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    Is it a mystery if you know how it ends? (Also Video Games)

    , 09-12-2015 at 06:36 PM (174 Views)

    I was solving a mystery with my irl friend K. Somehow I already knew what was going to end, like I had done this before, and was trying to protect him fro,m the horrible ending. We went around my old apartment complex looking for clues. As we crossed over a ditch I held his hand, reassuring him he'd be safe. Also at this time, I was wearing a seifuku top with no bow. He commented on that, and I magic'd a bow and sailor moon compact outta nowhere. We tailed the suspects in a big white van, and they we almost unto us, but we kept our cool. I think we talked to one of the girls involved and tried to get her to stop whatever her and her friends were doing. Later, we got in disguises. I was a bright pink power ranger, and he was a deep blue. We went over to the most southern set of apartments, where there was a small group of people hanging out. A young man with glasses casually asks who we are. I say "I'm Pink, er... Magenta, and that's Dark Blue." "No, who are you?"
    "Oh... we're the Kolor Kamen!" He looks confused and I briefly explain we're like Power Rangers. He seems okay with that. I think that K is safe in this Halloween costume.
    I don't remember much about the ending, except we're in the setting that I knew we're gonna be. A small 3 room building. It's creepy and decrepit. There's a school lab at the end room. We walk out into the street, unharmed.

    About the "premonition" thing:
    I already knew how it was going to end, because it was a "game" I had already played or a dream I had before (or at least that was what my brain was telling me.) At the end, the suspects would be burnt by acid and die. I could see still of what was going to happen at the end. This was pretty much the only thing I thought or talked about about. At some points I wondered if the story was actually taking a different direction the the first time, and I was worried.

    2nd: A Rather standard dream I had about the TES series.
    I was walking around a town in "Skyrim", although it didn't look familiar and I didn't remember the name. I went around to the food shops and taverns, buying food(?) and making conversations. I went to another unfamiliar town and did the same exact thing. I talked to two women in the local tavern. One of them had blue skin, but didn't look like a dark elf. None had any story-forwarding dialogue. Later, I go out of the town, pretty much turn a corner and end up in Chorrol, which is not in Skyrim, but in neighboring province Cyrodiil. As I look out, I am disappointed to see how close the two towns are, and between the birch trees of the great forest, I can see the walls of another town! (That one really should be Chorrol, not the wall-less little hamlet I was in.) I meet up with someone who looks like my mom's friend and we go walking around and see a jousting place. A teenage girl in modern clothes gives us the sign up sheet, and we write our names very badly on it. On mine, someone else's name is already on it, so I ask for some white-out. She gives it to me, and it comes in a weird looking tube. When I use it, it comes out thick and grey on the paper, so I write my name to the side. After that, she tells us there's a six-month waiting period to joust.

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