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    1. 2- Changing Chaos Emeralds

      by , 09-16-2023 at 03:28 PM
      3:05 a.m. to 3:50 a.m.
      - I'm sleeping on steps in what looks like a school. Maintenance people come to the bottom of the steps. It's two women and they're with one of guy whois a customer, apparently. The main woman seems mad at the man. Now, I'm in my room and the same maintenance people are here. They are by the wall by my piano and I'm seeing the wall have little splotches of plate that apparently is very brittle and sandy. There is also some light fixture in the corner that was covered by white dust. I am now looking at the wooden cupboard by the foot of my bed and I'm seeing a the chest of my emeralds. I am picking up the chaos emerald and when I'm looking at it in my hand after picking it up, it has changed colors. I'm thrown off by this and I pick up another Emerald and swing it behind my back and bring it back into my vision in front of me and it has change colors again. I think one time it changes color is to a moderately different hue. Now, I'm picking up another Emerald that is blue and transparent and putting it behind my back and then when I'm bringing it in front of me it is now yellow and opaque. I now know for sure that this is a dream. I'm now going towards the corner of my room by the heater and seeing even more gems. I am looking for a green gem and I'm not seeing one yet. I'm reaching and trying to change a few colors by putting them behind my back. But, I'm not seeing it yet. Now, I'm seeing a green gem and I'm picking it up and going to the middle of my room in front of the dresser. I'm deciding that I want to teleport. So, I'm holding up the green gem and saying,"Chaos Control!". I'm not seeing anything happen. I'm saying Chaos Control again. And I'm still not seeing anything happen. Now, I'm saying Chaos Control as I'm smashing the green emerald on the floor while I'm still holding it. There seems to be a little bit of a blue spark that comes from within and a little bit outside of it. But, it goes away. I'm feeling a little over this and sad and I'm deciding to go downstairs to ask the maintenance people were Lysander is. So, I'm going to the top of my steps, and since I'm really floaty I just float straight to the middle of the steps and then floats straight to the bottom platform of the steps. I'm asking the maintenance helper where Lysander is and she is saying that he's in the kitchen. I'm not happy with her answer because I'm looking at the kitchen (which she is in already) and I'm not seeing him. I feel Sui genuinely lost and helpless and I'm pleading to her and saying, "Please. I need his help.". She's saying,"But, I'm not in that High School.". I'm confused by this answer and I'm looking at her and now I'm seeing everything turned black and I wake up.
    2. 1- Choosing Green (LD)

      by , 09-09-2023 at 01:47 PM
      I'm in my room and somehow, I know that I'm dreaming. I think that it's a little dark and I also think that DJ is here. I appear to have a ring on my left index finger that is orange. switching the colors of the ring and the light that it is emitting to find which one is appropriate. DJ is telling me that I should choose green. So, I'm switching to green and I'm staying there for a bit.
    3. 2- Wristbands in my room

      by , 09-06-2023 at 05:16 PM
      - I'm in my bedroom and I know I'm dreaming. I'm seeing my white and orange wristband on my left hand and a light Frosty blue and white wristband on my right hand.
    4. 1- Foxes and Owls options (LD)

      by , 09-06-2023 at 05:14 PM
      -I'm in my room on my bed and I somehow just sense that this is a dream. I'm looking at my left wrist and I am seeing what looks like a Fox Cave it would be a lot closer and I'm looking at my right and I'm seeing what feels like an owl cave. It looks much further it also feels a little more daunting but also more exciting. The name "Saizaphod" is coming to my mind and I'm thinking of summoning him. But, I don't. The dream ends.

      Side notes:
      This lucid was very short and foggy in terms of details, yet the last dream of the morning wasn't lucid, but much clearer and longer. I wonder why that is
    5. 1- Watching the Owl

      by , 09-05-2023 at 11:56 AM
      -I appear to be in my bedroom and everything is dark as if all the lights are turned off. I am remembering that while I'm looking at my watch that this is a dream. Now, I'm seeing my watch change from Orange to a bluish purple and I'm seeing a picture of the dream views owl on my watch. I am remembering thinking to myself, "That's a few points.". I'm now looking that's my right foot and I'm seeing that it's having some sort of orange or about it and I'm seeing a picture of a fox. Towards the wall of my bedroom furthest from me it seems I could continue that is very dark. It's sort of like a cave but, I'm not really sure if it is.
    6. High speed gerbil chase; DC Spartacus Lysanders (LD)

      by , 09-03-2023 at 09:33 PM
      - I appear to be in my room and Mom is coming to me and asking me if I can take care of a cat and I'm freaking out and saying something like, "Why do I have to take care of this cat?! It's going to scratch me!". I'm acting dramatic and I really don't want to take care of the cat.

