in the middle of nowhere. Mountainhomes were to the south-west, goblin dark fortress to the north-east and elven forests to the west. There was a mountain nearby, where we could find safety. We heard a scream and a stomp. The forest titan was coming! We decided to climb up the mountain and dig a shelter there.

      Fourth dream - nightmare

      It was friday the thirteenth. I was in my home. It was changed to an old, wooden hut. There were blood stains on the wall. I was moving slowly through the darkness. From the hallways I headed for the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom, I heard Jason Voorhes coming. I moved through the mirror to the mirror world. The house was even more horrifying there. I went out of bathroom, only to get ambushed by Jason. I dropped to the ground.
    3. Diablo, rock concert

      by , 01-20-2015 at 06:23 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was playing Diablo 2 : Lord of destruciton on my laptop. I was a paladin, running through the forest in the first act.

      Second dream

      I was standing in the middle of the stage. I was holding an electric guitar in my hands. When I was ready to play, I felt strong, stinging sensation in the right side of my lower body. My mother arrived, and she told me Why are you dating with sister of your brothers girlfriend? I looked at a DC standing close to the stage. A skinny blonde with pearl white teeth and brown eyes. She had pale carnation, and she was wearing casual clothes. A black shirt and jeans trousers. She was smiling to me. I saw her first time, yet my DC mother claimed that she was her. I replied to my mother Don't disturb me! I have a concert to play, and there is a weird stinging sensation in the right side of my lower body!

      *I woke up with the same weird pain, but luckily it ceased until now.*