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    2- Changing Chaos Emeralds

    by , 09-16-2023 at 03:28 PM (144 Views)
    3:05 a.m. to 3:50 a.m.
    - I'm sleeping on steps in what looks like a school. Maintenance people come to the bottom of the steps. It's two women and they're with one of guy whois a customer, apparently. The main woman seems mad at the man. Now, I'm in my room and the same maintenance people are here. They are by the wall by my piano and I'm seeing the wall have little splotches of plate that apparently is very brittle and sandy. There is also some light fixture in the corner that was covered by white dust. I am now looking at the wooden cupboard by the foot of my bed and I'm seeing a the chest of my emeralds. I am picking up the chaos emerald and when I'm looking at it in my hand after picking it up, it has changed colors. I'm thrown off by this and I pick up another Emerald and swing it behind my back and bring it back into my vision in front of me and it has change colors again. I think one time it changes color is to a moderately different hue. Now, I'm picking up another Emerald that is blue and transparent and putting it behind my back and then when I'm bringing it in front of me it is now yellow and opaque. I now know for sure that this is a dream. I'm now going towards the corner of my room by the heater and seeing even more gems. I am looking for a green gem and I'm not seeing one yet. I'm reaching and trying to change a few colors by putting them behind my back. But, I'm not seeing it yet. Now, I'm seeing a green gem and I'm picking it up and going to the middle of my room in front of the dresser. I'm deciding that I want to teleport. So, I'm holding up the green gem and saying,"Chaos Control!". I'm not seeing anything happen. I'm saying Chaos Control again. And I'm still not seeing anything happen. Now, I'm saying Chaos Control as I'm smashing the green emerald on the floor while I'm still holding it. There seems to be a little bit of a blue spark that comes from within and a little bit outside of it. But, it goes away. I'm feeling a little over this and sad and I'm deciding to go downstairs to ask the maintenance people were Lysander is. So, I'm going to the top of my steps, and since I'm really floaty I just float straight to the middle of the steps and then floats straight to the bottom platform of the steps. I'm asking the maintenance helper where Lysander is and she is saying that he's in the kitchen. I'm not happy with her answer because I'm looking at the kitchen (which she is in already) and I'm not seeing him. I feel Sui genuinely lost and helpless and I'm pleading to her and saying, "Please. I need his help.". She's saying,"But, I'm not in that High School.". I'm confused by this answer and I'm looking at her and now I'm seeing everything turned black and I wake up.
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