      I'm now, suddenly outside on a sidewalk. It's bright and I'm on a black blanket. Someone in the distance on the block is asking me if I want to take care of a gerbil. The gerbil is a very round and very big. It's about the size of my head and it runs up to me and at first I'm hesitant about it. But, I quickly fall in love with it and I'm very happy and eager to take care of this thing. I'm holding it to my face and lying down with it.

      All of a sudden, some person out of nowhere comes and snatches the gerbil from me, takes it in the car and then drives off. I'm appalled and heartbroken and run after it.

      I think the dreamscape changes and now I'm in a car on a highway with DJ and Willy while there's someone else being the chauffeur. The car is chasing the car that stole my gerbil.

      I'm still very determined to get my gerbil back. I'm seeing that the car that the thief is in is coming to a sort of gate that has a black bar in it and now I'm kind of happy because I believe that the car will stop and we'll catch him. However, the car does not stop at all and in fact, it phases through the gate. I'm wondering to myself how on Earth that happened and within a few seconds, the car that I'm in is approaching that same gate and it's not showing any signs of stopping. I am getting a little scared because I think that we're going to crash. But, instead, we phase through the gate just like the thief car did. I'm wondering to myself how we manage to phase through that. And before I know it, within a few seconds, we're approaching another gate and we Face through it as well. I'm wondering to myself, "How on Earth did we phase through the gate?". Then I realize and say out loud, "Ooh. This is a dream!... Wait... If this is a dream, then...", I make a huge leap that makes me phase through the hood of the car, several feet in the air, and then land far ahead in front of the car that I was just in.

      As I'm hitting the ground, I am going into a full-on sprint at a crazy speed that is having me run past other cars on the highway. As I'm starting to run, I'm hearing the invincibility soundtrack from Sonic Adventure 2 battle play in the background. I'm catching up to the car that stole the gerbil. The windows are pure black. I'm now by its right side and as I'm running next to it, I'm looking at the car and shouting, "Hey! Give me back my gerbil!". The car doesn't acknowledge me and just pulls off.

      I'm appalled again and pick up my speed and I'm running after it. As I'm catching up to it, I'm noticing that DJ is also running at super speed and catching up to me. Now, DJ is fully caught up to me and is on my left side and I'm just wondering where Willie is. DJ is speaking in a really calm sort of monotone monotonous voice:

      DJ: Willy's holding us back.
      Me: Why?
      DJ: He still doesn't realize that this is a dream, yet.
      Me: Seriously?!
      DJ: Yeah
      Willy on DJ's literal hand phone 🤙🏾: Bro, where ARE y'all?!
      DJ: Willy, this is a dream.
      Willy: WHAT?!
      Me: I can't deal with this right now.
      (I take off and run up ahead)

      I'm now in a super busy place that looks like Manhattan. There's cobblestone all over the ground, it has an incline, and there are many shops in the sidewalks.

      I'm done with the hamster situation and now, I'm trying to teleport by closing my eyes doing an arm swimming motion. I'm trying to do that to teletype to a store with a yellow awning with vintage black writing. But, the teleportation attempt is not working.

      So, I'm deciding that I'm going to ask Lysander how to teleport. So, I ask a security guard on top of the stairs in front of a store where Lysander is and he's pointing to some guy inside of the store behind a desk who is wearing a coral colored Polo t-shirt and it's clearly not Lysander, it at least not the Lysander that I'm talking about. I'm telling the person who was pointed to that he's not Lysander. But, the person who was pointed to is telling me that he is Lysander. I'm now asking him we're Lysander is and he is pointing me to someone behind me and I'm seeing that that person is also not Lysander because he looks black and Lysander (or the one that I'm looking for) looks Puerto Rican. This happens about three more times and I am getting exhausted and tired of this. So, I'm asking the guy and the coral shirt how do I teleport. He's telling me they're just close your eyes and the vividly visualize where you want to be. I'm covering my eyes and closing my eyes and trying to visualize a cloud and sky area. But, when I open my eyes and I'll cover them, I see when I'm still back in the store. This goes on for two more times and now I'm trying a fourth time and the coral shirt character is telling me to just visualize anywhere else and another dream character in the store is also saying, " yes literally anywhere else", in an annoyed tone as if he just wants me to leave them alone. In my head I'm thinking, "Well, frick you.". I'm opening my eyes again and I'm still in the store. So, I'm deciding to just stop trying for now and I'm going to towards my right where there seems to be a lot of bookshelves and is kind of dark, the further you go into it.

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