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    by 3HN on 08-31-2018 at 10:34 PM
    There was a creepy mirror world that looked sorta like my room. It was more mirrored beyond the French doors and these creatures would come out of the closet and wed have to fight them to survive.

    I also was playing this online game that was this racing game that had one simple track. The racers were either blobs or donuts, and there were different modes that changed the game slightly.

    The big on was that I was traveling down a road in a fantasy world similar to my oblivion dreams, with a couple of companions. Were traveling to another town but have to part ways for a while so I could check on my other people. When I get there, I see that theyre all locked up and I have to get them out of this situation. Its implied that Im the lady of some sort bc I how I act. I say that Im going to get everyone out even if I have to burn down the whole town. I get most people out somehow and need to help my friend Hailey. She had been trapped in the mirror world for a while and shes changed. She told me shes died three times and if she did again, thatd be it.

    I don't remember that Wheaton fish anime!

    by 3HN on 09-22-2015 at 07:02 PM
    There was an anime girl associated with ghosts, and she had long hair with twintails. She walked down the street in a daze. Then I guess there was sort of a flashback? In it, she was bullied by other girls and ignored by her own family. Its implied she committed suicide and bonded with the ghost for a second chance at life. At this point the flashback is over and she has friends now, including a motherly figure, a guy with white hair, and some other people. When they discussed having a party, I tried drawing the scene, and changed the white haired guy's hair from green to what it is now. I also drew the girl as she might appear in the future. Unfortunately, I didn't get past the heads before I was woken up.

    I was in a house for some type of competition or reality show. Wil Wheaton was a part of it too, and tried to get me to go up the ladder into the attic, but for some reason I didn't want to do it (or couldn't) so I told him I'd go up the stairs. The only parts of the house I saw were the garage and the attic (partially). I was near a car at some point. My friend said we should prank Wil, and I went along with it. We did whatever it was, and Wil got really angry and drove and broke our friendship and never came back. ):
    I felt super bad....

    I was in my backyard, and it had a below ground pool. There were fish in it, and when I walked around the pool, they would follow. Some starfish would jump out and stick to my leg, and I would peel them off and toss them back into the pool as gently as possible. I was flattered they liked me so much, but I didn't really like the feeling of them and the fish touching me and I was pretty nervous about it. I talked to someone about it, and they told me I was getting a new fish, the same species Gill, was in Finding Nemo. Then I woke up.

    Is it a mystery if you know how it ends? (Also Video Games)

    by 3HN on 09-12-2015 at 06:36 PM

    I was solving a mystery with my irl friend K. Somehow I already knew what was going to end, like I had done this before, and was trying to protect him fro,m the horrible ending. We went around my old apartment complex looking for clues. As we crossed over a ditch I held his hand, reassuring him he'd be safe. Also at this time, I was wearing a seifuku top with no bow. He commented on that, and I magic'd a bow and sailor moon compact outta nowhere. We tailed the suspects in a big white van, and they we almost unto us, but we kept our cool. I think we talked to one of the girls involved and tried to get her to stop whatever her and her friends were doing. Later, we got in disguises. I was a bright pink power ranger, and he was a deep blue. We went over to the most southern set of apartments, where there was a small group of people hanging out. A young man with glasses casually asks who we are. I say "I'm Pink, er... Magenta, and that's Dark Blue." "No, who are you?"
    "Oh... we're the Kolor Kamen!" He looks confused and I briefly explain we're like Power Rangers. He seems okay with that. I think that K is safe in this Halloween costume.
    I don't remember much about the ending, except we're in the setting that I knew we're gonna be. A small 3 room building. It's creepy and decrepit. There's a school lab at the end room. We walk out into the street, unharmed.

    About the "premonition" thing:
    I already knew how it was going to end, because it was a "game" I had already played or a dream I had before (or at least that was what my brain was telling me.) At the end, the suspects would be burnt by acid and die. I could see still of what was going to happen at the end. This was pretty much the only thing I thought or talked about about. At some points I wondered if the story was actually taking a different direction the the first time, and I was worried.

    2nd: A Rather standard dream I had about the TES series.
    I was walking around a town in "Skyrim", although it didn't look familiar and I didn't remember the name. I went around to the food shops and taverns, buying food(?) and making conversations. I went to another unfamiliar town and did the same exact thing. I talked to two women in the local tavern. One of them had blue skin, but didn't look like a dark elf. None had any story-forwarding dialogue. Later, I go out of the town, pretty much turn a corner and end up in Chorrol, which is not in Skyrim, but in neighboring province Cyrodiil. As I look out, I am disappointed to see how close the two towns are, and between the birch trees of the great forest, I can see the walls of another town! (That one really should be Chorrol, not the wall-less little hamlet I was in.) I meet up with someone who looks like my mom's friend and we go walking around and see a jousting place. A teenage girl in modern clothes gives us the sign up sheet, and we write our names very badly on it. On mine, someone else's name is already on it, so I ask for some white-out. She gives it to me, and it comes in a weird looking tube. When I use it, it comes out thick and grey on the paper, so I write my name to the side. After that, she tells us there's a six-month waiting period to joust.